Ukulele Sizes: From The Smallest To The Biggest

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Jun 11
ukulele sizes

You cannot just simply label all ukuleles as small. That's pretty inappropriate. You have to know that ukuleles can be categorized by their sizes. Of course, it is essential for you to know them because you have to choose which ukulele size is the right one for you.

Since their inception, ukuleles have been gradually striving in the market. At first, they are barely taken into account. But in just a few years, they were able to reach the mainstream. You can even find these instruments being played on popular music and genres. That's a beautiful thing, considering that this instrument has a regional origin and purpose. It seems that the Pacific and Caribbean spirits have won over the world.

Ukuleles, just like guitars, are not intimidating instruments. One of the reasons for this is because of its given size. Anyone will get allured playing it because it is small and will not become a burden to your body. Even a child can play it conveniently.

Despite its simple construction, ukulele can still deliver mesmerizing and fascinating sounds. It can become the lead instrument, and it can be used to make the mix more complex and wonderful.If you are interested in playing the ukulele, you should consider its size first. You have to deal with this matter first before you learn the basic techniques and practices. I created this guide so that those who want to understand this aspect will not go empty-handed. Let's get started!


Ukulele Sizes

ukulele sizes

Soprano Ukulele

If you are looking for the smallest possible ukulele, better get a soprano. This type of ukulele is the most common variant of ukulele nowadays. It is has a size that is smaller than guitars that are meant for kids.

Well, using a soprano ukulele has certain perks. Since they are small, they tend to be lighter. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for nomad players or individuals who are always on the go. Moreover, they are playable even by children, without the latter encountering any difficulties. The action of this ukulele is light. You don't have to strain your fingers before you can start fretting.

But of course, the greatest advantage of choosing a soprano ukulele is the price. The construction of this instrument is not that expensive. When it is sold, it is not usually placed in a high-value market. Most of the time, it remains in the entry-level category, which can become appealing for beginners.

Despite all these selling points, small ukuleles do have disadvantages. If you are a player with large hands, dealing with a ukulele with a short neck is quite challenging. Furthermore, the range of soprano ukuleles is pretty limited. They are not as dynamic as other ukulele sizes. It is also notable that the tension of their strings is weak. Therefore, they are susceptible from being bent, causing alterations of the tune.

Concert Ukulele

Slightly bigger than a soprano ukulele, a concert ukulele tends to be a decent option for versatility. It has a good tone range, making it applicable to many genres and music styles.

Concert ukuleles are also called alto ukuleles. Their tuning pattern is quite similar to soprano ukuleles. They can serve beginners correctly because of their given simplicity and size. You can benefit from this type of ukulele if you have practiced the soprano ukulele adequately. It is also the next stepping stone for players who are following a proper education in ukulele.

The price of a concert ukulele is almost the same as a soprano ukulele. Therefore, investing in this thing would not be too heartbreaking on your part. You just have to understand that a little investment can result in a massive leap in your affinity in playing the ukulele.

The chief difference between a concert ukulele and soprano ukulele is the size of their neck. Specifically, the neck of a concert ukulele is more extensive than its little counterparts. You can still hear the distinct bright sounds of a soprano ukulele to a concert ukulele. But this time, you can play it conveniently because of its wider neck. Take note that there are more notes that are present in a concert ukulele than a soprano.

Tenor Ukulele

A tenor ukulele is an upsized version of a concert ukulele. Their difference in size is quite apparent, so you should never be confused no matter what.

Because they have a large scale and body, tenor ukulele became the most preferred options of many ukulele players. It can produce a warm tone, which is excellent for various genres. Many people also desire the large and long body of this instrument because it is quite similar to guitars. Therefore, if you are transitioning guitar player, you might want to consider getting a tenor ukulele.

It is also indicated that the fourth string of a tenor ukulele (the one that has the low "D") can be stringed via linear tuning. However, you have to ready your pocket if you want to get this type of ukulele. The bigger the ukulele size, the more you have to spend. But that's okay. If you want to improve the diversity of your skills and proficiency in this instrument, upgrades are essential.

Baritone Ukulele

The last and the largest ukulele that exists today is the baritone. Because it has a large body, the sound it produces is thick and dark. It deviates from the iconic sound that a ukulele should produce. After all, the tuning of this instrument is quite lower than all of its small counterparts.

Take note that the method of tuning the four strings of a baritone ukulele is similar to the tuning method being implemented on the lower four strings of guitars. Such nuance blurs the line between the two stringed instruments. Adding to this, the string spacing of baritone ukuleles are almost the same as classical guitars. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for fingerpicking.

Learning the baritone ukulele is easy, especially if you know how to play the guitar already. That's one of its significant advantages. On the other hand, I can't think of any drawbacks for a baritone, except that it might be too big for small players.


Now that you know all the ukulele sizes, you can already decide which ukulele to get. You have to mind your preferences and your physical built so that you can make the right decision. But regardless of the technicalities, it would still be great if you can invest in all of these options.

Did you learn from this article? If you have questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section. I'll be waiting!


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