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May 30
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To tell the truth, I’m a crazy music fan. When I’m in a break, of course, my favorite activity is listening to some melodies and relax my mind as well as body. I love games, too. But there is a problem with playing games: it shuts down the music apps. So, the ultimate solution is finding myself some fabulous guitar games or music games.

Guitar Types

I prefer the guitar over other musical instruments, so in this post, I’ll only talk about guitar games. Truth is, music from it often triggers my imagination and creativity. Have you ever imagined about fulfilling the dream of being a famous rock star and earn a good bunch of dollars from the aspiration? Have you thought about living in the world of stage light and applause? Well, if you haven’t. This’s high time for you to lift your imagination to another level and color your life with some dreamy whims.


What’s a guitar and how to play it?

The guitar, in my opinion, is the easiest to play compared to other instruments. It is also the most versatile. You can play soft music as well as the rock with guitars. There are more than one types of the musical instrument, namely bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc. Each type is suitable for a kind of music. So, the perk of playing games instead of creating the real melodies is that you can save a lot of money buying so many instruments and still be able to play more than one music genres.

The principle of playing guitar is remembering the strings and frets. It is not so difficult, and you can master it easily. The most challenging part is knowing how to deal with your fingers. Guitarists often complain about the pain their fingers have to suffer at the first days of training. If you are just curious about guitars, you should try the games first before deciding whether the activity worth your time and effort.

05 Best Guitar Games Provided to You by

So, I have tried all the 10 best guitar games rated by the players of They are all fascinating, and of course, there are ones I love more than others. In this post, I will share my experience with 05 games so you can find out which is the most suitable for your short break.

1. Rock Hero Online


The flash game is everything you want from a simple entertainment. The music is fantastic, and there are many songs for you to unlock. I know there are some guitar games based on only one song. Seriously, since one of my purposes when choosing the games is enjoying the melodies, I can’t understand why somebody makes such products.

There are three stages of difficulty in the game, which are easy, normal, and hard. The harder stage you choose, the more strings there are for you to handle. When the music starts, there will be colored bubbles running on the strings toward you. You have to tap on these in time to complete the song and creating a beautiful melody. There is also a column of HP. When you miss one bubble, some of the columns will be shortened.

2. Punk-O-Matic 2


At first, I don’t like the loading time, but when the game starts, I know why they let us wait. The game is wonderful with a plot, beautiful images, and many things to do. It lets you start building a band, composing music, hanging out in town and playing or watching the concert. The neighborhood where your band locates is funny, though sometimes there are punks appearing to irritate you.

And if you want to have a fashionable band, it is possible, too. You can customize the look the members by changing features of their bodies of their clothes.

3. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

Super-Crazy Guitar-Maniac-Deluxe3

What I like the most about the game is the great number of song choices. As the game progresses, you can unlock many guitars whose appearance is fabulous enough to make guitarist drool when they think about it.

There are levels of difficulty for you to explore. After mastering one, you can test yourself with the next to see if you have the talent of a true guitarist. Since the game is the third version, it is carefully made to fulfill your needs.

4. Kick Out Bieber 2


Warning: The content below may trigger the fans of Justin Bieber, so if you are one of them, move on to the next game.

First, it is not even a guitar game. I don’t know why they put it on the list but thought the game gives you a good relaxing time, it’s not about music. The main character of the game just… kick Bieber’s ass with his guitar.

From the start, you will have the first hit. Depending on how strong the blow is, the singer will be hit far away from the stage. After that, you have to follow and make sure he bounces away from the concert. Or else, the game will be over and Bieber will continue to sing.

5. Guitar Geek


The game is a bit like Rock Hero Online, but more complicated with a better graphic design. There are four levels of difficulty for you to overcome, and if you keep playing well, you will earn the title of Guitar Geek.

In this game, you have to tap the right note when it appears on the fretboard. The timing is essential since it affects the quality of the music you are listening to. At first, things are so easy, because the notes often appear on only two or three strings. But after a minute, your skill will be required.


It’s all about my experience with guitar games from Of course, I have tried other games, too, but the five is the best of them all. Maybe in the future, I will want to review more about the type of game. But before that, let’s start with the information.


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