The Best Guitar Strap for 2022: A Buyer’s Guide

By Monica | Guitar

Jun 10
best guitar strap.

The best guitar strap is also capable of changing the dynamics of your playing. Just like guitar picks, guitars are often ignored and overlooked. Players tend to forget them because they are seemingly not important and unnecessary.

In fact, I can attest that only a few people search for this product on famous online stores. Guitar straps are not the item can make our eyes drool. That's a reality that seemingly captures the entirety of the guitar community today. But of course, this doesn't mean that we can already stroll away from this amenity, even if they don't appeal to you at all.

A complete guitar rig should have a trusty guitar strap. There is no veering away from this. With the proper guitar strap, you can play conveniently on stages and live gigs. They can ensure that your guitar will not go down, even if you are not holding them at all. At first, it may not sound helpful. But once you start performing, you will eventually realize this certain need.

Now, there are a lot of guitar straps on the market. But sadly, not all of them are made to be equal. Some of them have flimsy construction and can deliberately hurt your body. However, if you can pick the right one, things would not turn out ghastly for you. And hey! I am here to provide the top choices for guitar straps today. Go check them out below!


The Best Guitar Strap Reviews 2018 updated

Levy's Leathers MSS1-BLK Veg Tan Leather Guitar Strap


It will never surprise me anymore if one day, the Levy Leathers will take the top spot for the finest guitar straps. They produce high-quality straps that offer maximum protection and comfort to the user. One proof of this is their prized MSS1-BLK Veg Tan Leather Guitar Strap. The latter is oozing with quality and ergonomics that will enable you to use it easily and conveniently. Only few guitar straps can rival the quality of the MSS1-BLK. You should remember that.

This guitar strap has been highly-acclaimed as one of the top guitar straps because of its innate adjustability. Specifically, this guitar strap has a length that can be adjusted from 37 inches to 51 inches. The strap is also Available in an extra long model, which has been augmented with an additional length of 12 inches. Even if you are tall or small, the MSS1-BLK Veg Tan Leather Guitar Strap can really accommodate you. Your comfort and preferences can be secured here.

The width of the strap is around 3 inches. Therefore, there is an ample weight distribution that occurs here. The strap won't hurt your shoulders because of this said feature. It is also necessary to highlight that the strap is manufactured from garment leather and has been infused with padding for maximum comfort. The design of the strap doesn't suck too. It is something that can be compatible with any guitar style and built.


  • Extra long guitar strap
  • Length can be adjusted
  • Wide strap for better weight distribution and comfort
  • Rugged construction
  • Feels comfortable even in extended usage


  • A little stiff if it still new

Let's take a look at this product...

Levy's Leathers MSS1-BLK Veg-Tan Leather Guitar Strap, Black
  • 2 1/2 inch Signature Series carving leather guitar strap with foam padding and garment leather.
  • Adjustable from 38 inches to 53 inches.
  • Also available in extra long (XL), which adds 12 inches to overall length.

The Perris Leathers DL325S-201 Suede Guitar Strap is one option if you want to stay on the classy side of things. Designed for the mid-level market, the Perris Leathers Guitar Strap is capable of handling both light and heavy guitars. It is among the most versatile options that I have because of its capability to work with different guitar types and models. You will never have a problem with it, even if you will attach it to different guitars from time to time.

Because it is made from suede, this guitar strap can provide comfort and durability. It will not tear or wear down even if you will use it continuously. Even if it is lifting heavy rigs, its quality will never get old and sorry. It will remain in its top shape, and that's one of the things that separates this guitar strap from its counterpart. There is also a sheepskin pad integrated on the pad so that it can be comfortable to wear. You can freely play on the stage without feeling any ache in your body!

The length of the Perris Leathers DL325S-201 Suede Guitar Strap can be adjusted, too. The standard model can be modified from 38 inches up to 53 inches, or vice versa. Meanwhile, the extra-long model starts from 41 inches and can be moved up to 56 inches. Regardless of the weight and length of your guitar, you can easily navigate the setup of this strap to accommodate your needs. Getting a proper fit will never be a problem at all.


  • Ultra-rugged and durable construction
  • Comes with two models (standard and extra long)
  • Can handle different guitar models, weight, and sizes
  • Adjustable length for proper fit
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The padding does not extend to the longest length
  • Not ideal for low sling setup

Let's take a look at this product...

Perri's Leathers, Suede Guitar Strap, Sheepskin Pad, Brown, Anti-Slip, Classic, Suitable for Each Level, Standard Size, 41" to 56" Inches Compatible with All Button Lock Systems
  • Material and Dimensions: A 2.5" inches wide soft suede with super soft sheepskin backing. Adjustable length from 41" to 56" inches for the standard size. Whether you're expert or a first-time player, our strap is a must-have accessory for any musician. Choose from a variety of designs and show off your unique personality. Our strap is compatible with all button lock systems, and the padded locking system ensures your instrument stays safe and secure.
  • Stylish and Practical: Elevate your performance with our stylish and practical guitar strap. Designed with both form and function in mind, our strap offers a comfortable and secure fit, while also making a statement with its customizable design options. Perfect for guitarists of all levels, from beginners to professionals.
  • Confidence and Comfort with Our Anti-Slip Guitar Strap: Say goodbye to slipping and sliding during your performances with our innovative anti-slip guitar strap. Made of high-quality suede and featuring a sheepskin backing, our strap ensures maximum support and security for your instrument. Compatible with all button lock systems, it's perfect for electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. Our strap supports your active music-life, allowing you to rock out with confidence and comfort.
  • Perfect Gift for Guitar Lovers: Looking for the perfect gift for a guitar enthusiast? Look no further than our premium guitar strap! Made of high-quality materials and designed for both comfort and style, our strap is the ideal accessory for any guitar player. Compatible with all button lock systems and featuring a padded locking system for added security, our strap is suitable for players of all levels and styles. Surprise the guitarist in your life with the gift they'll love, use for years!
  • Perri's unique and awesome Guitar Straps, designed in Canada: From metalheads to classical virtuosos, Perri's unique and awesome straps are designed to take your playing to the next level. With over 20 years of experience crafting premium-grade products, Perri's is a family-owned business that cares about your music as much as you do. Choose from a wide variety of colors, designs, and custom options, and become a true guitar guru of the music world. Let your strap rock on with Perri's!

Even if you don't spend that much, you can still get a good guitar strap. Don't be bamboozled by other people who keep on nagging that only expensive straps can bolster your performance. That is not completely true, especially if you will meet the Dunlop D3809BK Solid Black Strap. This particular unit has growing popularity because of its excellent approach to negating the weight of heavy rigs. You can install it too bulky guitars to feel a reduction of the load while using them.

The Dunlop D3809BK Guitar Strap is using the patented Comfort Edge technology. With this innovation, the strap can protect your shoulders and upper body from being burdened by heavy instruments. You won't feel any struggle of carrying them even during live gigs. The strap has a width of 2 inches, which already aids in the dispersion of weight. Using this strap would make you feel that the guitar became slightly lighter. And yes, that it is not a work of magic, but pure ingenuity only.

You can adjust the length of the Dunlop D3809BK from 38 inches to 65 inches. Finding the suitable fit for you is easy with this one. You can fix the strap so that the guitar will be at the place where you want it. The Dunlop D3809BK is available in both poly-woven and jacquard woven designs. Depending on your preferences, you can freely choose between these two. The edges of the strap are crafted from authentic leather for enhanced durability and strength.


  • Great weight dispersion capability
  • Adjustable length design
  • Can handle heavy rigs
  • Highly strong; it doesn't wear out quickly
  • Provides utter convenience to the user


  • Adjusting the length of the strap is quite quirky
  • The surface of the strap is too "harsh" for some players

JIM DUNLOP D3809BK Solid Black Strap, Lage
  • Patented comfort edge webbing
  • Extra-long strap lengths
  • 100% leather ends
  • Original jacquard woven and poly-woven designs
  • 2" wide

The Walker & Williams Guitar Strap can serve as the focal point of every rocking players out there. This highly ergonomic guitar strap has all the features that enable you to utilize it efficiently in your performances. The entire guitar strap has a premium construction. Specifically, each of the straps has been handmade by expert craftsmen to guarantee their durability and comfort. You can never go wrong with this guitar strap, regardless of the size of your rig.

The guitar strap is constructed from authentic premium leather variant. It is highly strong and can carry heavy instruments without wearing down your body. The design of the strap ensures that both the guitar and the user can experience comfort and safety. The top of the surface of the guitar has a polished black design. The latter adds to the appeal and aesthetic of the guitar strap, especially if coupled by a vintage or rock-themed instrument.

Meanwhile, the back of the guitar strap has a soft glove leather construction. It is also paired with a double layer of thick padding. The features will protect your shoulders from feeling the ache of carrying a guitar for long periods. They also allow you to maneuver the guitar without feeling cluttered at all. The Walker & Williams Guitar Strap has a wide design. It is 3-1/2-inch wide and can be adjusted from 43 inches up to 54 inches.


  • Aesthetically appealing construction
  • Enhanced ergonomics for usability and comfort
  • Authentic and handmade guitar strap
  • Comfortable and doesn't wear down its user
  • Extra width for better weight distribution


  • Not as supple as other guitar straps because of its pure leather built

Let's take a look at this product...

Walker & Williams C-22-BLK Handmade Premium Black Signature Grain Leather Extra Wide Double Padded Guitar Strap For Acoustic, Electric, And Bass Guitars
  • Handmade padded leather strap using all top quality AAA premium materials
  • Black Polished Top Grain Leather Top Welt
  • Ultra Soft Glove Leather Back with Double Thick Padding
  • Contrasting Single Needle Top Stitching
  • Fully 3 1/2" wide and adjustable from 43"-54"

For those who are still new to the world of guitar straps, it would be great if you can start with this unit from Planet Waves. The Classic Leather Guitar Strap of Planet Waves is a good option for those who are still not used to using a guitar strap. It has all the basic features that will teach you the ins and outs of a guitar strap, including on how you should take care of it. But don't worry. Even if it is an entry-level model, it still has the qualities that you need.

The leather used in this guitar strap is not as good as the one that has been used by the Walker & Williams. However, it is already decent and offers great durability and comfort. It is also flexible, which makes it great for new users. The entire leather is rugged. It doesn't wear out quickly, even if you use it consistently. The strap is adjustable, too. You can make a quick work out of its length, starting from 44.5 inches up to 53 inches.

Meanwhile, the comfort level of the Planet Waves Basic Classic Leather Guitar Strap is pretty decent already. Of course, it is not as comfortable as other guitar straps that I have featured here. But I still reckon that it can provide a certain level of comfort that can prevent the user from complaining. However, I do remind you that you should only use this on lighter rigs. Use it on a heavy guitar, and you can certainly feel the weight being passed to your body.


  • Authentic leather construction
  • Comfortable to use (especially for small guitars)
  • Comes with adjustable length design
  • Flexible design
  • Offers decent amount of support when you are standing


  • Not sufficient weight dispersion capability
  • Not suitable for heavy guitars

Let's take a look at this product...

D'Addario Accessories Leather Guitar Strap - Guitar Accessories - Electric Guitar Strap, Acoustic Guitar Strap, Acoustic Electric Guitar Strap & Bass Guitar Strap - Classic Style - Brown
  • Accent your guitar with this classic brown leather guitar strap from Planet Waves.

    The Planet Waves Deluxe Series sets the standard for leather straps. From basic single-ply styles to two-ply garment leather straps with soft suede backing, the Deluxe Series exudes class, style, fashion and function. All feature an exclusive tapered contour designed to prevent twisting when used with acoustic guitars. The body of the straps is 4" longer than standard straps, giving you maximum adjustability from 44.5" to 53" long.

    Planet Waves, part of the D'Addario family of brands, is known for innovative, problem-solving, quality musical accessories. Planet Waves offers a complete line of award-winning accessories including cables, picks, tuners, capos, straps, humidifiers, maintenance tools and more.

  • Basic brown leather design
  • Made from high-quality brown leather
  • Provides maximum comfort for standing situations
  • Adjustable from 44.5" to 53" long

If you want something that you can use and abuse, the Ernie Ball Guitar Strap is a great option. Just like the Planet Waves Guitar Strap, the Ernie Ball Guitar Strap is still in the entry-level category. Therefore, you can freely get multiple units of this item without minding their cost. You can always opt for them whenever your guitars need reliable straps that can be utilized in your practice regimen. They can always hold your instrument in place.

The durability of the Ernie Ball Guitar Strap is pretty decent too. It is crafted from polypropylene nylon webbing, which exhibits high strength and resistance to wear. The nylon won't stretch either even if it is lifting a heavy guitar. Its structure will remain dense and snugly even if you use it constantly. Meanwhile, the leather ends of the strap have nylon infused with them. This design improves the overall stability that the strap can give to your instrument.

You can adjust the length of the strap from 41 inches to 72 inches. It enables you to do both long and low strapping. The strap can accommodate the height and frame of the user because of its given height flexibility. I also have to emphasize that the strap is capable of supporting large instruments. However, just don't overdo it. Otherwise, the strap might get too uncomfortable for you.


  • Length can be adjusted
  • Can hold large instruments
  • Industrial-grade nylon construction
  • Not susceptible to unnecessary stretching
  • Factory colors will not bleed


  • Doesn't come with sufficient padding
  • Adjusting the length of the strap is a tad bit difficult

Let's take a look at this product...

Ernie Ball Polypro Guitar Strap, Black (P04037)
  • Durable and comfortable 2" wide polypropylene webbing
  • Adjustable length 41" to 72”
  • Quality black leather ends
  • Ernie Ball logo stamped in gold print
  • Black Delrin adjustable buckle and connector

Choosing the Best Guitar Strap

It is notable that guitar straps are often ignored more than they are revered. It is an amusing thing, considering the benefits that this accessory can give to the overall functionality of your guitar. Investing in this item is necessary because it will eventually define how much control you can exert toward your instrument.

A guitar strap can come in different form. One can be ideal for performances while the other is meant for style. You have a lot of options and whether you are doing these both or not, you will still need a strap that offers great quality and design. You will never want to waste your time on something that can break easily.

The Basics

Getting a guitar strap is a matter of considering what guitar you are holding. Most of the guitar models today, like the Fender Stratocaster and the Gibson Les Paul, have the weight of three to five kilos when you place them on your shoulder. You should expect that bigger guitar models are heavier than these units.

Because of this, you have to pick a guitar strap that can support the load that it carries. Furthermore, the strap should be able to carry it for extended periods. The quality should not degrade even if you use it on a daily basis.

But despite being rugged and durable, the guitar strap should enable you to move freely. It should not restrict your movement or make you feel uncomfortable while you are playing. That's not the reason why guitar straps are made in the first place. Your mobility should still be there, even if the guitar is hanging on your shoulders.

Of course, the next thing that you should consider is the comfort level of the guitar. Wearing the strap for long hours should still have a minimal effect on your body. The strap must not make you feel parched and humid. You should be able to wear it comfortably in both ventilated and closed rooms. If you are planning to do a repertoire, make sure that the strap will never hurt your skin.

Don't forget that the guitar strap should match the design or appearance of your rig. It is not a mandatory factor to consider, but it is really beneficial if the strap can match your aesthetic preferences of the style of your setup. In this way, the package will still embody the character that you are trying to portray.


The entire weight of your instrument is being carried by two buttons. For cheap and low-quality belts, these components are the usual source of the problem. Specifically, the construction of the hole is too weak. Since the design of the strap dictates that the weight are to be concentrated in these regions, a slight mistake could cause horrific accidents. It is notable that a number of guitar players already have experienced their instruments fall down to the ground because of broken strap holes.

The most suitable material for constructing the strap hole is leather. Even if the entire strap is not fully made from leather, the strap hole should be authentic leather. In fact, it would be better if there are reinforcements on these areas to increase the stability of the connection.


A guitar strap can be made from different materials. The strap could be crafted from leather and other industrial and synthetic materials. Regardless of the make, the strap should still exhibit durability, ruggedness, and a slight hint of suppleness. These are the characteristics that dictate the overall quality of the item.

For entry-level belts, the usual material used is nylon. It is the common choice because of its stability throughout the manufacturing process. Moreover, nylon can easily be colored, too. On the other hand, expensive models tend to combine with other materials such leather or cotton. I have seen a couple of guitar straps that are using this said design. Some are even using the combination of neoprene and nylon, while their ends are made from rubber.

However, the most popular guitar strap material is the polypropylene. It is a synthetic fiber that is naturally rigid and resistant to tearing. Notably, it is recyclable, too, which makes it environment-friendly. Another strap material that exists today is cotton. It is typically combined with other materials such as nylon and polypropylene. The purpose of nylon is to ensure that the strap won't hurt you at all.

Size of the Strap

The size of straps varies from one model to another. But this doesn't fool you that you can just pick whatever you prefer. The length and the width of the strap can actually affect its performance and comfort.

When you are handling heavy instruments, it is necessary that the strap can offer great shoulder support. The wider the strap, the better the support that it can provide. Standard straps have a width of 5 cm to 8 cm. On the other hand, a narrow strap in uncomfortable to wear, especially if you are yielding a bulky rig. To solve this problem, you can attach a separate shoulder pad to the neck area.

Meanwhile, I discourage you to get a strap that doesn't have an adjustable length. They are not versatile and will just annoy you whenever you are trying to find your comfort zone while performing. A good guitar strap will ensure that you will have a lot of room to play. They would be able to cater your preferences and fit. Short players will need a short guitar strap. The opposite thing applies to tall guitarists. Regardless of that, make sure that the guitar strap is flexible enough to work with you.

Final Wrap

The best guitar strap is a necessary element to complete your rig. This particular accessory improves your mobility and convenience whenever you are playing on stages or live gigs. After all, those settings will require you to stand up most of the time. And since your guitar is heavy enough to tire your arms and shoulders, it is essential that they would receive a support. A guitar strap is an optimal solution for that.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of guitar straps that you can get today. But before you head out to the market, make sure that you already understood the considerations in choosing a guitar strap. This would lessen your time in the selection process. Aside from that, they can also lead you to the appropriate belts for your setup.

If you don't want to bother with these aspects, you are free to check all the straps that I have featured in this article. All of them have excellent construction. They are all tough and adjustable and can provide the crucial ergonomics for them to be functional. The strap from the Levy's Leathers and Walker & Williams are good examples of what a guitar strap should be. They will give you comfort regardless of how long you are going to use them.

That's all for now! If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to ask me below!


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