How To Get Noticed On SoundCloud

By Monica | News

Jun 28

When you get more and more people to start noticing you on SoundCloud for your music, the more you increase your chances of becoming the next best-established artist.

Here are a few tips you can use to encourage more people to start listening to you and start to buy SoundCloud plays.


Spend Enough Time Writing An Interesting Bio That Will Draw People in

When visitors arrive on your SoundCloud profile, the first thing they will see is your bio. This is an important part of any profile and you need to make sure you have completed it. It also forms a vital part of SoundCloud marketing. This offers you an ample opportunity to let people that might have an interest in your music, know more about you.

Filling in a bio is the perfect way to let visitors in on information about what you actually do and more about you. You are also able to add in additional information like your location, your music type, the reasons why you have become a musician, and where you are hoping your career and music will progress to. This is information that can help you to develop a stronger connection to your fans.

Boost Up Your Social Media Accounts

When you are creating your SoundCloud page, include any links to your existing social-media profiles. This is an easy and wise way to maximize your followers. For example, you can provide a link to both your Facebook and Twitter pages which means your fans are always updated when it comes to your music. You could also provide links to a website if you have one and a place where followers are able to sign-up for your own dedicated newsletter.

When you make it an easy task for people to start following you, the more you increase the likelihood of building relationships that are long-lasting with fans. Do not allow them to slip away before asking them to subscribe to mailing lists or to follow you over other social media platforms. If you do not take advantage of this, you might not see these visitors again once they have left your SoundCloud page.

Your Songs Need Accurate Descriptions And Should Include Relevant Tags

When you write a description for each song, ensure these are relevant while including the type of keywords that potential fans would be searching for when they have an interest in your genre of music. For example, you should be including the genre name which makes it easier to connect with the people that have an interest in this music type. When you choose tags, include any other information that is relevant which will make it even easier for fans to find you and your music.

If you would like, you have the choice to use your own created tags instead of the ones that they are suggesting. For example, if your song is acoustic, make sure you have added in an acoustic tag. In this way, even when a person is not interested in the pop tracks you have released, they may just be interested in listening to the acoustic version. This is the ideal method to easily increase your reach which also allows for connections with different types of audiences.

Make Use Of Album Art To Promote And Enhance Your Profile

Posting artwork from any of your albums helps your profile to really stand out. When possible only use extremely high-quality images. If you use blurry photographs that have nothing to do your music, this may give people a bad impression about you and your music. In many cases, it is the artwork that will draw visitors in an get them to start listening to one or more of your tracks. It may even be in your best interests to hire a photographer or professional artist to assist you with creating the art for your album so that it gets noticed.

Make It Simple For People To Buy Your Music

You need to include one or more links so that people are able to buy your music. For instance, when you sell songs through iTunes, Spotify, or CD Baby, you are able to add the link that will appear as soon as someone starts listening to one of your songs. These links make it much easier for visitors to buy a track directly from you. If you have songs that can be downloaded for free, you should also include the links where your visitors are able to access them.

Another good idea that is worthwhile considering is to allow visitors to download one of your songs for free provided they follow you or give you likes. This is an easy way to start building up your following and getting more people to listen to your music. The best part about this approach is that when more and more people start listening to your music, the more likely people will start to buy your tracks and music. Think about different ways you can take advantage of by giving away your music while at the same time collecting contact information about your fans or getting more of these fans to like or follow you.


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