Mandolin Vs. Guitar: Which Is The Easiest To Play

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Apr 07
Mandolin Vs Guitar

There is a huge difference between a mandolin and a guitar. Although both of these are stringed instruments, their characteristics and applications belong to different worlds. In this article, you will show you how to distinguish one from the another. Mandolin vs. guitar. Who would win? Let us find out.


Mandolin vs. Guitar: Which Is The Easier To Play

Honestly, you should never confuse a guitar like a mandolin. The same applies vice-versa. The specific question that we should tackle here is which between the instruments is the easier to play. After all, choosing one instrument to master would be convenient to your part.

Now, it is also important to highlight the qualities and structure of these instruments. It would be difficult to differentiate a mandolin from a guitar if we don't know the particular qualities. But don't worry. It is not as troublesome as what other people might think.

So let's get started.


mandolin vs guitar

The Basics

We all know that a guitar has a lot of diversity. It is also the most favorite instrument of all times. Many people are eager to learn it. But only a handful are able to take the game to the next level.

Of course, it doesn't matter if you are playing an acoustic or electric guitar. The playing technique and pattern are just the same.

Moreover, don't forget that there is also the nylon string type of guitar. The latter is commonly used in classical genres. That's the biggest reason why we don't see them too much these days. However, if you know how to play the guitar already, then you can learn this instrument quickly.

Distinct Qualities of a Guitar

One of the distinct nuances of a guitar is its neck. Specifically, every manufacturer produces different types of neck width. Do you want a flat-pick or a finger-pick guitar? Only you can answer such questions. At the end of the day, your preference is still important in choosing this instrument.

Also, it is important to remember the materials used in a guitar will affect its overall sound. Therefore, you might need a guitar with heavy strings if you are into metal and rock and roll. But if you like blues and country songs, then you should choose a guitar with light strings.

General Role of a Guitar

Overall, it is undeniable that a guitar is an essential instrument for creating rhythm. The mix would not be complete without the harmony that only a guitar can provide. If you aspire to learn how to create beats, then you should learn how to strum properly. Moreover, changing chords is a vital skill, too.

Difficulties in Playing Guitar

Meanwhile, we can say that the chord structure of a guitar is more complex than a mandolin and banjo. The reason for this is the number of strings that a guitar has. The more the strings, the more chords that you need to learn.

Therefore, you might spend a lot of time to learn the chords before the actual playing techniques. Once you can master playing rhythms, you will be able to take lead roles as well.

Moreover, you also also learn the different techniques on playing a guitar. Strumming is just the basic. Later on, you will encounter the complexities of plucking, string-bending and so forth. Of course, these are learnable skills once your hands are already accustomed to the rhythm.

If that day comes, you might be able to follow the tracks of Eric Clapton or Tony Rice. It is not a far-fetched dream anyway. Just learn the scales on the fingerboard, and you are already on your way.


mandolin vs guitar

The Basics

Mandolins come in different varieties, too. Each region of the world has unique versions for this instrument. Most of the time, people use it to play jazz, classical, and bluegrass genre. Sometimes, you can hear it on Irish and Celtic songs.

Difficulties in Playing the Mandolin

The mandolin is relatively smaller than a guitar. But do not let its size be the reason you underestimate this instrument. Being small doesn't mean that it is easy to learn and play. In fact, it is quite opposite.

Specifically, the mandolin comes with left-hand and right-hand techniques. You need to master each of the technicalities before you are able to play the mandolin properly. Fortunately, if you are familiar with stringed instruments, it won't be a problem to your part. After all, hand techniques are common to guitar and banjo as well.

When you study the mandolin, you will also encounter the terms "cross-picking," "chops," and "tremolo." These techniques are quite essential so that you can fully maximize the capacity of this instrument. Moreover, you need to practice with them on a daily basis. Otherwise, your mind (and fingers) would forget them eventually.

If you want to learn the mandolin, then you should accustom your fingers in holding double strings. It is a not an easy task. Furthermore, the frets of the mandolin are too narrow. Therefore, if you have a large set of fingers, then that's a big problem.

However, people with tiny fingers might encounter problems when playing the mandolin. As we mentioned earlier, your fingers need to hold two strings simultaneously. That's not an easy job if your fingers are too small.

The Few Advantages

When it comes to the scale, the mandolin has a better layout compared to a guitar. At some point, you might say that it just depends on the song. But in general structure, the mandolin scale possesses simplicity. But the chords are still difficult to play.

Final Verdict

The battle of mandolin vs. guitar would never end. As long as people will have their respective preference, bias to either of the instruments will always be prevalent. There are some aspects in which a guitar may be more convenient than a mandolin. The same applies to the opposite.

You should know that music is not a simple art. There is a need for you to understand different concepts before you will be able to hear those sweet sounds. But the most important thing here is your passion. Once you have it, you can tackle any challenges along the way.

Did you learn from this article? Which instrument do you think is the easier to learn? Comment your answers in the box down below!

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