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By Monica | Guitarist Gear

Jun 12
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Playing the guitar is quite cool and fun. The moment you can realize all those tones and notes on your fingers, everything would be smooth and satisfying.

But despite the elation that a guitar can bring, this doesn't mean that you can get comfortable with it all the time. I am not saying that the instrument will make you feel bored eventually. No, that's not the case. Instead, what I am trying to imply is that handling a guitar can put strains in your body. If you are not properly positioned, the gear can punish your back or shoulders.

As a guitar player, it is essential that you have a trusty guitar chair. This particular tool is highly necessary to keep you comfortable whenever you are playing for extended periods. Nobody wants to stand for hours while playing their rig. Even professionals have to rest their feet first before they give up to the weight and burliness of the instrument.

Having a guitar chair or stool is downright important. There are no excuses for it. And even if you say that you have an ordinary chair in your home or studio, things would still not get good for you.


What is a Guitar Chair Anyway?

Just like its name suggests, a guitar chair is an amenity created for guitar players. They are often used by serious and dedicated individuals who are not afraid to dedicate their time to playing the instrument.

You can always see these guitar chairs in various areas such as bars and clubs. As long as they host live performances, these particular items will always be present. Sometimes, guitar chairs are designed in a way that they are similar to the appearance of barstools. That's the probable reason why guitar chairs are also called guitar stools.

But of course, guitar chairs can also be bought by hobbyists. There is nothing wrong if you install one in your home. As long as there is a space in where you can dock the chair, things would remain smooth for you. Apparently, guitar chairs that are for home purposes come cheaper than those that are made for performers on stage.

The Difference of a Guitar Chair and Ordinary Chair

Well, there's a lot of things that separate a guitar chair from an ordinary chair. Well, their purpose is similar, as they let people have their butt and feet rest on them. However, it is a different story if we are talking about their respective ergonomics.

Specifically, the biggest boundary that divides these two chairs is their design. Needless to say, guitar chairs are made for guitar players. Guitar chairs allow the players to get the proper sitting position without distraction and inconveniences. For instance, all of the guitars do not have an armrest. The latter blocks the entire guitar from being properly placed to your body. You can't extend your arms too if the armrests are there.

Furthermore, guitar chairs promote the appropriate sitting posture when you are playing the guitar. Since they don't have a backrest, guitar chairs compel the body to stay erect and steady. The playing versatility that you have just because of the absence of backrests and armrests is among the benefits that you can reap by investing in this tool.

In fact, a footrest is typically integrated into the chair. The said part prevents your feet from dangling while you are playing. It is an important feature, especially if you are typically playing or practicing on an extended period. Of course, the footrest contributes to the development of proper playing posture.

Is Proper Posture Necessary in Playing the Guitar?

Height Adjustability

Absolutely! It is the bread and butter of every performer out there. Even music teachers suggest that their students should practice the appropriate way of positioning their body while holding the instrument. You can see that some people play their guitars while sitting on awkward angles and position. It may look cool and fascinating at first. But once you try them by yourself, you'll realize the discomforts that they might be feeling.

Proper posture is essential so that you can guarantee comfort. It is also a crucial factor that prevents hand and wrist injuries, which are pretty common for those who just want to look cool. Furthermore, appropriate playing posture will allow you to have a greater fret access.

Injuries can happen when you repeatedly put strains in your back and wrists. They might not happen now, but in the future, you are very susceptible to these detriments already.

Meanwhile, sitting properly enables you to access all the notes on the fretboard with ease. A chair with the right elevation can help you to enhance the situation even further. It will allow you to utilize the footrest so that the guitar can be properly placed in your lap. It also improves the overall comfort that you can feel while you are playing.

Size of the Guitar Chair

Right now, you are already aware of the function and basic structure of a guitar chair. I highly recommend that you should understand them first before moving to this section. But if you know the fundamental parts and purpose of a guitar chair, it is just right to move to the next level.

When you are searching for the best guitar chair, it is proper that you gauge their size. Small chairs will never be for burly guitar players. Meanwhile, big chairs might get too awkward, especially if you are virtually small. Do not forget that these chairs vary in length, too. If you are small, your feet might not be able to reach the footrest of the chair. That simply violated all of our efforts, right?

Fortunately, most of the guitar chairs that are being sold today have the recommended size and design that you might be looking for. It would be great if you can inspect these options one by one so that you can get the right unit for you.


If you need something that can provide comfort to you while playing, you should get a guitar chair. It is an item that boosts the efficiency of the players to play ridiculous notes without compromising their performance and safety. Guitar chairs have distinct qualities compared to ordinary chairs. If I were you, I should consider looking for high-quality guitar chairs already.

That's all for now! If you have other questions and suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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