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types of guitar pedal
Mar 18

The Best Types Of Guitar Pedal That You Need

By Monica | Gear

There are different types of guitar pedals that a guitarist can access today. Fortunately, there is no such thing as "off limits" when it comes to this accessory. Whether you are a professional or amateur, you have all the right to get these impressive stompboxes. The only possible limit that you can encounter is your budget, as each of these pedals comes at different prices.

A guitar pedal can alter the sound of your instrument. They can either add sublime effects or bone-crushing sounds to your guitar. Regardless of your preference and playstyle, guitar pedals are really essential to enhance the quality of your sound.

In this article, we will be going to list down all types of guitar pedals that exist in the realm of music today. Each of them has set of functions to play. But it is undeniable that a point in your career, you might be needing all of them. For beginners, this list is essential. You might confuse one pedal to another, and that is not a good thing.

Although we won't thoroughly discuss the details per each effects pedal, we still highlight their primary functions. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

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Mar 14

DIY Guitar Stand

By Monica | Gear , Guitar Care

When it comes to guitar stands, you need reliability, stability and precision built. If you want to save money, you can involve yourself in a little DIY project and start building your own guitar stand instead of purchasing it from a shop.

Guitar stand alternatives

Usually you have three options regarding the material: wood, metal or PVC. The size and design of your stand can vary, from x shapes, rectangles, racks, or circled shaped stands. You should consider factors like size, weight and whether you want a support for one instrument or many. The rack shaped ones are efficient for space and many guitars. The guitar can hang on the wall or rest on a floor base and have its neck supported.

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diy sound diffuser
Mar 14

Best Method To Create A DIY Sound Diffuser

By Monica | Gear , Guitar Care

One of the biggest mistakes that home studios (even professionals, too) are purchasing a premade absorption panel and acoustic diffuser that don't match their requirements. At some point, we cannot blame them. After all, it is really hard to get a pre-manufactured sound diffuser that can fit your needs. Better off, you might want to give DIY sound diffusers a shot.

Yes. It is true. You can actually make your very own sound diffuser. Specialized and uniquely made diffusers are all possible to create within in your own premises. They can make the sounding performance of your studio better compared in the past. Moreover, DIY diffusers can make your turf look awesome, too!

As long as you got the right tools and the right knowledge, you can create these handy tools by your own. We know that you are here because you are eager to learn the process of making DIY sound diffusers. Therefore, it is time to awaken your "weekend warrior" spirit and get down to business! We will teach you how to make this essential studio component!

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