Tips For Beginners On Choosing The Right Keyboard

By Monica | Guitar Care

Jan 17
Tips For Beginners On Choosing The Right Keyboard

The power of music is impossible to deny. Mastering an instrument and sharing your music with others allows you to tap into their emotions, reaching them on a deeper level. Keyboards, which are closely related to pianos, are some of the most versatile instruments available, allowing you to play everything from slow, meaningful music to catchy, upbeat pop songs.

If you are interested in learning how to play, the first step is to decide which keyboard to buy. As you venture into the world of music, these tips will help you find a keyboard that you can use to create incredible compositions.

The first step is to decide which style of keyboard is best suited to your needs. When you are first starting, you probably don’t need an overly complex model. Instead, look for a simple keyboard that has a full set of keys and a few basic features.

Casio have some excellent choices for a beginner. Read these Casio keyboard reviews to get an idea of the best for you. Learning to play on a simple keyboard like this is easy since you don’t have to worry about being distracted by too many other features or sound effects. Ideally, you should choose a keyboard that is sized the same as a standard piano. Since the two instruments have so much in common, learning on a full-sized keyboard will also give you most of the skills that you need to play a traditional piano.

Another thing to look for is a keyboard that comes with a stand that can be adjusted. Positioning the keyboard at the right height is important if you want to get the most out of your playing. If you have to hold your arms in an uncomfortable position or if you have to hunch over to reach the keys, playing is a lot less enjoyable.


If you can, choose a keyboard that has weighted keys. These keyboards are designed with keys that feel similar to the keys on a traditional piano. Learning on a keyboard like this will allow you to master techniques like using the right amount of pressure with your fingers. If you decide to switch over to a traditional piano in the future, these skills can make the switch much easier.

Some keyboards have keys that are designed to sense the pressure of your touch. If you push on them harder, they create a louder sound. Conversely, if you push on them more softly, they create a softer sound. Although there are certain circumstances where this is an advantage, this feature is typically only found in top-of-the-line keyboards. Some digital pianos and keyboards have the option to turn off the feature, which gives you a little bit more versatility in terms of how you play.

This information should make it easier to find a beginner-level keyboard when you are just starting. Anytime you are learning a new skill, it is best to keep things simple. If you choose a keyboard with too many extra features, it can make learning a lot more confusing. That is why most experts recommend starting with a basic model that doesn’t have too many extras built-in. To get the most out of your playing, look for a keyboard that is as close to a traditional piano as possible. That way, your keyboard skills will easily transition over to the piano if you decide to learn at a later date.


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