Jone Ruiz Guitar Review: A Unique Video Game Guitar Tab Blog / Channel

By Monica | Guitar Care

Aug 23
Jone Ruiz Guitar Review

Nowadays, you can find multiple platforms on Youtube or the entire Internet offering free guitar tabs. Surely enough, you are free to choose which of these venues you should access.

Well, I'm going to answer these questions in this post.


Who Is Jone Ruiz?

Needless to say, you would need to check the reputation of someone before you could trust them and the things they do. The same thing goes with guitar artists.

Jone Ruiz Guitar Review

At the very least, you should learn to scrutinize these artists you see on the Internet. A lot of them are claiming that they aren't really. Well, you might think that probing stuff like this isn't worth your time. After all, it is just about playing guitar or learning tabs, right?

For others, that's not really the case.

Playing guitar is someone's passion. If you are just starting, you want to learn from someone that is reputable, learned, and experienced. And that's where Jone Ruiz comes in.

Jone Ruiz was hailed in Puerto Rico. Ever since he was a child, he has already had an interest in music. But what got his attention first was the guitar. Since then, Ruiz has done his best to become a master of the craft. Fortunately, it seems that he was born with a talent for playing the instrument.

As a professional guitar player, Ruiz has been teaching people how to play the guitar for over ten years already. He has been able to shape new artists with his no-nonsense lessons. He is also good at teaching fundamentals, which other guitar lessons don't teach. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, I recommend that you consider Jone as your first teacher.

Furthermore, I have to emphasize that Jone isn't a guy hiding a facade. He is visibly present on various social platforms. He is actively present on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also check him out on Reddit, Patreon, and Youtube.

Jone Ruiz Guitar Review

Right now, Jone Ruiz focuses his time on developing his blog and YouTube channel. Both of these platforms have been named Jone Ruiz Guitar.

Jone Ruiz Guitar

Of course, some of you might say that there are bigger guitar channels that are better than what Jone can offer. For instance, we have FiveWattWorld, Swift Lessons, Truefire, and JamPlay. These channels are excellent venues for understanding the core concepts of how to play the guitar and how you can get good at it.

However, the presence of these channels doesn't refute the fact that Jone's own channel is also great.

As of writing, Jone Ruiz Guitar has 7.5k subscribers. That's pretty impressive already; after all, he just built this channel a while ago. And growing it to a thousand subscribers is quite remarkable, considering the tight competition within the guitar niche.

However, keep in mind that the Jone Ruiz Guitar blog is an established guitar platform already. You can check this site and see a lot of free content. There, he provides free tabs for various guitar covers. He also has informative content that you might want to see and read. All of them are great, especially when he discussed the popularity of the guitar and how the instrument fare in the modern world.

Jone decided to replicate the contents of his blog to his YouTube channel, which I think is a brilliant move. Evidently, people are into videos these days, especially when it comes to interactive tutorials and lessons. So if you visit his channel, you will find interesting content. For those who are into learning video game guitar tabs, Jone Ruiz Guitar is the perfect YouTube channel to visit.

What Does Jone Ruiz Guitar Offer

Right now, the Jone Ruiz Guitar is a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with video game guitar tabs. It is an interesting niche, I must say. The concept has a lot of opportunities to grow, given the fact that the generation today is into playing music and video games.

Moreover, Jone also uploads original covers of mainstream songs that you hear on popular computer and console games. If you are into Zelda, he has an entire playlist for that. Honestly, I am truly captivated by his Kass Theme and Great Fairy Fountain guitar covers. They are truly soothing to the ears. Even by just listening, you would really know that Jone is masterfully playing the instrument. There are no flaws. His finger techniques are excellent, and the way he recreates these video game themes are on point.

It is also worth noting that Jone Ruiz Guitar is an excellent place for on-the-spot tutorials. He has some videos where he shows his viewers how to play specific video game themes. I was hooked by his Zora's Domain guitar tutorial. That song is technically difficult to play, but he managed to show the basics without a sweat! By the way, Zora's Domain is a theme from Zelda. And if you don't know, I am a huge Zelda geek.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend that you check the Jone Ruiz Guitar, both its blog and YouTube channel variant. These platforms are great venues for those who want to learn to play the guitar and be good at it. At the same time, Jone Ruiz Guitar will give you a good time if you are into video games and want to recreate their iconic themes and music in your own instrument.

But if you want the best from the get-go, you should check Jone Ruiz.

Of course, many of you might haven't heard of this guy yet. And it always begs the question: who the heck is this guy? Why should you trust him? And can he offer something that other guitar blogs or channels couldn't?

Aside from Zelda, Jone Ruiz also has covers and tabs for other video games, such as Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Mario, Undertale, and Final Fantasy. You should check them out, especially if you have played any of these games and you want to learn how to play their iconic themes on your own guitar.


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