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Every now and then, we can see various guitar tutorials over the web. Of course, a lot of these sites are legitimate and quite resourceful. If you stumbled on something, regardless if it is playing technique or concept, you can find its answer over the internet. It is a great thing, considering that not all of us have music teachers to guide us on a daily basis.

If you are looking for a great guitar online site, then you can trust us here on GuitarTrance. We are a group of guitar enthusiasts who have accumulated great knowledge of this field through experience. The reason we established this site is for us to share our knowledge about guitar and any other related topics. We also want to get in touch with other guitar lovers through this platform.

You will get loads of tutorials and other helpful resources by just browsing on this humble site of ours. Moreover, we have a specific section that highlights the latest gears and gadgets in the industry.

Classical Guitar

classical guitar

It is undeniable that modern guitar was derived from the classical guitar. The latter have different identities around the world. Some call it as the Spanish guitar while others recognize it as the flamenco.

However, these variants have only slight nuances. In fact, we can assume that their sounding is pretty similar. If you want to explore some complex playing techniques, you will need to have a classical guitar first. It would certainly boost your skills as a guitar player.

Acoustic Guitar

If you are interested in learning the art of playing the guitar, you need to have a great acoustic guitar. Before you jump to its electric counterpart, you need to understand the basics of an acoustic one first.

After all, the fundamentals that you can learn on an acoustic guitar are still applicable on electric guitars. Moreover, it is quite obvious that acoustic guitars are way cheaper than the electric ones. For amateurs, this instrument is a decent investment to start.

acoustic guitar

Electric Guitar

electric guitar

Serious guitar players won't settle on acoustic guitars. Sooner or later, they will begin to explore the capabilities and magic that electric guitars bring. Once your skills are ready and polished, you can already have this upgrade.

But of course, you should know that there are a lot of considerations in choosing an electric guitar. Furthermore, you should also need to take into account the pedals and other accessories that are necessary for completing a rig.
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Bass Guitar

The bass is the subtle and complex side of guitars. This particular guitar variant is great in creating rhythms as well as accompaniment melodies. Despite being under-appreciated by many, the importance of bass guitar is still unequivocal. No great bands like Nirvana or Guns and Roses would have made those immortal hits without the fluency of this instrument.

For those who are interested in this instrument, you might want to check out this blog we made. we featured some of the greatest bass guitars that anyone can have access there.

bass guitar

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