Tips for Moving a Piano

By Monica | Guitar Care

Jan 09
Tips for Moving a Piano

So you have decided to do a little DIY moving your piano. Such a great idea. How hard can the be? Pianos are usually expensive, fragile, heavy, delicate, and a sentimental item that is irreplaceable, and there is a good chance it is a centerpiece of your living room. You have to think about this because you have a back that will not hold up when stressed too much.

Professional movers have the experience of moving pianos, and this is why it is a good idea to call them so they can come and help you in moving it.

If you have decided to do it on your own without professional help, then you need to know;

Moving a piano is about weight (distribution)

Pianos are heavy but in a special way. The top is heavy, while the legs are light and very delicate. It is important to understand the weight distribution of a piano if you want to successfully move it because you have to make sure it is balanced when moving. You don’t want your piano to be dented or scratched in the process, and your mind will be actively trying its best to prevent such a thing from happening. If the piano tips over on you or the other people helping you move it, then it can easily result in injury. This is why you need to know how heavy the piano is before you start moving it.

Teamwork is important

Moving a piano will require at least four people. Two people will be there to lift and the other two will handle the equipment and guide you along the corners and into the moving truck. The more people you can get to help you, the better it will be. You are going to need as much help as possible.

Prepping yourself (and your team too)

Make sure you and your team wear comfortable sneakers and clothes and avoid wearing long and dangly jewelry or accessories. The accessories can easily get tangled to the piano, which is not something you want happening.

Prepping your piano

There is professional gear that will be needed when moving a piano. It is important to have heavy-duty furniture straps because it will make the process of lifting and carrying a little easier and safer. You will also need to have two furniture dollies to be used on flat surfaces to roll the piano. It is not a good idea to roll your piano for more than a few inches, even if it has metal casters. It is a good idea to take the legs apart so you can separately move them. You also need heavy blankets to use in wrapping around the body of the piano then secure them using some moving tape. have the lid closed and locked then stuff the blanket inside so it can provide extra protection. Tape a blanket over the lid if it doesn’t lock.

The actual moving…

Your top priority is maintaining balance because it minimizes the risks of interior damage. Each person needs to be on lifting duty holding on one side of the piano then under either side a furniture doll, then rolling the piano gently. If the piano needs to be moved up or downstairs, then it is important to hire professionals because it can easily end up damaging your piano, and this is not worth the risk. If there are bumps to go over, just do it one at a time. If the piano has to be rolled up the ramp, start with the bass keys side (left) because it tends to be the heavier side.

Moving Truck Tetris

The safest and best place to have the piano is deep inside the truck, which means you have to load it first before anything else. Place many boxes around it to provide support and have items around to keep it snug. When driving, the last thing you need is a piano that keeps moving. Before loading the piano, ensure you have items that you are going to use to secure it.

The new home

When moving to a new home, Vector Movers NJ advise that you know where the piano is going to be placed before unloading it from the truck. The best spot is somewhere that has enough room where two people can play it, and a little space where sing-alongs can sit. Placing it near an inner wall is going to protect from mold, moisture, and cold air. Your piano is going to need some tuning after moving, but it is a good idea to wait before calling a piano tuner. It takes about a month for a piano to settle in the new environment, which makes it a good idea to wait before having it tuned. There is no need to tune your piano then having to do the same thing after a month or two.

Getting movers

While the idea of doing it yourself might seem great, keep in mind you are moving a piano and not a three-seater. If you hire movers, tip them well because they have skillfully done an excellent job.


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