Top Favorite Music Instruments for the Best Musician

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Apr 18
Top Favorite Music Instruments for the Best Musician

Music has proved to be the best therapies of the mind and soul whenever we feel too much pressure from the daily challenges we encounter. At times, we use music to express our deepest feelings towards our friends and relatives we treasure dearly.

But have you wondered what makes music so soothing? The music instrument used in any music adds that fine soothing touch that you enjoy so much. The music instrument adds more meaning to the words being uttered by the artist thus capturing your attention and taking you to yet another world.

There are common instruments you will notice from the best musicians. You will observe that these instruments feature in almost all their songs and they have developed a unique technique to bring the best beats from the instruments. In this review, I am going to highlight the top five favorite music instruments you will get with any top musician.


Electrical Guitar

I am yet to see any top musician who distances themselves from this amazing musical instrument. This music instrument has a solid body and uses amps together with pick-ups to come up with an irresistible sound that is very clear and audible. I think the reason this instrument has become such a darling to many top musicians is the fact that it is very flexible due to the portable cable and it’s lightweight.

In addition, this instrument allows the musician to play music from diverse genres ranging from rock, jazz, classical and blues just to mention but a few. What is more, as an artist, you can create your own style and sound from this music instrument.


When I was in my sweet 15, I pleaded with my dad to take me to music class just to learn this instrument. I would sit all day and listen to someone play the piano for me; I just can't help but love it. This instrument is among the top five favorite instruments for best musicians.

You play this instrument by pressing the keys on the piano keyboard rhythmically and besides producing the musical sound, the instrument makes you feel engaged and part of the music. The instrument is simple and interesting to learn and play.

And Piano is not just about playing simple songs with melodies. If you want to become a professional piano player then make sure that you learn to play with both hands. You should give special attention to playing chords as well, because chords are the best thing about a Piano. They can make any boring song exciting.


This instrument not only is it common with the best musicians but also with the audience. Most of us the first instrument that clicks to mind when we hear of music is none other than the drums. Drums are a top consideration for best musicians since they produce rhythmical beats to every piece of music. These beats are always clear and audible thus capture the audience attention making them connect with the music. Most of us actually find ourselves nodding to the beats of the drums before getting to hear what the musician was singing about. The art of playing the drum set fascinates the audience and keep them attentive wanting to see the next hit.


When I first encountered this music instrument, the aspect that caught my eye was the visual appeal from the artistic design. Little did I imagine that the music instrument would blow my mind when played! The saxophone is made of brass and you play it through the single-reed mouthpiece which is similar to the one you find in a clarinet.

The best musicians associate with the music instrument because when played, the saxophone gives very distinct and beautiful beats that work magic to the ears. You will be eager to hear more of it throughout the music. It is worth noting that this instrument can play different genres of music from jazz to rock.


This is the best instrument to bring out that romantic and sensational feeling from your audience. That is why most top musician will want to have this instrument at their disposal. The violin is made from wooden strings that produce very high-pitched sound. In fact, it is the highest-pitched instrument you will encounter.

You cannot help but like the artistic design of this music instrument in addition to the fact that it is small in size making it very flexible and portable. This instrument is the perfect accompaniment for heavy music, hip hop which happens to be my favorite, Dracula music, and melodic metal music. This explains why it is a top choice for any best musician around the universe.


Producing the best music requires one to identify the right music instrument. This will help you in capturing the attention of your audience and make them part of your music. Any good music instrument will make the audience connect to your music thus they are able to flow and draw meaning from it.

The top music instruments as seen have one thing in common; they all produce very clear, well-pitched, audible sounds and have an artistic design which brings a visual appeal. If you consider yourself a top musician, I am certain you concur with me that these are among the top choice instruments for you any day. For upcoming musicians, I recommend you get to learn how to play these music instruments and you will see the magic.


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