Electric guitar tips for beginners

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Mar 21
Electric guitar tips for beginners

Now, I may not be a professional at playing electric guitars but I do have a little experience in playing for the past 10 years now, I started off with being completed off from electric guitar but trust me, once you get the hang of it, it is absolutely impossible to resist. I own 4 guitar brands including ESP, ESP LTD, PRS and Guild. Try the below 6 tips that helped me through the process.


1. Start slowly

Take the first step slowly, remember that everyone who is professional today has gone through this and you are not the only one. They may be playing really fast now and it is tempting to try that pace but today is not the time. You need to start slow and do not even think about shredding. It is all about training your fingers, you need to train them to manage the string slowly first and then try and move then faster. Once you have mastered the normal pace, speed will follow automatically.

2. Shut your eyes and find your happy place

Music is all about finding your happy place. Well, for electric I would rather say finding your inner monster to let it out and vent your feelings. It is hard when someone is watching you play, in such situations try and look away to avoid the tension. With enough practice one day, you will be able to play in front of large audience without even thinking twice. What helped me get through the stage fright was the after-feeling of performing in front of your loved ones and hearing people cheer for you.

3. Don’t try the easy way

I know I asked you to take it slow but this does not mean that you neglect the difficult chords. You will eventually have to try our F Major which might be a challenge but nothing good comes easy now does it? Also do not forget chords like B minor. You might feel that your fingers are being tangled in these chords but try it slowly before rushing yourself into it. It will be frustrating to try the hard chords but there is no skipping these, once you have mastered the hard chords you will be able to play any song, any day. Imagine that!

4. Barre chords know how

If you already know barre chords on acoustic guitars then playing them on electric guitar will be a piece of cake for you. Barre chords are extremely awesome, they can help you make fantastic music in no time. My secret three tips to learn barre chords are to simplify the pattern to your adjustment. Second, tune your guitar to Tune D, this will enable you to use only one finger for this. Last but not the least, you have to simplify your voicing. All in all, you need to train your finger to have the strength to master complicated patterns and play automatically. This will all come in time as it is not that easy; however, once you master these quick cheats, it will be easy to train your fingers.

5. Know what you are playing

Do not stay away from the original tone you are playing, there is a slight slip and you might lose your tone. It might sound childish to you at this point but it does make a difference in the end result. It is always a must to know what you are playing. If you are playing a C Major, you should play a C Major and not something close to a C Major. It is good to get creative but these chords are in place to help you grow as a better musician.


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