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By Monica | Gear

Jun 11
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It is not enough that you have a reliable ax that you can use for your live gigs and performances. In fact, the shopping does not end once you have your guitar already. You will still be shopping different accessories and amenities to improve your setup. And one of the tools that you should get is the best guitar case.

For those who are still oblivious to how this thing, a guitar case acts a safe storage for your rig. You see, it is not sufficient that you have a garage or cabinet in where you can put your instrument. There are instances in where you need to step out from your comfort zone. During these occasions, you cannot expect that you can carry your entire room. On the other hand, a guitar case will act as a portable storage for your guitar, cables, and amps.

In this article, I will be showing you some of the top options that you have for a guitar case. I have been in the constant search for all the guitar gig bags that can accommodate the high-demand needs of your instrument. If you have been looking for a long time already, you might want to consider these following recommendations that I listed. Here are they:


Best Guitar Case Reviews: Complete Rundown

One of the best guitar cases that I ever encountered is the Gator Case Deluxe. This particular unit comes with an ABS surface and another lining of EPS foam that guarantee its durability and rigidity. There is also a plush lining on the interior of the guitar case that secures the safety of your instrument during out-of-town excursions and gigs. Furthermore, the guitar has a heavy-duty aluminum valance as its reinforcement for absolute protection.

Meanwhile, the carry handle of the case has been bolted thoroughly for maximum rigidity. You can be confident to carry the case even if its contents are heavy. The plated patches are lockable for better usability. You can also enjoy the spacious accessory compartment of this bag. Your amps, cables, and other accessories can perfectly fit here. Everything that you put inside this case will be organized.

The Gator Case Deluxe is compatible with different guitar models. However, it is notable that this guitar case is perfectly made for guitars that have Les Paul cutouts. If this doesn't satisfy you, the Gator Case Series also have models for Fender Telecaster, Stratocaster, and Gibson units. They have already covered most of the conventional guitar brands that exist on the market today. All you need are provided here!


  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Spacious compartment
  • Available in different guitar model
  • Comes with accessory compartment
  • Comfortable and tough handle


  • No noticeable drawbacks

Let's take a look at this product...

Gator Cases Transit Series Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag; Tan Exterior (GT-ACOUSTIC-TAN)
  • Weather Resistant Blended Fabric Exterior with Thick Rubber Tread on Bottom of the Bag Prevents Wear
  • 20mm Thick Internal Foam Padding Covered with Plush Micro-Fleece Lining and Adjustable, Removable Three-Point Interior Padding System Protects the Headstock, Neck and Body
  • Large Front Zippered Pocket with Flap, Features G-Hook Buckle and Seatbelt Loops for Multiple Connection Points Allowing You to Fill the Pocket to Capacity and Still Secure It
  • Padded Comfort Grip Carry Handle and Removable, Color Matched Backpack Straps
  • Interior Dims: Body Length: 21" Body Height: 6" Lower Bout Width: 16.5" Middle Bout Width: 13" Upper Bout Width: 13" Overall Length 44".

A majority of us owns a Les Paul guitar. Of course, it is a given scenario. After all, these guitar units have the power to steal the show. They are among the top performing guitars in the entry and mid-level market. Because you want to protect them, you really need to invest in a hard case that is meant for the Gibson Les Paul. Fortunately, there is a durable storage case that Gibson made that you can rely on.

The Gibson Les Paul Hard Case has a rugged construction that can protect the guitar on any condition. It can protect the guitar from the rain and other harmful weather elements. The interiors are cushioned so that the guitar will remain safe and scratch-free. The hardshell case protects the entire instrument from negative impacts, shocks, and other scary forces that can damage its hardware and electronics.

Of course, the ergonomics of the Gibson Les Paul Hard Case is extremely reliable. You can take comfort while carrying this bag because of its cushioned handle. The handle is large enough to fit any hand size. It is also mounted tightly to the case so that it won't snap out accidentally. The location of the handle is placed at the middle portion of the guitar case. In this way, you can always attain balance whenever you are lifting the bag.


  • Perfectly shaped for Gibson Les Paul guitars
  • Durable and sturdy hard case
  • Spacious guitar interior
  • Weight-balancing design
  • Protects your instrument from weather elements


  • Limited use (only for Gibson Les Paul)

Let's take a look at this product...

Gibson Les Paul Hard Case
  • Gibson Gear Logo
  • Durable Hard Case
  • Made exclusively for Gibson Les Paul model guitars

The Ibanez has proven once more that they are can offer some of the best value guitars and guitar accessories on the market today. This was thoroughly highlighted in their Ibanez IAB541MGN POWERPAD Acoustic Guitar Bag. This particular unit offers a variety of colors. This allows you to choose the appropriate model that can match the theme of your instrument and playing style. Furthermore, the entire bag has an aesthetically appealing design. From the get-go, the bag is already lovable.

Despite its entry-level price, the Ibanez IAB541MGN POWERPAD has a tough and resilient construction. It can still offer decent protection to your instrument and accessories. Specifically, the sides and bottom of the bag have a 15-mm thick cushion layer. The cushion provides great protection against impact and shock. It will absorb the negative forces so that your precious rig will never be harmed.

This bag includes four reliable storage pockets. You can use them for storing different accessories and items that you need for your upcoming out-of-town gig. Furthermore, you can also make use of the belts to fully secure the neck of the case. It will prevent the instrument from moving and wobbling inside. There is also an ergonomic handle located on the back side of the bag for easier back-carrying.


  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Securely grips the instrument inside
  • Enables vertical back-carrying
  • Decent durability and ruggedness
  • Comes in different colors


  • Zippers are quite stiff
  • The sides are slightly thin

Let's take a look at this product...

Ibanez IAB541 Powerpad Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag (IAB541MGN)
  • The 541 Power pad series gig bags come in a variety of colors. Choose the one that fits your style
  • Resilient 15mm thick cushion on the bottom and sides of the bag
  • Four convenient storage pockets, giving you more than enough room to store everything you need for your gig
  • The belts that securely grip and brace the neck of your guitar inside the bag
  • The convenient handle on the back side of the 541 Power pad gig bags facilitates easy carrying while keeping the bag vertical

For those who have dreadnought guitars, it is essential that you can invest in this gig bag as well. The Superior CF-1510W Deluxe Guitar Case provides optimal protection and security for your instrument, regardless where you go. It features an arched exterior made from fiberglass. This particular construction ensures that the guitar case, despite being big, is still lightweight. It is a convenient perk, regardless where you look at it.

The case is guaranteed to last long in the field. It has a heavy-duty design with high-strength rubber on its edges. The rubber protects the interior of the case from being invaded by the weather elements. It tightly seals the case whenever you are close it. Meanwhile, the padding of the interiors is extra thick and dense. There is also a velvet lining to ensure that the guitar will be fully safe inside.

The accessory pocket of this guitar case is roomy enough to cater every accessory that your guitar needs. The pocket is durable and perfectly sealed, too. On the other hand, the handle of the Superior CF-1510W Deluxe Guitar Case has been designed with intuitiveness as the major priority. Specifically, the handle is crafted from authentic leather. There is also a detachable and padded shoulder strap if you want to carry the case vertically.


  • Enables different carrying positions
  • Ideal choice for dreadnought guitars
  • Edges provide seamless seals
  • Interiors are padded for better guitar protection
  • Lightweight but durableCons:


  • Susceptible to scratches

Let's take a look at this product...

Superior CF-1510W Deluxe Fiberglass Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case

Superior CF-1510W Deluxe Fiberglass Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case - White
  • Arched fiberglass exterior is designed to be extremely lightweight while giving top maximum protection
  • Heavy duty case is edged with strong rubber that creates a tight, weather resistant seal when closed
  • Dense foam padding and black velvet line the interior and accessory pocket to ensure your guitar remains safe inside
  • Comfortably shaped handle made from quality genuine leather and a removable, webbed nylon, padded shoulder strap
  • To learn more, please see our Product Description below

The Transit Series Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag of the Gator Cases has an impressive design that can protect your guitar, not only from physical impacts but to weather elements as well. This one features a weather-resistant fabric exterior that is integrated on its entire surface. There is also a rubber tread layer that has been placed at the bottom portion of the bag for wear prevention.

The gig bag has a 20-mm thick foam padding on its interior. It is accompanied by a lining made from plush micro-fleece. These components ensure that the interior will be smooth and comfortable for your instrument. It is also notable that the padding system is adjustable so that it can accommodate different guitar styles. This is one of the exemplary selling-points of this gig bag, which is not even found on most of its counterpart.

The Transit Series Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag has a huge front pocket that can be accessed through an ergonomic zipper. This is where you can store your accessories and guitar amenities for your gig. The pocket includes seatbelt and G-hook buckle that can be adjusted for multiple connectivity options You can fill up the pocket and still ensure that it can be secured and sealed. Meanwhile, the handle is large and padded properly for extreme comfort and control.


  • Impressive weather-resistance
  • Adjustable interior straps
  • Features backpack straps
  • Large front pocket for accessories
  • Padded interiors for guitar protection and comfort


  • The flap feature of the front pocket is not that usable
  • Back straps are somehow flimsy (but they are replaceable)

Let's take a look at this product...

Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Les Pauls Guitars,Black
  • Rugged Impact-resistant ABS plastic exterior for premium durability
  • Extra-strength handle offers a comfortable and secure grip
  • Heavy-duty aluminum valances reinforced the overall strength to the case
  • Eps foam with plush lining protects your guitar from scratches | Internal Storage Compartment for picks, capo, tuner and other small accessories
  • Interior Dimensions: Body Length 18.5", Body Height 3.5", Lower Bout Width 13.2"/33.52 cm, Middle Bout Width 7.6"/19.30 cm, Upper Bout Width 9.4"/23.87 cm, Overall Length 41.7"/105.91 cm

If you have a Stratocaster or a Telecaster and in dire need of a rugged bag, the Fender Deluxe Molded ABS Guitar Case is the best choice for you. This guitar case has a military-grade polyethylene exterior shell that has been ATA molded for extreme durability and sturdiness. It can protect your instruments from any harmful impact and elements, regardless of where you are. It can efficiently negate shocks, enabling your guitar to be scratch and dent-free all the time.

The center locking latch of this storage case has been TSA-approved. This means the latch has an excellent sturdiness and accessibility. The speed of disengaging the latch is just the same as the speed of locking it. Meanwhile, the EPS protective foam on the interior of the bag further improves the protection that your instrument receives. There is also polyester plush that has been integrated on the case for enhanced shock absorption capabilities.

The base of the Fender Deluxe Molded ABS Guitar Case has a polyethylene construction. It enables the feet to manage and balance out the weight of the entire case and its content. You can freely drop the case anywhere and expect that the guitar and all of the accessories will remain intact. Overall, this guitar case from Fender can ensure that your precious cargo can arrive at your destination safely and with no damages.


  • Features interior straps for your guitar cases
  • Ensures stable transportation process
  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Comes with multiple padding and cushioning to keep your guitar safe
  • Efficient shock absorption capabilities


  • Slightly bulky and heavy

Let's take a look at this product...

Fender Stratocaster Hard Case with TSA Lock, Telecaster Guitar Case, Deluxe Molded, Black
  • Polyethylene Shell: Molded ATA military-grade polyethylene shell provides protection.
  • Plush Interior: Center pocket stores guitar or bass.
  • Black Powder Coat: TSA-approved locking center latch.
  • Custom Fit: Protective foam interior fits most Strat and Teles.
  • 1 Year Limited Warranty: Fender guarantees quality for one year.

In "Case" You Need This

Some of you are only excited about getting a good ax. As long as you can play smashing records and ear-soothing tones, you are already satisfied. But that should not be the case at all. It is necessary that your instrument should come with a guitar case or gig bag. If it doesn't, then your precious guitar will never last long, especially if you are a nomad player.

There are a lot of external factors that can affect the quality of your guitar. Among these are the physical impacts that can be caused by accidental drops and blows. Atmospheric elements such as the temperature, heat, and rain can also reduce the state of the hardware and electronics of the guitar.

You might not always take out your guitar for a walk. But certainly, there will come the point in where you have to do this. If you let the instrument be bare while you are outside, there's no guarantee what kind of demise that it will encounter there. As much as possible, you have to keep the guitar inside of a guitar case or gig bag. They can ensure that your guitar will have a portable housing while you are traveling.

Typically, guitar cases are crafted from heavy-duty fabric (e.g., ballistic nylon) and foam on the interiors. The fabric forms the exterior while the foam serves as the bed of the instrument. However, there are still a lot of variations when it comes to the construction of a guitar case.

Meanwhile, other guitar cases are in the form of hardshell. They are far more durable than the conventional gig bags. They offer protection and longevity, too. But on the downside, hardshell cases are bulky and heavier than their fabric-crafted counterparts.

How to Carry a Guitar Case

You will always have the freedom on how you should carry your guitar case. As long as you are convenient with it, there should be no problem. But if you want to fully secure your rig, then do the following guidelines:

The first thing that you need to do is to ensure that the zipper or the lid is facing your body. This is an assumption that you are carrying the case on your back. This method ensures that the guitar will not land to the ground if the case accidentally disengages. Instead, the guitar will hit your back, which gives you a short time allowance to catch your precious instrument.

Of course, the zipper or latches of a guitar case doesn't open without notice. However, it is still in the realms of possibility. Therefore, I recommend that you should follow this approach and make it as a habit. Who knows? It might be able to save your expensive property one of these days.

What to Look for The Best Guitar Case

Regardless of the type of guitar case or gig bag that you have, it is important to consider its weight. Specifically, it should not be too heavy or light. A light guitar case means that it was constructed out flimsy materials. On the other hand, a guitar case that is too bulky will be a cumbersome load. Carrying it will never be an ergonomic choice and will just burden your body instead of making it comfortable.

It is also essential to note that the guitar case should not emit a "wooden" texture. There is a good possibility that it is crafted out from a laminate material. The latter might appear sturdy, but it is not. It is susceptible to cracks and breakages. Touring guitar players will never benefit from these kinds of guitar cases.

Also, it is pretty crucial to go for a guitar case that comes with a tight sealing. Most of the time, the seams, and gaps of premium guitar cases are sealed with rubber. The reason for this is simple. The tiny spaces in the guitar case can become the entry point of water and dust. These elements are definitely harmful to the structure and electronics of the instrument, even to your guitar accessories.

Warping and cracking of parts can usually happen if the guitar is not protected from the sudden changes in the temperature. Humidity and moisture can also cause these incorrigible damages. If the guitar case is not properly sealed, you can expect that your instrument will be soon become unusable.



The best guitar case should come with a price. There's nothing that should surprise you about that. That's why it is important to reconsider the reason why you need to invest a guitar case. Just like I said earlier, all of us will need a guitar case sooner or later. Transporting your guitar without a proper storage bag is plainly dumb.

But at the same time, the frequency of your gigs and live performances can also dictate the quality of the guitar case that you should get. For those who rarely go outside to pay, getting an entry-level guitar bag is already acceptable. As long as the case has decent construction and portability, nothing should go wrong.

However, if you own a guitar that has a market value of $1000 or more, then it is appropriate to invest in high-quality guitar cases. Make sure that the gigging bag should have enough durability and ruggedness to protect your instrument from getting damaged during the trip. Accidents do happen. Clumsy handling and bumpy roads can crack down the parts of your guitar. A flimsy guitar case can never fend off these dangers. But I am pretty sure that those rugged models of gig bags can sure do.

Final Verdict

A guitar case may not appear as a necessary amenity for your setup. But if you truly care for your investment, this item is necessary. Even if you are not a touring artist or gigging player, a guitar case will still be valuable. It can protect your beloved rig whenever you take it to short excursions or neighbor's house.

Of course, getting the best guitar case is still necessary. Even if your budget is quite limited, this should not stop you from getting the appropriate guitar bag for you. There are a variety of options for this, and I have included some of them here. Among them, the most notable ones are the Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case and the Superior CF-1510W Deluxe Guitar Case. You can ensure that your guitar will remain safe and cozy while inside these storage cases.

In the end, I am still hoping that you learned a thing or two about guitar cases here. If you have some questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below!


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