The Best Book To Learn Guitar – A Top 5 List

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Feb 05
best book to learn guitar

Learning how to play guitar has been the endeavor of many people. It is not you and me alone.

There’s magic on this instrument at all, especially if it is played by a master. The way it can attract people is so mesmerizing that it became the world’s most popular musical instrument. 

Various venues can be taken so that a person can learn to play the guitar. Some go to their favorite Youtube channels while others enroll in a myriad of online courses. 

Perhaps the most unconventional means to learn the guitar is through books. Specifically, there are a lot of amazing guitar books out there that teach you the fundamental and advanced aspects of the instrument. 

Here is a list that showcases these reverberating books!

Best Book To Learn Guitar

1. The Guitar Handbook – Ralph Denyer

The Guitar Handbook of Ralph Denyer has been in circulation since 1992. Each year, various revisions are being introduced to the pages of the book, which signifies the evolution of guitar as an instrument and musical trend. 

This book comes with a comprehensive guide on the basics. However, it is also packed with a plethora of tips that professionals and experts might not know. The lessons are plotted accurately so that beginners can follow them easily. 

Interestingly, this book is a classic example of a “review platform.” It features several guitar models and provides specific and accurate reviews for them. It is a fantastic approach to teaching people which guitar they should take. 

By the way, Ralph Denyer is the guitarist and singer of the Blonde on Blonde band. Therefore, all of the things he has written and included here came from his vault of personal knowledge and experience.

2. Guitar Secrets – Joe Satriani

If you have been delving into the world of guitars, the name Joe Satriani might ring a bell to you. He is a legend among guitar players, and skills have proven many things throughout his entire career. 

This virtuoso is also popular for his rigid and complex lessons. He doesn’t want things to be simple. Those who want to learn the instrument should be willing enough to undergo rigorous training. While it sounds too stiff, keep in mind that one of his successful students is no other than Kirk Hammett, a guitarist of Metallica. 

Satriani is a constant contributor to “Guitar for the Practicing Musician.” His contents, insights, and other teachings that we submitted there were all compiled on the book “Guitar Secrets.” It is one of the reasons why you need to check this material out. 

Aside from the lessons, the book will also allow you to access an online audio section. The latter teaches the art of shredding. If you are interested in this technique, this book is perfect for you. 

3. Beginner’s Guitar Lessons: The Essential Guide – Joseph Alexander

People who are looking for a guitar book that is tailored for amateurs, they need to see this one now. The Beginner’s Guitar Lessons was written and compiled by Joseph Alexander to aid every aspiring guitar player out there. 

It is a book that explicitly describes all the essential skills that people should learn if they wish to get on the instrument. Moreover, the teachings are simplified so that anyone can follow. Jargons are minimized, and things can be taken in easily. 

The book also reveals every bad habit that many guitar players today do. From the proper way of strumming to the methods of reading guitar tablature, all of them are taught by this book. 

However, let me emphasize that the book is not for those individuals who want to learn sweep-picking or fret-tapping. As I said, this item is for beginners, and will only teach basic guitar techniques.

4. Guitar All-In-One For Dummies – A Wiley Brand

It is safe to say that all of us are familiar with the “Dummies” series. Although its title is satirical, the “Dummies” have given countless knowledge for almost anything. There’s a “Dummies” series for every stuff found under the sun!

Of course, it is not surprising anymore that the series has tapped itself to guitar tutorials. This reliable manufacturer of information has published a massive book for those who are eager to play the instrument. Specifically, the book is nothing but a compilation of other books–making it an “all-in-one.” 

The titles of the books that have been included in this “Dummies” series are the following: Guitar 101, Exercises and Practices, Getting To Know Guitar Theory, Sounds and Techniques, Rock Guitar, Classical Guitar, and Blues Guitar. 

With all of these contents, it is entirely possible for a beginner to become a guitar master. It is one of those books that you should not miss. Aside from being complete, it is a cost-efficient option, too. 

5. Guitar – Richard Chapman

One of the most notable figures in the guitar world is Richard Chapman. He has been in the industry for more than 25 years already, and his skills just keep on getting better. Chapman is an expert and has been acknowledged by numerous virtuosos, too, such as Paul McCartney and Eric Clapton. The guy is a legend, and when he does things,  it gets the attention of anyone. 

When he published a book for guitar tutorials, many became happy. After all, the chance to learn directly from the master is possible already. 

The book “Guitar” is an excellent collection of guitar lessons and teachings. It can help you learn all the ropes so that you will become a proficient player later on. Basically, this book aims to solidify your foundation. It doesn’t want you to jump to shortcuts. It is more comprehensive than those newly-released guitar books that you can see today. 

All of the essential playing techniques are printed on the pages of this book. It also teaches how you can play with the scales and chords. Guitar theories are also included here. 

Chapman did really good at encouraging people to learn the guitar!


Getting the best book to learn guitar is a sound investment. It is a treasure trove of knowledge that you can take anywhere. Even if you are far from your computer or absent from your guitar classes, a guitar book can still help you continue learning!

That’s it for now. If you have other books in your mind that you want to recommend, feel free to drop them in the comment section below 


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