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5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons
Sep 27

5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons

By Monica | Guitar Care

As mentioned in one of the articles of Musiety, taking up lessons is an essential part of learning the art of playing the guitar. Unless you were with an inherent gift of yielding this instrument, you would certainly need help.'

Guitar lessons are useful if you have taken an interest in this instrument. Sure. You can learn how to play the stuff through various tutorials on Youtube. But that's there too is. The things that these videos can teach you are pretty limited. On the other hand, engaging in a guitar lesson would provide all the knowledge that you need to get rolling.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why a guitar lesson is a must:

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How to Get Your Music Heard
Jul 03

How to Get Your Music Heard – 4 Things That You Should Do

By Monica | Guitar Care

Musicians are everywhere. Every now and then, we can see and hear rising artists on various online platforms such as YouTube. It is a proof that people who can create good music are proliferating these days.

However, things are not really simple for them. Being able to reach your target audiences is not a walk in the park. Most of the time, it will take a lot of effort and time before your music can be heard by the people that you want to hear it.

I have met and encountered a gamut of brilliant music artists that gave up their dreams because they can't make it. They have been stifled on their track because they can't make it even if their crafts have the potential to get popular.

The modern world has allowed us to harness a variety of platforms where you can promote your work. From YouTube down to Soundcloud, these said interfaces can become your next venue to promote your works and of course, yourself. But then again, they are not enough to pull your leverage.

Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that you can overcome the hurdles of getting no audience at all.

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How Long Do Guitar Strings Last
Nov 14

How Long Do Guitar Strings Last? The Answer Might Surprise You

By Monica | Guitar , Guitar Care , News

Your guitar strings are arguably the most crucial component of your guitar. Regardless of how good the hardware and electronics of your instrument, if it doesn't have a good set of strings, it would never make it big.

Because of this reason, it is proper that you know how to take care of your strings. But aside from cleaning and keeping the grime away, it is also necessary that you know when to replace them. Nothing last forever, after all.

So how long do guitar strings last? Are there any signs that would tell you that it's time to give up your current strings?

Well, just read on so that you can find out the answers to these questions.

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how to restring an acoustic guitar
Oct 26

10 Easy Steps On How to Restring an Acoustic Guitar

By Monica | Guitar Care

Learning how to restring an acoustic guitar properly is quite important. Even if you are an amateur or professional, having this skill is beneficial in all aspects. After all, the strings of the instrument will require constant changing from time to time. Sometimes, the restringing could happen unexpectedly if some of the strings got damaged.

Take note that an acoustic guitar requires less restringing compared to its electric counterpart. But despite that, it doesn't mean that you can be too careless about it. Otherwise, you cannot get the best tonal quality out of your instrument. Therefore, if you want to get things right for you and your instrument, you should acquire this skill.

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how to fix fret buzz
Jul 03

How to Fix Fret Buzz: Causes, Solutions, and More!

By Monica | Guitar Care

How to fix fret buzz? For a guitarist like you, this question should have an immediate answer or solution. After all, nobody wants to deal with these annoying buzzes, especially if you do not really want to make them!

Buzz is a particular plague. It doesn't matter where this sound comes from. As long as it reaches our ears, it will suddenly irritate us. Even now, it is pretty difficult to find a positive application for this type of hum. Of course, no musicians want their instrument to generate this particular sound. Otherwise, it would ruin their mood and concentration.

However, this predicament is inevitable. A lot of guitarists out there suffer from this problem. If you noticed that the buzz is coming from your frets, it is an indicator that is a problem to your setup. Fortunately, there are easy ways to fix this.

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