The Best Guitar Pick: 8 Options to Choose From! 2022

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Jun 01
Best Guitar Picks

Guitar picks are not really the things that are hogging the spotlight on the music industry. In fact, people always consider them as the least priority when it comes to their investments. These small-looking pieces are not the ones that you can notice first. But the irony here is that they have a significant impact on the tone of the guitar.

Always remember that the best guitar pick can provide alterations to the sounding of your instrument. You can always compare them to the bow of a violin. By strumming the pick to the strings of the guitar, its tonal frequency and dynamics would eventually change. A wrong pick might generate unwanted sounding over your guitar.

The choosing process is actually difficult and confusing at first. But since we have a lot of online shops that features high-quality picks, selecting the right pick are gradually becoming a convenient thing. And since their availability already exceeded our expectations, our options are almost limitless already.

If you want to get the finest recommendations for a guitar pick, then you should check out the list that I made below. Each of them has all the necessary attributes that can improve the tonal attack of your beloved instrument. Check them out!


Best Guitar Pick: Top 8 Options

D'Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks


If you want a high-grade guitar pick from the get-go, you should check the D'Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks first. These particular picks have excellent construction and build that can certainly improve your playing style and affinity. Each of the picks that are included in this pack is made from celluloid. And if you are familiar with this material, you probably know already that the picks can do their job right.

The celluloid is a high-grade material that is commonly used in the construction of picks. It can be modified into different shapes and thickness, which is essential for the catering the preferences of players. However, the most significant perk of celluloid is that it can provide a genuine warmth and feel to the tone of the guitar. The sound it can create is full, too.

The D'Addario Assorted Pearl Celluloid Guitar Picks are created to be diverse. In this way, you can get a pick that would suit your preferred playing style. It doesn't matter if you want to strum or pick, there is always a pick in the package that can gratify your needs. The picks are also using the standard pick shape to ensure that you have a proper grip on it. Articulation and control will always be within your reach!


  • Durable and rugged pick
  • Provides warm and full tone
  • Picks are available on multiple gauges
  • Made from celluloid
  • Available in different textures and shapes


  • Can be slippery, especially if used by players with sweaty hands
D'Addario Celluloid Guitar Picks - Guitar Accessories - Guitar Picks for Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar - Natural Feel, Warm Tone - Assorted, Medium 0.70mm, 10-pack
  • 0.70MM MEDIUM GUITAR PICK: Medium gauge (0.70mm) works well for both strumming and articulate picking
  • NATURAL FEEL & WARM TONE: Premium quality celluloid provides natural feel and warm, fat tone
  • COMFORTABLE PLAYING: Standard shape for comfortable playing
  • PACKAGING: 10 picks per package. The D'Addario, formerly known as Planet Waves, pick packaging is designed for minimal waste and environmental impact
  • GIFT FOR GUITAR PLAYER: D'Addario picks make great guitar accessories gifts for men, women, and kids. They make great acoustic guitar picks, electric guitar picks, bass guitar picks, and more.

Sometimes, most of us are tempted to delved in within the world of classics. There is something about the vintage music that makes our musical senses tingle. Even for items like guitar picks, the classic ambiance doesn't really stay away. That is what I have to say with the Fender 351 Shape Classic Picks. These picks are made to accommodate the nostalgic needs of guitar players. But of course, even modern musicians can benefit from them.

It doesn't matter if you are playing bass or guitar. These picks can cater your preferences. Using the picks are very comfortable and convenient to the hands. They can provide better grip and control to your fingers. Moreover, they have a slip-free performance that you would certainly adore. Take note that these picks are flexible, too. Therefore, you would never get a downtime once you have them on your hands.

The Fender 351 Shape Classic Picks are available in a variety of shapes, thickness, and sizes. They are crafted by Fender to cater the plethora of playing preferences of every guitarist out there. Just like the D'Addario Picks, this one is also derived from celluloid. As I mentioned, celluloid is the bar when it comes to the guitar pick material construction. Fender has been using them for many years. Hence, you can never really go wrong with them.


  • Crafted from authentic celluloid
  • Features the iconic 351 guitar pick shape for versatility
  • Available in multiple sizes, thickness, and shapes
  • Sounding is warm and full
  • Extremely comfortable to use


  • The Fender logo quickly fades off
  • Slightly slippery
Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks 351 Shape, Tortoise Shell, Heavy, 12-Pack
  • Comfortable and familiar feel provided by the traditional 351 shape
  • Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone
  • Heavy gauge picks are rigid and durable providing a smooth, warm tone with excellent attack
  • Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer
  • Sold as a convenient 12-pack

Are you running out of budget? Don't worry. We all know that guitar picks are really inexpensive in nature. But sometimes, we want to make sure that despite the price, we can still get a good unit. If you are in the same dilemma, then I recommend that you should check out the Dunlop Jazz III Pick Pack. Each of the picks here can bolster the overall sounding of your instrument. They have a fine and rugged construction, too, which guarantees their longevity.

Take note that the Dunlop Jazz III series have a reputable rapport on the market. Serious guitarists all over the world have their eyes on these picks. For example, players like Alexi Laiho and Eric Johnson are among the known virtuosos that used the Dunlop Jazz III picks. The picks have a sharpened tip and molded edge. Because of this design, the picks can release warm and full tones to your instrument.

All of the picks of the Dunlop Jazz III are made from a special nylon variant. The nylon itself is very rugged yet flexible. It enhances the playability of the device without compromising the overall comfort that you can feel when using it. Meanwhile, the surface of the pick is tactile. It prevents the pick from slipping away from your hands even if they are way wet.


  • Broad grip ensures a slip-free usage
  • Provides smooth and sonic attack
  • Comfortable to use
  • Durable and rugged nylon material
  • Offers excellent user control


  • Size availability is an issue

Let's take a look at this product...

Dunlop Jazz III Pick Pack, Red Nylon,1.38mm
  • Nylon
  • Red
  • Fantastic quality guitar picks
  • World famous brand
  • Essential for any guitarist

For those who are willing to invest on high-caliber guitar picks, I will suggest that you should use try the Dunlop 46RF.51 Stainless Steel Picks. The advent of celluloid and nylon as the primary materials for pick construction has outshone metal picks. But don't worry. You should know that metal picks as the Dunlop 46RF.51 can still provide the same value and quality that you expect from a high-grade guitar pick.

If you are looking to produce bright sounds for metal or rock genre, these picks should be your top choice. It is also extremely versatile, which allows you to explore different tones and frequencies. Once are comfortable with using them, you will be able to give birth to new sounds that greatly veer away from the conventional melodies that you are hearing.

Also, keep in mind that metal picks like the Dunlop 46RF.51 is quite heavier than their synthetic counterparts. Some might think that this is a disadvantage. However, if you want to have a proper "feel" and control over the pick, it should at least provide weight to your hands. They are not slippery, though, since their surface are molded to a foolproof slip-free capability. Of course, never forget that they are insanely rugged, too.


  • Generates bright sounds
  • Extremely articulate and distinct
  • Doesn't slip away from your hands
  • Ideal for tonal experimentations
  • Longevity is unquestionable


  • The price is fairly high
JIM DUNLOP 46RF.51 Stainless Steel Picks, .51mm, 36/Bag
  • Ultimate in durability
  • Bright, cutting tone
  • Standard shape
  • 51 guage
  • 36 picks

If you want a cool-looking guitar picks that you can use either for your collections or performances, check the Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks. These little beasts have great construction and design. They come in different colors and visual appearances, which makes them very appealing to the eyes. But of course, the sound quality that they can produce is something that you should look forward.

Specifically, this set of guitar picks features the iconic "351 Shape" of Fender. This particular design ensures broader grip for the user while allowing playability to come into motion. The rounded tip of the pick also enables a smooth and audible contact with the strings. Every strike that you make with this pick creates full, clear, and warm sounds. Therefore, it is a great choice for recording applications and live performances.

Just like most of the guitar picks here, the Fender 351 Premium Guitar Picks are made from celluloid. You can always expect the flexibility of the picks. The control and comfort of the picks are also on-point. You will never have a hard time on gripping any of the picks because of their tactile surface.


  • Caters different playing styles
  • Flexible and durable construction
  • Slip-free performance
  • Ideal for well-experienced players
  • Playable and comfortable to use


  • No noticeable drawbacks
Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Picks (12-Pack) Medium Blue Moto Medium
  • Fender's 351 picks give you the feel and wear of quality celluloid and come in the coolest colors
  • 12 per pack
  • Choose thin, medium, or heavy
  • Often called the Fender pick, the 351 shape is the pick most associated with Fender
  • A wider body and a rounded tip have made this pick a favorite with players of every style

It is known that teardrop-shaped guitar picks provide excellent accuracy and control over different playing styles. Of course, there are numerous options for these picks. However, the best one that is within our reach is the Fender 358. The picks themselves are constructed from celluloid, which is a good sign already that they won't let you down. The classic feel that the Fender 358 picks can give is already enough to allure any guitarists out there.

The surface of these picks is notably smooth. When you struck them on your guitar, they are capable of producing a rounded and warm tone. The sound that they create is very amicable to the ears. You won't spot any distortions when playing with these picks. Since the picks are available in different thickness, you can ensure that you can get the tone that you are looking for.

You also don't have to worry about losing your picks anymore. With the Fender 358 Shape Classic Celluloid Picks package, you are getting 72 picks, all at your disposal! Even if you are the clumsiest player out there, you can still guarantee that there is a guitar pick waiting for you. The level of comfort and playability that these picks have are truly fascinating, too!


  • Offers 72 high-quality picks at a price of one
  • Teardrop shape provides better control and accuracy
  • Celluloid material makes the picks durable and flexible
  • Creates warm and full tone
  • Slip-free surface


  • Can wear out quickly
  • Effects are only apparent in acoustic strumming
Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks 358 Shape, Tortoise Shell, Medium, 72-Pack
  • The 358 "tear drop" shape provides additional control and accuracy for certain playing styles
  • Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone
  • Medium gauge picks are ideal for the player looking for a warmer tone of a heavy pick, but the flexibility of a thin pick.
  • Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer
  • Stop worrying about losing picks with this convenient 72-pack

When it comes to durability, I want to assume that the V-Picks Screamer Sapphire Blue Guitar Pick is the best choice. This is due to the unique composition of acrylic and other materials that are used in its construction. The same composition also improves the overall contact of the pick. In short, the pick will always stay in your hands and not somewhere else. Your clumsiness will be out of the picture here.

When it comes to design, I can say that the V-Picks Screamer Sapphire Blue Guitar Pick is pretty unique. It comes with an extended bevel to ensure sharp and bright tonal attacks. The sound clarity and volume of the guitar can also be boosted by this plectrum, too. But since it has a bevel design, you cannot expect that the mids that it can create are as high as standard picks. But if you are just okay with it, then this pick is great for you!

On the other hand, the usability of this guitar pick is pretty ergonomic. It doesn't slip away from your hands, even if they are moist or wet. There is a broad and wide gripping area on its surface which ensures optimal control. Fortunately, the comfort factor was never excluded. This one feels fine to the hands.


  • Extremely rugged and durable
  • Excellent highs and lows
  • Produces clear and distinct tonal attacks
  • Broad surface for gripping
  • Visually appealing


  • Mid frequencies are not its strength

If you want a guitar pick that will never slip away from your hands, you must try the National NP-2-4PK Finger Pick. This one is not your ordinary, day-to-day guitar pick, as it is a wearable version. But should you worry about the fit of the guitar pick on your fingers? I don't think so. You see, the entire pick is made out of the combination of nickel and silver. These two elements are bendable in nature. Therefore, the pick would conform to your fingers conveniently.

The design of the National NP-2-4PK Finger Pick has been patented since 1930. It has been a trusted guitar pick for many guitarists and banjo players alike. The string contact that it can offer you is truly splendid. You will never miss a hit if this gear is already on your fingers.

Of course, you can always be confident with its structural durability. It doesn't rust or corrode. It also has a moderate weight, which allows you to feel every movement that you have. When it comes to comfort, the National NP-2-4PK Finger Picks can be assessed as moderate. They won't choke your fingers. However, there is a chance that you can feel a little stiffness when wearing this pick.


  • Can be molded into the shape of your fingers
  • Rugged and durable
  • Generates highly elaborate sounding
  • It won't slip away from your hands
  • Doesn't wear out easily


  • Can be uncomfortable for some players
National NP-2-4PK Finger Picks - Nickel-Silver - 4 Pack
  • Long-wearing, finest nickel-silver of just the right gauge bends easily to conform to the finger
  • Patented in 1930, these have been the banjo player's "go to" picks for generation after generation
  • Sold in 4 pack
  • To learn more, please see our Product Description below

Choosing the Best Guitar Pick: Considerations

Now that we got our major guitar picks listed and featured, it is the perfect time that we move on to another relevant section of this article. Specifically, I want to give a short but comprehensive discussion when it comes to choosing the right guitar pick.

Knowing all the key factors, the make a plectrum great is a necessary thing for every guitarist out there. After all, you don't want to get a guitar pick that can't gratify your playing requirements. Although picks are not considered as expensive investments, it can still be annoying if you a get a flimsy one. Therefore, you should check out this guide now!


One of the biggest considerations in choosing a guitar pick is the material that is used to make them. By concept and application, the picks would still have a different function and performance even if they are made from the similar material. Therefore, the experience is quite a necessary thing here.

You should be able to distinguish your preferences when it comes to the pick. Obviously, you need to make sure that the pick can fit the overall setup of your rig. However, you can think about this later.

This time, let me introduce some of the most common materials used by guitar pick manufacturers today. The first one is the Tortex. The material was first utilized around the 70s. Tortex can generate moderate impact to the tone, specifically on the mid frequency. But take note that it doesn't cause too much warmth either (a combination of low and mid frequencies). Therefore, this one can provide a well-balanced tone.

Another material that is striking on the market today is celluloid. Commonly used by Fender and Dunlop, the celluloid is a synthetic component that is smooth and flexible. It remains to be one of the most flexible guitar pick material today, due to its rigidity and cost-efficient production. A celluloid guitar pick is notable for producing warm and full tones.

If you want a pure emphasis on the high frequencies, you might want to use a guitar pick made out of Ultem. It is almost similar to the Tortex, but with a higher caliber. It is very durable and sturdy, which enables it to create tight sounds. However, you should remember that Ultem is notoriously slippery.

But for those who want to pursue warmth over any other else, you might want to get nylon picks. They are warmer than celluloid, and that is pretty understandable. After all, the construction that it has is not rigid. Therefore, it becomes responsive and articulate. The only downside that it has is that it tends to make muffled and dark tones.

Of course, you can also explore other picks that are made from metal, wood, and other synthetic materials. Just take note that the density of the pick affects the signal production of the rig. Therefore, you can say that a dense string can generate strong signals to the amp.


Another important factor that determines the performance of a guitar pick is its thickness. Picks that have a .60mm or less can create bright sounds that are perfect for strumming. On the other hand, thick picks (or those that have .80mm measurement or bigger) can produce a warm tone.

With these things in mind, you can say that thick picks are great for taking up the lead. Some would argue that thin picks are better suited for this role. Yes. It is true that thin picks are for yielding bright sound. But on the flipside, they also tend to make the tone thin. They don't strike the strings enough, even if you put your entire muscles into action. But if you can do some tweaks in the equalization, this can be resolved.

Despite these discrepancies, I am not pointing here that a thick pick is better than a thin pick or vice versa. Instead, I am just trying to emphasize the possible functions of a guitar pick depending on its thickness. If you are sticking to a certain playing style, you can already weed out some of the options out there by getting the appropriate guitar pick already.

It is safe to say that thick picks are more versatile than thin guitar picks. But on the other hand, they might be too difficult for amateur and novice players. After all, it is easier to yield a pick with a smaller gauge. But if I were you, just invest in picks that have different thickness. Explore all the possible dynamics out there and see which one do you like the most.

Final Verdict

Having a guitar pick is somehow necessary for a guitar player. If you want to change the tone of your guitar without using an effects pedal, using a guitar pick is a solution. This easy-to-invest amenity is relatively inexpensive and expendable. Therefore, you can already have them even if you are still practicing.

I have listed a myriad of options here for guitar picks. But perhaps, the most outstanding among them are the guitar picks from D'Addario. They are well-made and can produce well-balanced tones, with sound quality that your ears would never regret. They are easy to use, too, and comes in different gauges. Right from the start, I already choose this brand as the best guitar pick.

What are your thoughts about this? Leave all your comments, questions, and suggestions in the box below. Also don't forget to subscribe and hit the like and share buttons, too.


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