Top Tips On How To Grow Your Spotify Presence As An Artist

By Monica | Guitar Care

Jan 16

1. Use Spotify For Artists

To break out on Spotify, it is important to submit your songs as an artist. Though you will not receive a response on making a submission, you can be sure that it will be seen. Spotify reviews thousands of song releases on a daily basis and you must stand out to gain their attention. If you are not featured in MINT on your first day, it is no reason to fret or give up. Instead, remain focused and tenacious in your efforts. The best way to catch the attention of Spotify is to feature on Curator Playlists.

One of the best ways to create a stronger presence as an artist, promote your hams and breakthrough in the industry is to gain popularity on curator playlists. To get your jams featured on curator playlists, you can start by checking out some of the top 10 playlist curators where you can submit your songs for free that we have compiled for you.

Additionally, remember that our team of curators is always on prowl for new jams that we can add to our Spotify Playlists. Should you have a jam, new song release or EP that you think would be perfect for one of our playlists, feel free to submit them to your playlist of choice on our submissions page.

2. Consider Creating Your Own Playlist

You do not have to wait until you are featured on other playlists! One of the simplest and best ways to gain followers and increase your music streams is to create your own playlist. Apply creativity and manage your playlists around the tracks you release. The best thing about having your own playlists is that it allows you to trade your music with other playlist curators, share your jams and at the same time increase your Spotify presence. There is no way you can lose by creating your own playlist.

3. Build Your Brand Image

It is imperative that you have a strong image for your brand on both Spotify and social media platforms. A strong brand name allows you to build your identity and showcase your tracks. Ensure that you get verification as an artist on Spotify and then complement your profile with a dope picture. You can buy Spotify plays to boost your profile when you are starting out.

4. Get in Touch with Music Blogging Sites

Get in Touch with Music Blogging Sites

It is important to keep in mind that your jams won’t become an instant hit to thousands of fans from day one. It is therefore best that you reach out to new audiences and convert them into loyal fans. The best way to do this is to have your tracks featured on a music blog. This way, your music will no doubt get spotted by people who like the genre of music you create. For example, on SumbitHub, you can create a great promotion package that incorporates your song, bio, press shots and a press release.

5. Support the Work of Fellow Artists

Sharing music helps immensely. Do not be shy about sharing tracks by other artists and letting them know that you are sharing their content at the same time. It is also good to follow artists who produce jams that you like as it enables your fans to understand the types of music that you like.

6. Approach Music Labels

Most record labels today have playlists on Spotify. To enhance your success, consider contacting multiple record labels using their social media handles, email or their Spotify submission links. Contacting record labels helps you establish a good working relationship with these entities. You can get your songs featured in their playlists and also get signed up for your next release.

7. Promote Your Tracks Through Email

Your mailing list can be a very valuable tool in promoting your jams. With time, your mailing list is bound to grow as you use it to promote your jams. You can encourage people in your mailing list by offering exclusive offers such as pre-save on Spotify, an alternate to the jam you are releasing or by making exclusive announcements through email.


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