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best fuzz pedal
Jun 29

The Best Fuzz Pedal for Every Blues and Rock Players!

By Monica | Gear , Product Reviews

The best fuzz pedal is your key to producing high-quality blues and rock sound. This particular stompbox can create gritty and succulent feeling when you are playing. In fact, the fuzz effect has been one of the most beautiful accompaniments you can get for your guitar.

A fuzz pedal is indeed a great addition to your pedalboard. Most guitarists that we know have two or three of these units. It is not a surprise, considering that there is a need for them to explore various options and capabilities.

You can find a lot of fuzz pedals on the market today. However, it is quite difficult to choose which one of them is worth investing in. There are a plethora of choices, which varies from design, performance, and price.

We know that most of you just don't want to engage in that extra hassle. That's why in this article, we will feature some of the most impressive options that you can have for this type of pedal. Check out which of these pedals can suit your needs!

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Best Fuzz Pedal: Our Top Picks

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best bass guitar
Jun 22

The Best Bass Guitar That Any Bassit Would Love To Have!

By Monica | Guitar , Product Reviews

Nobody can just the deny the importance of a bass guitar on modern music. In any genre, this particular instrument can play melodies or play rhythm. Its intricacy has led to its versatility on the mix. But sometimes, such performance is dependent on the quality of your instrument. In short, there is a need for you to get the best bass guitar.

Choosing a bass guitar is not that easy. You should know this by now. If you have an experience of playing this instrument, you already know that it has a complicated setup. Its construction might have similar nuances to an electric guitar. However, never think that they work by the same mechanisms.

If you are not careful, you might end up getting a bad unit. And that's not a good predicament to get into. It is a waste of your precious money and time. Moreover, hearing the sound from a weak bass guitar will certainly annoy your ears (and your neighbors as well). Of course, we want to save you from such misfortunes.

In this article, we will be featuring some of the best options of a bass guitar that you can have. Furthermore, we have included a comprehensive buying guide that will provides you the basics about this instrument. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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Best Guitar Cables
Jun 17

The Best Guitar Cable You Should Connect To Your Rig!

By Monica | Product Reviews

Some people think that a guitar cable is just a simple accessory. In fact, some would not even pay attention to this component at all. However, if you want to boost the sound quality of your instrument, you got to have the best guitar cable.

What is a guitar cable?

A guitar cable (also known as 1/4-inch cable or instrument) is not the least part of your rig and setup. If you go to multiple guitar forums today, we can guarantee that you can see a discussion regarding this cable. In short, it is the most scrutinized aspect of your guitar. Nobody can just get over with it.

In this article, I will feature some of the best options you can have for a guitar cable. Of course, we couldn't just hide our excitement also, because it was our first time to test these accessories.

We thought that they are just the same. But during the testing phase, we were proven wrong. Just like your rig, guitar cables come in variety as well. There are for amateur applications, and there are for advanced practitioners as well.

Moreover, we also enumerated some important aspects that you have to know about a guitar cable. In this way, you won't get tangled by the assumption that "all guitar cables are good." But for the meantime, better check out these six guitar cables that left us impressed.

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best chorus pedal
Jun 15

The Best Chorus Pedal That Your Pedalboard Deserves

By Monica | Product Reviews

The best chorus pedal is a necessity for all serious guitarists. This stompbox can certainly widen the sonic capacity of your rig. If you are trying to replicate genres like psychedelic rock, then you will really need this tool!

A chorus pedal can enhance the "color" spectrum of your guitar's tone. Specifically, it can provide enriching and bright accompaniments to your sound. Moreover, it can also layer some subtle interferences in your audio as well. If you have heard the hit track "Come As You Are" of Nirvana, then you probably have an idea of how this pedal works.

The era of chorus pedal flourished during the 80s. You may not be aware of it, but most of the rock ballads that date during the said period are using the chorus effect. Of course, the resulting sound can awe and mesmerize your ears. This is the reason why many guitar enthusiasts always have this pedal on their pedalboard.

In this article, we have listed some of the best options for this pedal. Also, we enumerated some useful pieces of information that could help you in your shopping. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Our Top Picks

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best overdrive pedal
Jun 08

7 Best Overdrive Pedals That Can Make Your Guitar Growl!

By Monica | Product Reviews

When it is about rock n' roll or metal, we know that being rough is necessary. That's why having the best overdrive pedal is quite essential to these genres. After all, this is the type of stompbox that could guarantee that your instrument can unleash wall-crushing sounds and unrivaled sonic capacities.

An overdrive pedal is not an optional accessory. Instead, you consider it as an essential addition to your pedalboard. For a modern guitarist like you, it is pretty vital that you will be able to create impactful growls and lead lines. If not, then your role in the mix wouldn't be so apparent.

If you are just new to this type of musical accessory, then being overwhelmed by the numerous available options is pretty understandable. The market today has been filled with so many models and variations of overdrive pedals that choosing become a tedious process. Therefore, getting lost in the jungle is quite easy.

However, we won't let that happen. Not on our watch! We have listed and tested some of the most excellent options when it comes to this particular stompbox. Check out and read their full reviews to see which one of them can bring the "bang" in your playing!

Best Overdrive Pedals: Our Top Picks

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