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Monica Harrison Blogger/Guitar player

Hi everyone! I am Monica, the owner of this site. Just like you, I am a music enthusiast. Everything that is related to music, from playing guitars down to writing songs, I am into them. That's how dedicated I am when it comes to this endeavor. It is an exhilarating feeling to discover new things about music on a daily basis. And if possible, I will never stop on learning and make new stuff on this field.

And you. Yes, you. You are going to be my recipient for every music adventure that I have. So, why did I even made GuitarTrance in the first place?

About Guitar Trance

The site Guitar Trance was supposedly a private blog that I could share my friends. You know, a typical blog in where my friends and I could converse and talk about things. Of course, my squad is also certified music lovers. That's the reason it is not so difficult on my part to extend all my ideas to them. We just work them out, especially if we are talking about guitar components and parts.

One day, there was this certain discussion that sparked the wick of our differences. Specifically, we were arguing about the best overdrive pedal. Since we have tried a plethora of overdrive pedals already, it was natural that we ushered different opinions. It was a short-lived dispute. But it was and somehow productive. I even gave my personal breakdown when it comes to stompboxes, simply because I want to brag my list as well. You can find that fun little review of mine here.

Just by looking at the patterns, the site Guitar Trance was made out of the collision of ideas and interests. It is a site that I have made for everyone to share their respective sentiments about a particular topic of music. It is a virtual platform where music lovers like you and I can talk and exchange ideas. Of course, I always encourage people to be open-minded. But it should never compromise the respect towards other individual's preferences, especially to their rig of choice!

Guitar Trance started small, like a little infant. It was not a simple journey to make things the way they are now. I have received countless of emails that argued about my knowledge and intentions. Of course, I welcome those things here. Those are essential prerequisites that catalyzed the growth of this site. To put it simply, this site is more than what it seems. It can offer you a lot of resources on where you can learn from. Vast contributions have been made to ensure that the things included here are all genuine and true.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I am not a guru or master. It is too preposterous to claim that. Even the icons like Jimi Hendrix or Freddie Mercury never uttered these words. Even luminaries in the digital hip-hop industry like Jun Seba (Nujabes) did not allow themselves to step into the limelight. These guys just simply roamed the world, created good music, and then left. It is a poignant yet beautiful process. An exemplary move that we should imitate.

If these legends did not profess themselves as musical deities, then why should I. In the first place, my skills are nowhere near them. Also, I am still learning continuously. Each day, the world of music is expanding. It is not just a limited bubble sphere anymore, just like it used to be. There is a new progress being made every day. This kind of development and growth is the thing that motivates me. It keeps me restless whenever I can't study a particular instrument and skillset.

Aside from music concepts and motivations, the Guitar Trance is also a treasure trove of gear and gadget reviews. I have never restricted myself to explaining musical stuff. Instead, I tend to do things hands-on. You see, one of the best ways you can help other musicians practice and develop their skills is by teaching them how to get the appropriate instruments of devices for their endeavor.

I have seen a lot of prospect musicians that had dropped their passion because they made the wrong investment. Just imagine this: how can you practice for hours if your guitar or keyboard has a flimsy quality. Isn't it irritating to play broken devices, even if they are still new? As much as possible, I want you guys to avoid this kind of predicament. That's another reason why I created the Guitar Trance. It is to ensure that fellow artists like me will never get lost in the way.

Overall, this site can help you foster your interest in music. I am all for encouragements. Therefore, I always make sure that my readers can get motivated to finish reading a piece or two. If you have qualms about learning an instrument or skill, just visit this site. I have a myriad of motivations that can keep you going.

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed your stay here in Guitar Trance. If you have some questions or suggestions, just drop them on the email that I gave to you. Enjoy and have fun!