The Secret Chord That Makes Pop Music Sound Happy

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Dec 20
The Secret Chord That Makes Pop Music Sound Happy

Music has been a significant part of every individual's life right from the beginning. The style, type, lyrics, and instruments may vary from time to time, but the need of it has always been constant. It acts as a therapy and is a thing that helps you overcome stress and tension. It is a feeling of love and affection. Nowadays music is getting to a new level. Music has been given much importance globally. The most famous instruments of music include thebass compressor pedal and the DJ controller. Everyone loves music but there are some who not only make it their passion but also take it along as their career. Due to this very reason, they need proper guidance and help.


One of the biggest revolutions in music is the pop music. Pop music is the music played simultaneously with the usage of a guitar. There are many types of pop music. Many musicians perform pop music with a hard core pitch while others do appreciate slow music. To get into the rhyme and rhythm of this type of music is very difficult because you have to perform two tasks back to back. Playing guitar is fine but singing along the flow of its audio is very difficult. So to have a great time with pop music and to play the music easily you must undergo some factors.

Classical guitar

Classical guitar is the latest type of a guitar. It is a modern-day guitar which can help you get to the point of satisfaction. This guitar can produce high and low notes according to the requirements with much ease. It is easy to handle, and the chords are safer and smoother to grip. For people with less finance Classical guitar under $1000 is the perfect equipment.

Decrease the usage of one thing when the other is under use

In pop music, the two important gestures are playing guitar and singing. While you are singing, you may decrease the pace or even avoid playing guitar. This will help you concentrate more frequently on your voice rather than the guitar.

There is a certain time when high notes of guitars are required. The usage of the guitar is focused at the start and the middle of the song. In this time you must avoid singing to make the song trendier. It can even help you remain smooth with your focus upon playing guitar.

Secret chord that makes pop music sound happy

In a guitar, the accessory which helps you create a sound is known as a chord. There are several chords in a common guitar. Each chord has its representation. Every chord produces a different type of sound with a specific pitch.

The seventh chord or the seventh string of the guitar helps you achieve the pianist type sound. This sound is perfect for pop music. If your emphasis on a single chord of a guitar it can be helpful to achieve a consistent tone and can be played very easily.

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