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5 Ways To Record Best Acoustic Guitar Sound
May 24

5 Ways To Record Best Acoustic Guitar Sound

By Monica | News

There are multiple acoustic instruments in the world today, with the acoustic guitar being the frontline. Despite the nature of their sound, these instruments are still versatile as they can be used with various musical genres like country and rock.

Due to their extensive popularity, recording acoustic instruments is already a standard. The acoustic tone simply holds a significance. It is distinct and standout in the mix. The prowess and beauty of the acoustic sound further radiate if you are playing solo.

Today, it is not difficult anymore to find a good acoustic guitar. Even at the entry-level category, you can already see high-quality acoustic tools that would not shy off in any competition. But that's just half of the story. Honestly, the most crucial part of producing a flawless mix is capturing the acoustic sound properly.

Traditionally, recording sounds are just done with the help of a microphone and a mono signal. You just have to put the microphone near the musical device and you are good to go. Meanwhile, some other instances require the instrument to occupy the majority of the stereo field. These approaches are viable. But there are factors that can prevent you from doing so.

For example, pianos and drums possess an organic and authentic stereo field. This is due to their given burly size and the volume and depth of the sound they produce. Therefore, it is completely understandable if a piano will be panned depending on the perspective of the player. The high notes are situated on the right and low notes on the left part.

These factors have taught us that recording acoustic instruments can be done through different means. Here are some of them.

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