The Best Types Of Guitar Pedal That You Need

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Mar 18
types of guitar pedal

There are different types of guitar pedals that a guitarist can access today. Fortunately, there is no such thing as "off limits" when it comes to this accessory. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you have all the right to get these impressive stompboxes. The only possible limit that you can encounter is your budget, as each of these pedals comes at different prices.

A guitar pedal can alter the sound of your instrument. They can either add sublime effects or bone-crushing sounds to your guitar. Regardless of your preference and playstyle, guitar pedals are really essential to enhance the quality of your sound.

In this article, we will be going to list down all types of guitar pedals that exist in the realm of music today. Each of them has set of functions to play. But it is undeniable that a point in your career, you might be needing all of them. For beginners, this list is essential. You might confuse one pedal to another, and that is not a good thing.

Although we won't thoroughly discuss the details per each effects pedal, we still highlight their primary functions. So what are you waiting for? Read on!


Different Types of Guitar Pedal  

1. Distortion Pedal

Distortion Pedal

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The most ubiquitous pedal nowadays is definitely the distortion pedal. Of course, the effect "distortion" can be coined to three different effects. But at the same time, you can say that the core effect is still distortion.

It is not wrong to say that distortion pedals "distorts" the signals coming from your guitar. However, such kind of function can be categorized into three: overdrive, fuzz, and distortion.

The "distortion" is somewhat heavy to the ears. All those crunch and sustains are proof that a guitar is using is a distortion pedal. Moreover, because of such effect, this pedal can effectively hide the real sound of the guitar. However, trained ears can detect the actual tone of the instrument. In just, the latter just go to the flow of aggressiveness of the sound.

2. Overdrive Pedal

Overdrive pedal

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Meanwhile, an overdrive pedal can still distort the sound of your instrument. It is also good in providing extra punch to your music. However, it has another feat. An overdrive pedal can keep the sound of your guitar and amplifier together. As a result, the sound it produces becomes more organic.

The drive that an overdrive pedal does is more subtle compared to a distortion pedal. Therefore, the sound produced is not that aggressive or heavy. Despite that, you can still hear a thick and beefy tone. Most classic blues and rocks were created with the help of an overdrive pedal. It is a versatile stompbox, indeed.

3. Fuzz Pedal

Fuzz Pedal

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Fuzz goes beyond what a distortion pedal can do. In fact, it is the most extreme among all guitar pedals. You will know that a guitar is using a fuzz pedal if the amp sounds like it is going to reach its breaking point. Specifically, this pedal will give a loud but bassy tone to your guitar. As a result, it would be difficult for you to hear the original sound of your instrument.

Despite its aggressiveness, a fuzz pedal is surprisingly versatile. Aside from generating ear-shattering sounds, the latter can also create subtle buzzes that don't pack a lot of power

4. Wah Pedal

Wah Pedal

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As its name suggest, a wah pedal is a type of stompbox that creates the "wah" sound. Even you can create this sound, but it would be too impractical to use such kind ability when you are playing your guitar. Moreover, it would make you look hideous.

Using this particular foot pedal, you can modify and put emphasis on your instrument throughout the mix. The more you press the pedal, the louder the "wah" it creates. Such kind of effect is necessary when you are doing solos.

5. Delay Pedal

Delay pedal

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The effect that this particular stompbox produces is actually obvious. If you haven't guessed it yet, we will break it down for you. A delay pedal allows you to "hold up" the signal from your instrument. The amount of the delay can be varied, and once it plays, you would hear a dual sound effect. Of course, you have the total control the number of delays that you want to give.

For some technological reasons, digital pedals can produce longer delays. However, guitar geeks would always argue that the actual sound of the delay is not as good as their analog counterparts.

​6. Chorus Pedal

Chorus Pedal

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A chorus pedal is an awesome addition to your stompbox. It allows you to produce sounds like they are coming from hundreds of guitarists. It is like a wobbling with a little delay to add beauty to the overall sound.

Chorus pedals let you produce vibrant and full sounds. It would let your instrument shine throughout the mix because of the additional thickness.

7. Flanger Pedal

Flanger Pedal

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The flanger pedal is almost as similar to a chorus pedal. However, the effect it produces is more obvious than its cousin. Specifically, it creates a whooshing tone that usually goes up by a pitch. After the peak, it will go down again. A good comparison of sound would be from a passing plane.

Moreover, it doesn't produce a sound like there is a multitude of guitarists mimicking your sound. However, it will still definitely beef up your tone.

8. Phaser Pedal

Phaser Pedal

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This pedal is closely similar to flanger and chorus pedals when it comes to effects. Specifically, the troughs and peaks it creates results to a full sound. Moreover, you can augment the level of these increases, depending on the ergonomics of the pedal you choose. The more the controls, the more the configurations you can produce.

The effects that the phaser pedal produces is not as prominent as flanger and chorus pedals. Therefore, they are an ideal choice for those who wants to imbibe subtle whooshing sounds to their mix.

9. Tremolo Pedal

Tremolo Peda

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The tremolo pedal is another stompbox that you must get for pedalboard. Specifically, the sound "tremolo" is similar to turning your volume up and down as quick as possible. This certain effect happens once you play a particular note. You might say that such kind of tone alteration is somehow crass. However, the blending that the tremolo pedal causes is so smooth and gentle that you will get mesmerized by it quickly.

The wobbling that tremolo pedal produce is almost the same as its cousinS. However, with the uniqueness and the speed of the sound, you can say that tremolo is in another dimension.

10. Looper Pedal

Looper Pedal

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Looper pedal doesn't add effects to your guitar's tone. In short, it functions as a utility pedal. Specifically, its role is to cut and record a particular section of the sound. Next, the recorded sound would be played again through your guitar's amp, hence the term looper.

Live performers need this type of pedal. If a particular song you are playing has two parts, then the looper will help you by acting as your double. Pretty handy indeed!

11. Reverb Pedal

Reverb Pedal

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A reverb pedal is essential, despite the fact that amplifiers today come with default reverb already. The main point here is that such kind of construction is not always beneficial. It is better that you can fully control your reverb.

Specifically, a reverb effect is an echo. Therefore, a reverb pedal lets you access these echoes into various levels and dimensions. For example, good brands of reverb pedals allow you to create minute types of echoes up to massive ones. Aside from widening the spectrum of your sound, this pedal also complements other effects that you are using.

12. Compressor Pedal

Compressor Pedal

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Nothing is exciting about a compressor pedal. You can even ignore it. But don't ever do that. This pedal will help you make your music sound professionally.

Its particular function is simple: it regulates the volume of your instrument. Therefore, even if you pick a string heavily or irregularly, they will produce the same sound volume. Well, if you have this particular pedal, that is. Moreover, compressor pedals allow longer sustains to happen.

If you find it difficult to choose a compressor pedal by yourself, check this best compressor pedal review

13. Volume Pedal

Volume Pedal

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There are various instances in where the volume control of your guitar is not enough. After all, there is a need for you to play your guitar with the use of both of your hands. Therefore, you need an external control so that such kind of ergonomic problem will be gone. A volume pedal will help you solve this issue. It is a utility that you don't want to miss.

14. Octave Pedal

Octave Pedal

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An octave pedal allows a particular note be played either an octave up or octave down. Specifically, the term octave usually refers to the distance of a note at its lower or higher pitch. Therefore, when you activate this effect, the note that you play will sound like you are hitting all the 12 frets at the same time!

15. Noise Gate Pedal

Noise Gate Pedal

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 You just want to prevent that unwanted noise from coming up in your mix. Moments in where everything is quiet is where these unusual sounds would appear. So is there a way to stop your instrument from sounding like there is a nearby bee nest? Of course, there is! Just get a noise gate, and this pesky problem would disappear. It doesn't actually cut off the sound. Instead, a noise gate pedal hides any sound that coming from your amp when you are not playing your guitar.

16. EQ Pedal

EQ Pedal

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An EQ pedal is the tool you need if you want to adjust the mids, bass, and treble of your instrument. There are a lot of effects pedal that can make these fine adjustments, but it is actually an EQ pedal that gives you full control.

Most of the equalizers today only allows you to edit up to 7 bands. However, an EQ pedal has a virtually unlimited manipulative ability. Therefore, you can say that it is an ideal choice for professionals and seasoned guitar players. Those complex compositions really need the prowess of an EQ pedal.

17. Acoustic Pedal

Acoustic Pedal

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As its name suggest, an acoustic pedal will make your electric guitar sound more acoustic. Of course, you can use this pedal if you want to play an acoustic part, but you don't have an acoustic guitar. It is an essential pedal in live performances, especially if there is only one guitarist. It allows a player to switch from an electric sounding tone to an acoustic one.

18. Tuner Pedal

Tuner Pedal

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The tuner is a utility pedal. It allows you to quickly tune your guitar. It is a handy pedal for any guitar enthusiasts. If you hate those ordinary guitar tuners, then you really need this pedal! Of course, you can use them for live performances, too. When there is so much tone switching from one song to another, this pedal will come helpful.

19. Boost Pedal

Boost Pedal

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 The function of a boost pedal is simple: it strengthens the signal of your guitar before it enters the preamp of your amp. Specifically, it cleans your tone while giving additional push to it.

Meanwhile, check out this video about the essential pedals for beginners: 


These are the types of guitar pedals that you can add to your pedalboard. Well, nobody would say that you are greedy if you want all of these in your arsenals. After all, each of them has useful applications. You might not need them all the time, but it is pretty essential that you got all of them readied!

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