how to play guitar
Jul 03

How to Play Guitar: A Comprehensive Course for Beginners

By Monica | Guitar Techniques , News

Learning how to play guitar is a remarkable thing to consider. Many people want to get familiar with this instrument because of its capability to exercise your dexterity and affinity to music. Of course, we all know that guitarists are cool folks. If you want to join the bandwagon of all string-lovers, then you should check out this article! This will be your comprehensive guide towards learning the guitar.

Musiety  - The Best Online Guitar Lessons

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5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons
Sep 27

5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons

By Monica | Guitar Care

As mentioned in one of the articles of Musiety, taking up lessons is an essential part of learning the art of playing the guitar. Unless you were with an inherent gift of yielding this instrument, you would certainly need help.'

Guitar lessons are useful if you have taken an interest in this instrument. Sure. You can learn how to play the stuff through various tutorials on Youtube. But that's there too is. The things that these videos can teach you are pretty limited. On the other hand, engaging in a guitar lesson would provide all the knowledge that you need to get rolling.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why a guitar lesson is a must:

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5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed
Sep 05

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed

By Monica | Guitar Techniques , News

In music, playing speed isn’t everything. However, your ability to play with speed can make you a better musician overall. For example, as you increase your picking speed, your whole playing style begins to loosen up and your fingers will feel more flexible. By having greater dexterity in your fingers, you will be able to do a lot more and have an easier time playing, not only in terms of picking but fretting as well.

Working on improving your playing speed can be made easier and more fun with the right guitar. There are many quality acoustic guitar models under $300 that are comfortable to play and make practice time more productive.

So how do you increase your guitar playing speed? Here are some tried-and-tested ways to do just that.

Do warm-ups and loosen up

When you practice playing faster, your hands may have a tendency to tense up, so before practice, do some back, shoulder, arm, hand and finger stretches to warm up and loosen up your muscles. Sit properly and try your best to stay relaxed. Breathe and mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead.

Build up your playing speed gradually

Start by practicing slowly but surely. Speed doesn’t come right away, so be patient. What’s important is that you develop accuracy when playing so that when start building up your playing speed, you’ll hit the right notes every time. Playing fast without paying attention to where your fingers are going can result in sloppy playing and make you prone to committing errors.

Practice alternate picking

You can also increase your speed by using alternate picking, where you hold the pick between your index finger and your thumb with the pointed end of the pick facing the strings. Alternate between downstrokes and upstrokes (downstroke first). When you use alternate picking, you can double the number of notes you play.'

Get your rhythm going by using a metronome

Keep time and practice accuracy by using a metronome. It can be a stand-alone device, a metronome app or software, a backing track or any other tool you can use to develop rhythm. Gradually increase the BPM, or beats per minute, of the metronome and challenge yourself to maintain accuracy as you begin to play faster.

Develop hand coordination

Your fretting and your picking hand should work in tandem, so focus on developing good coordination between the two. For you to play at a higher speed, both of your hands should be equally strong, flexible, dexterous and accurate. In addition, you need to train your hands to move in perfect sync for every note that you play.

If one hand is a bit “behind” in terms of fretting or picking, it would be a good idea to focus on that one first so it can perform as well as the other. Do exercises such as scales, chord transitions and fingerpicking exercises to teach your hands to move smoothly across the fretboard or pick the right strings at the right tempo.

Improving your guitar playing speed would depend on your mastery of guitar techniques. The more you know efficient techniques, the more you can apply them to your playing and make it easier. And the easier it is for you to play, the more you can play as fast as you want - so take your time mastering those techniques, keep practicing and speed will surely follow.

best cajon
Jul 31

4 Best Cajons for Percussion Lovers

By Monica | Product Reviews

Cajons have been with us since time immemorial. However, it has been put out of the limelight for quite some time, especially during the years when electric instruments have dominated the music industry.

Fortunately, cajons are starting to make a comeback. Many people are already looking for the best cajon because they have discovered its benefit. The revival of acoustic and country genres have also awakened the need to invest in cajons. This wooden instrument can do the basic drum beat minus the size and bulkiness. Although the functions of a cajon are not as varied as drums, it is still downright essential.

I have listed some of the top cajons on the market today. With the upgrades that they have received, it has to be expected that these following cajons that I have featured can meet your requirements and preferences. Don't worry. Despite the innovation of cajons, they are still as price-friendly as ever before.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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best acoustic bass
Jul 28

The Best Acoustic Bass Guitars Today – A Complete Rundown

By Monica | Guitar , Product Reviews

The best acoustic bass guitars are great on their own right. Even though it doesn't have a big market like the standard bass guitars, an acoustic bass guitar is still popular. We can see a number of individuals who use this instrument in acoustic sessions and some live performances.

But then again, acoustic bass guitars are still a niche. They are not the instruments that people would fuck off search every day. However, once you get interested in it, the guitar would immediately hook you up. It is a highly playable instrument that offers a great balance on its sound quality and frequencies. Of course, it is way cheaper than electric bass guitars, too.

I have listed some of the finest acoustic bass guitars that exist on the market today. If you are interested in trying out these instruments, the selection that I made here will certainly offer your excellent options. Check them out now!

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best guitar books
Jul 27

4 Best Guitar Books for Any Skill Level

By Monica | Guitar , Product Reviews

Being a guitar player will require you to expand your knowledge and playing style. You are prohibited from staying stagnant unless you don't have any plans in mastering the instrument. But one way or another, guitar players have the inherent desire to advance and progress their skills.

Now, we all know that there are a lot of resources when it comes to learning how to play the guitar. We have the internet and various online sites that teach a thing or two about guitars. You can also enrol yourself in guitar classes if you want a coach to personally train you. These are all good options.

However, you should also consider investing in the best guitar books. They are the ones that can teach you the fundamental and advanced concepts in playing the guitar without the need to browse the web or pay someone. If you can just pay attention to the details that are inscribed in these books, you'll definitely learn something there.

Here are some of the top guitar books that you should get today if you want to take a big leap on your career as a guitar player. Check them out now!

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