Who Makes Keith Urban Guitars: The Surprising Answer

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Mar 24
who makes keith urban guitars

Keith Urban is one of the newest lines of guitar in the music world today. Well, it is not exactly the newest. However, it is definitely among the guitar units that anyone wants to get. So, it is a curious question to anyone as to who makes Keith Urban guitars, isn’t it?

For that question, it is safe to say that it is Keith Urban himself who supervises the creation of the guitars. But does he receive help from specific group or company? If yes, then who? We will find out all about that later!

In this article, we will discuss the nature of this unique guitar brand shortly. Moreover, we will also include the reasons why this guitar should be present in your arsenal. So what are you waiting for? Read on!


All About Keith Urban Guitars

who makes keith urban guitars

There is no doubt that Keith Urban is among the most celebrated guitarists today. Specifically, he is paving the new roads for today's contemporary country genre. He is a player who embraced the elements of different music. With his intricate understanding of music, he was able to make it to the pinnacle.

It is undeniable that Keith Urban is an attractive person. In fact, you should know that this guy is married to Hollywood's most cherished star, Nicole Kidman. But despite the limelight from the showbiz industry, it was still music that gave popularity to Urban.

Because of his success, starting with his stint in Ranch in the 90s down to his solo albums, many adored Keith Urban. We all know that most of you are familiar with the songs "Only You Can Love This Way" and "Sweet Thing." All of these are creations of Urban. We can even say that this article won't be enough to surmise his accolades.

Meanwhile, check out this video about Keith Urban himself! 

For those who are following his playing styles, having the guitars he personally designed is something of an avantage. Of course, we are referring to the Keith Urban guitars. But are they really worth getting? And who really made them?

Who Makes Keith Urban Guitars

Who Makes Keith Urban Guitars

At this point, it is important to highlight that the Keith Urban Guitars are limited edition. It is unclear if whether Urban is planning to make the guitar to become a regular in the industry. If that's the case, then we can see an expansion of his product shortly.

If you look at all the Keith Urban Guitars in music stores and online retailers, you can notice that there is no information regarding their manufacturer. Many became curious about it since these guitars have astounding performance. Did Ibanez, Fender, or Epiphone take part in the creation of these guitars? None can actually confirm that.

However, we guarantee that Keith Urban himself is the one who supervised the manufacturing of these guitars. Had it not been for him, these guitars would be only as good as those ordinary electric acoustic guitars.

Specifically, Keith Urban designed these guitars. From the tonewood down to the construction of the fretboard, it was all him. Moreover, it is good to note that these guitars are hand-crafted. Therefore, you can say that Keith Urban Guitars can produce natural and bright sounds that are iconic to authentic acoustic guitars.

At this point, it is not wrong to say that Urban himself makes the guitars. But it would be illogical if we assume that no people are helping him. In fact, it is safe to say that there is a collaboration between Urban and other key players in the guitar industry.

Of course, this is so intriguing considering that the name of the manufacturer is important in the guitar industry. But until Keith does not hint anything, we will just remain oblivious.

Are Keith Urban Guitars Good

Who Makes Keith Urban Guitars

When it comes to acoustic guitars, we can say that the "Keith Urban" brand is a new player. However, it doesn't mean that you can ignore them easily. That would be a wrong move. The mere fact these guitars are limited edition, there has to be a reason to get them. Aside from being "signature brand" instruments, Keith Urban Guitars also possess excellent qualities.

When it comes to application, we can say that these guitars are perfect for beginners. Urban even said that these units are ideal for those who want to learn how to play the guitar.

Currently, there are three variants of the Keith Urban Collection. Specifically, they are the ukelele, amateur, and the standard one. The composition of these guitars is excellent as well. With the combination of plastic, wood, and metal hardware, we can say that these units are pretty durable.

Another thing that you should love about Keith Urban Collection is that they come in a set. By a single price, you will get the following:

  • Keith Urban Guitar  
  • Guitar case (made from faux leather)
  • 15-watt guitar amplifier (patented by Urban himself)
  • 9 feet guitar cable 
  • Metal capo
  • Keith Urban Guitar Picks
  • String replacement sets
  • Various instruction manuals
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In fact, these amenities are not the only things you can get if you buy the Keith Urban Collection. But do not think that these guitars are expensive. It is the opposite. Specifically, these instruments have entry-grade prices. Therefore, your money won't go down the drain if you choose these guitars.


As we mentioned earlier, no particular company or group are directly related to the creation of Keith Urban Guitars. All we know right now is that Keith Urban has personal involvement on the makings of these instruments.

Despite the anonymity of the manufacturer, Keith Urban Guitars still deserve the limelight in the guitar industry. It is among the guitar brands that any guitar geeks must include in their collection!

Of course, this is not some promotional stuff. We do not even dare to start a marketing pitch in this article. However, we just want to state the fact that Keith Urban guitars are good. We tested them already, and we concluded that they are not your ordinary instruments.

Yes, they are ideal for amateurs. But at the same time, you can use them on recordings and live performances as well! In short, these guitars are really versatile!

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