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6 Must-Have Guitar Effects Pedals In Your Pedalboard
Sep 20

6 Must-Have Guitar Effects Pedals In Your Pedalboard

By Monica | Pedals

The world of guitars does not only revolve around guitars. 

Sometimes, the repertoire that you hear is not just a by-product of a skilled master or a high-end, custom-made guitar. In the floor, you can see little boxes arranged systematically under the feet of the guitar player.

They are guitar effects pedals. And one way or another, they can improve and elevate the kind of sound that comes out from the instrument. It is the primary reason why avid players are investing in a myriad of pedals. The more you can alter the tone of your instrument, the more versatile you become on the stage.

Of course, you can either opt for analog or digital guitar pedals. Each of these has its own tradeoffs. As long as you are comfortable with them, there should be no problem at all. This time, you need to know every guitar effects pedal that your rig should have.

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best tremolo pedal
Jun 14

5 Best Tremolo Pedals For A Volume-Shattering Performance 2022

By Monica | Pedals , Product Reviews

A guitarist is placed in an advantageous position once the best tremolo pedal is present on his/ her pedalboard. It is one of the most versatile guitar pedals that exist today. It has a simple function, but it can provide elaborate characteristics to the signal of your instrument.

Specifically, a tremolo pedal works by taking the tonal signals of your guitar and modulate them. It can alter the volume of the sounds--from loud to low--depending on how you like it. The effects that a tremolo pedal can give is somehow unnoticeable, especially if you are not that keen on it. In some instances, you can configure it so that it can stand out the mix. It is the one that gives you that amazing staccato sound effect.

Of course, a tremolo pedal is not the same as a vibrato. In fact, it can be stated that the tremolo component of a guitar is partly misnamed. After all, the effect that it produces is actually a vibrato.

In this guide, I highlight some of the top-rated tremolo pedals in the market today. These recommendations that I have listed here are among the most sought tremolo stompboxes by many pros nowadays. You should take a look at them and see which one do you think can suit your preferences.

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Best Pedalboard Power Supply
Jun 10

The Best Pedalboard Power Supply On 2022: A Beginner’s Guide

By Monica | Gear , Pedals , Product Reviews

The best pedalboard power supply is a necessity that every guitar players should have. It is not something that you can't have, especially if you are playing with multiple stompboxes. And in this guide, I will show you some of the top options for this kind of guitar amenity.

For amateurs, it seems that any power supply can work for their effects pedal. But once you go deeper on this matter, you will realize that the mechanism in which you power the pedals can affect their overall performance. Take note that each pedal has their own "power requirement." Not all of the power supplies can bring the best out of them.

All I know is that an appropriate pedalboard power supply can create high-quality signals. On the other hand, flimsy ones can generate signals that are muddled with unwanted hum and noises. There's a matter regarding isolated power that you should understand as well.

I will elucidate all these matters to you later on. But first, let me highlight all the top choices that you have for a pedalboard power supply on the market today. Don't worry. I have explained all things in a manner that even the simplest of us can understand. Let us start!

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