40+ Easy Fingerpicking Songs Beginners Should Try!

By Monica | Guitar Techniques

Dec 15
easy fingerpicking songs

Do you want to master fingerpicking? Then don't be ashamed of taking baby steps. There are a lot of easy fingerpicking songs out there that can guide you on your journey!

Also known as fingerstyle, fingerpicking is a complex playing technique that involves your favorite stringed instrument. Although it is a highly dynamic playstyle, fingerpicking is actually fun to study. Many iconic bands such as the Beatles, Queen, and Guns N Roses incorporated this style to most of their songs.

Usually, fingerpicking is integrated during the intro part of any song. A good fingerpicking pattern will allow a piece to be easily recognized. It could make a song catchy, memorable, and iconic. Sometimes, the style alone could make an artist immortal. The likes of Chet Atkins, Martin Carthy, and Tommy Emmanuel are some of the few legends who cemented their names through this playing style.

However, a couple of us are quite daunted to learn the exquisiteness of fingerpicking. If you watch young talents like Sungha Jung recreate different masterpieces with the use of fingerstyle, you can always feel intimidation. But hey, that guy is a musical prodigy. Moreover, this doesn't mean that you can't learn the art by yourself. All you need to get is a good start, and your journey would become relentless.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of fingerpicking songs that are meant to be practiced by beginners. All you need to do is to search a little, and you can stumble countless of pieces that any novices can learn. But if you are not confident of your research skills, let me do the dirty work for you. I have listed a few titles that you should try to practice to hone your affinity in fingerpicking. Check them out now!


How to Choose a Fingerpicking Songs for Beginners

Some of you are hesitant when it comes to fingerstyle because of the "standards" that the guitar community has engraved in your head. If you always listen to those advanced fingerpicking techniques, a feeling of doubt will swell inside of you. "I can't do that." Such thought is quite painful to hear.

It is not wrong to admire the precision and skills of your icons and luminaries. However, if you keep on sticking to them too much, you will not be able to move on your own. Fingerpicking can come easy or difficult, depending on the resources that you have. If you start with the basics, the play style is actually fun and engaging.

Of course, you will be bothered quicky if you immediately tackle those sophisticated pieces from the get-go.

In choosing a fingerpicking song for starters, you should remember some considerations. First, the song should be well-known. You don't want to practice something that is unheard of. Second, the music should be on the genre that you are interested in. Lastly, the practice song must not come with complicated progressions or elements. Don't make things too hard for you.

Easy Fingerpicking Songs: Top Recommendations

Across the vast musical wonderland, I was able to dig out these following fingerpicking songs that are well suited for greenhorn guitar players. Check them out and see which one of them can provide you a good jump start!

Easy Fingerpicking Songs

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A Little Piece of Advice

Learning the guitar is a thousand mile journey. You cannot just master the instrument for a month or a year. You need to be patient and determined so that you can progress your skills. Without the drive, you can easily go insane and frustrated once you reached your stumbling block.

Fingerpicking is considered as one of the walls that can separate passionate players from try-hards. If you cannot surmount this obstacle, your affinity towards the instrument will remain limited. You need that special grace to accept the challenge of exploring this playing technique. After a series of quirkiness and awkwardness, you will grow accustomed to the style.

I hope that this list of easy fingerpicking songs can help you gradually sharpen your expertise in fingerstyle. Each of these songs has been recommended by various artists and guitar communities because of their playability and simplicity. You can start by choosing one song you can handle comfortably. Try to master it before heading to another piece.

Once you can master three to five songs, you will notice a growth in your speed and precision. Just continue doing it until such time you feel that fingerpicking is already natural for you.

Do you know other fingerpicking songs that can work for amateur guitar players? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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