10 of Linkin Park Greatest Hits (A Commemoration For Chester Bennington)

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Jul 24
linkin park greatest hits

June 20, 2017, was a sad day for Linkin Park fans. In fact, the term sad is an understatement to many of its followers. It was the day that Chester Bennington, the frontman of the legendary band, committed suicide at his home in Palos Verdes Estates, California.

Chester Bennington

The passing of Bennington almost marked the end of the rock era. But of course, it doesn't mean that LP will break up anytime sooner. As long as their hits from their iconic albums like "Meteora" and "Hybrid Theory" are still on the airwaves, the band will still carry on.

Of course, there is a lot of LP songs that are worth the accolades. Unfortunately, all of them will also make us remember Bennington, as his earth-shattering voice is ubiquitous. Well, we just have to bear with such kind of nostalgia.

LP has given us many wonderful singles, which transcended various genres. They are among the most versatile bands out there, who dared to shift from NU metal to electronic rock. Specifically, here are the Linkin Park greatest hits that you should start listening right now.


Linkin Park Greatest Hits

1. Breaking the Habit

When Meteora was released on 2003, "Breaking the Habit" was among the most anticipated tracks already. It was actually Mike Shinoda (co-vocalist of Bennington) that did the instrumentals for this song, which gives off a thrilling and aggressive vibe. In fact, this song was the last piece that they included on the album. But nobody expected it would become an immortal track as it is today. Bennington has his personal stories imbibe in the lyrics. "I don't know I got this way. I know it's not alright."

2. Waiting for the End

"Waiting for the End" is among the most compelling songs that Linkin Park did. Coming from the "A Thousand Suns" album, this track has an ambivalent atmosphere and rhythm. It can make you cry, especially if you are dealing with some personal issues. When the news about Bennington's death came in, Linkin Park begins to search this track, as if it is the reposed vocalist's last words. This song indeed reflects the ascension of the band.

3. Crawling

The album Hybrid Theory won't be complete without the song "Crawling." Linkin Park considers this song special, considering that it has the intricacy which not all can imitate. Even Bennington admitted that it is one of the hardest songs that he had ever performed. Therefore, it is not a surprise anymore that "Crawling" paved the way for LP to win their first Grammy Award (Best Hard Rock Performance). But for Bennington, the song was just a mere story-telling over his battle against drug abuse.

4. Bleed it Out

It is undeniable that Mike Shinoda was the star of the "Bleed it Out" single. This song is among the few tracks that Shinoda was able to become the forefront as the main vocalist. In this track, Shinoda veered away from his iconic rapping and did something that you can always hear on any rock songs. But of course, "Bleed it Out" is a far cry from the ordinary. The blend of the instruments and lyrics is the perfection that you will savor from this hit from the "Minutes to Midnight" album.

5. Lying From You

The early success of Linkin Park can be attributed to this song. "Lying From You" is a track from their "Meteora" album on 2003. It is also the song that cemented the unique playing style of the band. The start of the song is the trifecta of keyboard sample from Joe Hahn that is followed by a missive of drum beats from Bourdon. The bass and guitar harmony of Phoenix Farrell and Brad Delson made this song a memorable one.

6. Given Up

If you want to indulge yourself with some hard songs, you better listen to the "Given Up" by Linkin Park. It is a soul-shattering song that can blow you away from your seat. Up to date, only few rock bands can match the intensity of this song. Brad Delson is the one that stood out from this track because of his otherworldly guitar riffs and licks. Of course, Bennington was immortalized in this song, as he shattered a scream that lasted for 17 seconds prior to the last chorus.

7. Faint

"Faint" has a fast rhythm, thanks to speedy hands of Delson and Bourdon. They made this song a legacy that any Linkin Park fans would be proud to show off. Accompanied by the heavy and fast-paced rapping of Bennington, "Faint" will certainly alleviate your senses. It is a commendable track that any aspiring rock players should listen to.

8. One Step Closer

Those that are heaving something heavy on their systems should listen to this song. The "One Step Closer" is a track that lets you release all your anger and frustration. It is among the few rock songs that actually make sense, especially if you are dealing with some annoying life situations. On the lighter note, the inspiration for the song is actually derived from Don Gilmore, the album producer of Hybrid Theory. According to Bennington, they got "frustrated" after Gilmore asked them to redo the songs multiple times.

9. Numb

Nobody can just forget "Numb." It is a track that signifies the firepower of Linkin Park when it comes to making music. The quality and finesse of this song can simply outshine any rock hits today. Of course, the message being brought up this song will somehow make you remember Bennington. From the lyrics "every step that I take is another mistake to you," you can just see how Bennington is just like us. The equal distribution of angst and melancholy makes this song a lot human.

10. In the End

Hybrid Theory is never complete without "In the End." While it is true that "One Step Closer" led Linkin Park to stardom, it was the "In the End" that hooked people to them. For many people, this is the song that perfectly describes who the band is. The perfect mixture of aggressiveness and melody is the element that you can attach to any song that they create.


There are still a lot of Linkin Park songs that deserve being mentioned. Such of these are "What I've Down," "Shadow of the Day," and "Castle of Glass." All of these tracks are worthy of your time and listening ears.

Although Bennington is no longer with us, let's be reminded that the band is still there. And we are pretty sure that they will still make good tracks, in remembrance of the ones who went ahead of us. Linkin Park is still here, and they will stay. That's one thing we can be sure of. And we will be hoping.


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