Essentials You Should Have When Learning to Play an Electric Guitar

By Monica | Guitar Care

May 09
Essentials You Should Have When Learning to Play an Electric Guitar

Electric guitars are ideal for beginners because they have a smaller neck than acoustic guitars. Also, they are suitable for children and the players who have little hands. They are versatile instruments, especially if you need to play rock or metal music. These electric guitars come with gear essentials and accessories like guitar amp are very important for the beginner, particularly those who want to learn how to play the guitar. They can help to make your time more productive over the years, eliminate many frustrations, and simplify your life. Here are gear essentials and accessories for a beginner to start learning an electric guitar.

Guitar amp

For the beginner, the vital gear and accessories to learn are guitar amps. Guitar amp modify the tone of the instrument by de-emphasizing or emphasizing specific frequencies with the equalizer controls. This works the same like the treble and brass knobs. Essentially, the input of the modern guitar amps is a 1/4 inch jack, which receives the signal from the electric guitar. For the beginner of the electric guitar, the choice of the amp and their settings are the essential part of the sound and tone.


Tuners are essential accessories for a beginner who wants to learn how to play electric guitar. The suitable one is a chromatic tuner. The chromatic tuners make it easy to tune the selected sound. You can also adjust flat or sharp notes. Primarily, some tuners have LED readouts, bead readout, and others have no readouts. Non-readouts tuners follow one of these procedures. They measure the pitch of the note using vibrations in the headstock or transmit the frequency or pitch needed to connect the ear to the guitar. Every tuner has its use and what you can choose any of them if you are the beginner.

Guitar picks

Choosing the guitar picks remains to be the essential accessories to beginners who want to learn how to play electric guitar. It makes a dramatic difference in the tone and style when playing the guitar. When choosing guitar picks, you need to consider the shape, material, and thickness chosen, as they all affect tone and comfort when playing.

You need to know what type of guitar you need for you to see if you have the classical electric guitar that only works with nylon strings when connected to a bridge. The measuring device you want and whether you want a particular metal or a specific coating depends on the taste and tune. For example, Dunlop has excellent options, which can be among the best guitar picks to choose for beginners.

Guitar strap

A high-quality guitar strap can make the difference when keeping the electric guitar. This is the essential accessories to beginners, which help to remain in place the electric guitar after a hard and cold floor. The new guitar can be in good hands when kept in a guitar strap. It is available in different colors and has a 2-inch full polypropylene band sewn in black leather at the ends to provide extra support.

Metronome or drum machine

Among the electric guitar accessories essential for beginners to learn is a metronome, which has the most significant impact when playing. The metronome can necessarily shorten years of development and strengthen the rhythmic skills in the better way. The best available metronomes are those which are not hardware metronomes. Generally, the best version is the application that you may download for iPad, Android, and iPhone devices. These applications offer a much more extensive range of functionality, precision, and flexibility for every metronome you find.

Guitar case

If you want the electric guitar to last a long time, it is vital to use the proper guitar case when taking a guitar for class, a jam, or a group rehearsal. As a beginner, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the plush hard case. What is needed is a high-quality case to store the electric guitar and other essential items. On a limited budget, you can go for a Gator Economy Gigbag available for electric guitar.


Capo is the essential gear that can radically change the sound of the guitar for beginners who want to learn how to play the guitar. It has enormous potential for composers and guitarists playing covers. In use, the capos act like the adjustable nut, which you can move with the guitar’s frets to change the sound of the guitar.

When looking for gear essentials and accessories for a beginner start learning an electric guitar, then these are the best one. When followed clearly you will emerge the best and the qualified guitarist who can teach others on how to plat electric guitar.


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