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singing dream meaning
Apr 24

Singing Dream Meaning – Interesting Interpretations, Symbolisms, And More!

By Carol J. Aguilar | News

Have you ever dreamt of singing? Have you experienced that dream where you are doing a repertoire in front of millions of crowds?

It is an exhilarating sensation to see yourself in your dream in such kind of scenario. Singing, after all, is a hobby for most of us. Some of us have really the knack to elaborate their voices into something that is pleasing to the ears.

If you dream about singing, then there is a good chance that it is just an affirmation of your talent. Maybe your subconscious mind is telling you that you need to hone this particular skill even further. If that's the case, you should start practicing now. Who knows? You might make it big!

However, this particular dream has other meanings. It can be subjected to different interpretations. In here, we are going to take a look at some of the most interesting symbolism about songs and singing in dreams.

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What is the perfect age to start Banjo lessonsWhat is the perfect age to start Banjo lessons
Jan 07

What is the perfect age to start Banjo lessons?

By Monica | News

Are you wondering if your kid is ready to start Banjo lessons? Do you want to know if there are banjos for young beginners? Let me tell you that it's a very common question among parents who know the importance of music on children. Musical Instru said that banjos might differ from one another in relation to their sizes, types, or even brands, but don't worry! You can always find the right banjo for beginners. In this article, you will finally know what the most appropriate age to start Banjo lessons is. Moreover, you will understand that banjos can be as important as any other instrument.

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5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed
Sep 05

5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Guitar Playing Speed

By Monica | Guitar Techniques , News

In music, playing speed isn’t everything. However, your ability to play with speed can make you a better musician overall. For example, as you increase your picking speed, your whole playing style begins to loosen up and your fingers will feel more flexible. By having greater dexterity in your fingers, you will be able to do a lot more and have an easier time playing, not only in terms of picking but fretting as well.

Working on improving your playing speed can be made easier and more fun with the right guitar. There are many quality acoustic guitar models under $300 that are comfortable to play and make practice time more productive.

So how do you increase your guitar playing speed? Here are some tried-and-tested ways to do just that.

Do warm-ups and loosen up

When you practice playing faster, your hands may have a tendency to tense up, so before practice, do some back, shoulder, arm, hand and finger stretches to warm up and loosen up your muscles. Sit properly and try your best to stay relaxed. Breathe and mentally prepare yourself for the task ahead.

Build up your playing speed gradually

Start by practicing slowly but surely. Speed doesn’t come right away, so be patient. What’s important is that you develop accuracy when playing so that when start building up your playing speed, you’ll hit the right notes every time. Playing fast without paying attention to where your fingers are going can result in sloppy playing and make you prone to committing errors.

Practice alternate picking

You can also increase your speed by using alternate picking, where you hold the pick between your index finger and your thumb with the pointed end of the pick facing the strings. Alternate between downstrokes and upstrokes (downstroke first). When you use alternate picking, you can double the number of notes you play.'

Get your rhythm going by using a metronome

Keep time and practice accuracy by using a metronome. It can be a stand-alone device, a metronome app or software, a backing track or any other tool you can use to develop rhythm. Gradually increase the BPM, or beats per minute, of the metronome and challenge yourself to maintain accuracy as you begin to play faster.

Develop hand coordination

Your fretting and your picking hand should work in tandem, so focus on developing good coordination between the two. For you to play at a higher speed, both of your hands should be equally strong, flexible, dexterous and accurate. In addition, you need to train your hands to move in perfect sync for every note that you play.

If one hand is a bit “behind” in terms of fretting or picking, it would be a good idea to focus on that one first so it can perform as well as the other. Do exercises such as scales, chord transitions and fingerpicking exercises to teach your hands to move smoothly across the fretboard or pick the right strings at the right tempo.

Improving your guitar playing speed would depend on your mastery of guitar techniques. The more you know efficient techniques, the more you can apply them to your playing and make it easier. And the easier it is for you to play, the more you can play as fast as you want - so take your time mastering those techniques, keep practicing and speed will surely follow.

songwriting tips
Jul 02

4 Unusual Songwriting Tips That Work!

By Monica | News

You can always search and find various songwriting tips online. Through Google alone, you can already discover millions of related resources in just a matter of few seconds.

However, let me tell you that a majority of these tips are superficial. And sometimes, that causes them to be ineffective. After all, songwriting is an art that heavily relies on personal motivation and desires. Although it is true that there are technical aspects that you should follow in songwriting, the art still boils down to how creative you can get.

The tips that I have listed here are something that you wouldn't find elsewhere. They are unique because I am far familiar by the idea that songwriters and other artists operate differently. I am not assuming that I know you guys thoroughly. Instead, I am just stating that what I have here can help you eventually.

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guitar serial numbers
Jun 25

Guitar Serial Numbers: Their Importance In Dating Your Guitar

By Monica | Guitar , News

Not all guitars today have the same manufacturing date. It is an obvious fact, but I have to emphasize to ensure that you won't confuse one guitar model from the other. Guitar brands themselves even rank or categorize their units based on the date that they were manufactured or released in the market.

Of course, it is quite difficult to assume the year or era of production of an instrument. Without a specific guide or information, guessing is the only best thing that we can do. Fortunately, there's a way out of this dilemma, and that is through the use of guitar serial numbers.

If there's a need for you to research the manufacturing year of a certain guitar, such as Fender or Gibson, you need to look at their serial numbers. This is the only foolproof method that you can utilize to track down the specifics of your rig without missing any details at all.

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