7 Modern Ways of Learning Guitar
Aug 01

7 Modern Ways of Learning Guitar

By Monica | News

Everyone has their style of learning, that’s nothing new. Over the years different styles of learning have been introduced like classroom (the traditional style), private coachings, online media etc. learning guitar through these means is not an exception. The latest ways of guitar learning also make it more enjoyable and easy than ever.

Playing the guitar helps in creating space between individual and busy mind, act as mindful escapism. Playing the guitar is beneficial for overall human and mental health that develop a sense of personal and professional achievement. Here, we discuss 7 modern and trending ways of learning the guitar.

Group/ Individual Classes

Studying in classrooms is trending from ancient times with numerous benefits. But, now the style has been changed, students have the option either to study in group or individual in classes. Both methods have their benefits. Group classes build confidence in students to perform in front of the audience. In addition, group learning also develops certain skills in human-like builds coordination, enhances listening skills, discipline promotes social skills etc.

On the other side, if you prefer to join individual classes at school, in the modern style of learning this is also possible. These classes benefit the students that feel shy to ask questions in a group of students. Teachers can focus more on single students and can work on their weak areas.

Online Classes

Online classes are like a godsend for the students who do not want to participate in brick and motors style of schools due to several reasons. Pupils get the opportunity to join online guitar learning classes. Online classes also blessed with several advantages like flexibility, where students get the opportunity to attend classes from anywhere. Easy availability of notes, cost-effective helps the many students to build their career in the field of music. In addition, students also get the opportunity to enjoy cross-border music learning classes in different styles.


Kids love making and playing music. There are many studies conducted that proven children who learn music become psychologically strong. Students who learn music get great achievements in life.

There are lots of apps on phones and tablets have been created that make guitar learning easy for students. The best part is that you do not have to invest in expensive equipment or instruments. Apart from making music playing easy instructional apps helps the kids for self-directed learning, Language skills, Maths skills, Memory, attention and concentration, Increased coordination, Social skills and many more.


Drives Everybody is well aware that the trend for the compact disc almost dies. But, when things come for learning music or guitar, instructing through CDs and DVD have great importance. Learners get the opportunity to learn anywhere without worrying about the internet connection. Some times, convenient handling of CDs and DVD become a troubling factor for many. Therefore, using pen drives for learning music has great significance. There is no issue of music clarity, but yes, you get a good chance to store as much data or guitar lessons.

Visiting Guest Classes

Special classes or guest classes are meant for those who know the basics of guitars and can play well on different tunes. But, time to time improvement is also essential to polish your skills. These special classes hosted by experts will help the students to learn and compose new tunes. Experts also provide their special notes in these classes, so that students after completing the classes can practice well. In addition, the fee for these classes is very less compared to regular learning. And, these do not affect students academic schedule.

Private Tuitions

Private tuition is another mode of guiding the students at their home or pre-defined place. Teacher and students visit the place and learn music with live instruments. These classes do not affect the learner’s schedule and make comfortable throughout the classes. Also, students ask for the query and get an immediate positive response from the teacher. Private tuition also gives the option to choose your own mentor that teaches with customised lessons.

Self-practice By Using Books

In the market, numbers of books for self-practice are also available. Most of them are prepared by music masters that assist the students to learn via the latest notes. If you know the basics of the guitar then taking these books will help you to build a better career from your own. If you wish you can also acquire notes from some special institute. They will charge you a little high but will be worthy for you.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above information will able to provide fruitful results for you. Keep in mind, you can choose any of the modern ways to learn guitar, only if you are well aware of guitar learning basics. Otherwise, joining the tradition style means classes or school will be the best decision. Their master will be available for you to guide for every wrong played a note.

Author Bio

Ronnie Neo is working as a manager at Ensemble Music - a wholesale retailer of musical instruments and accessories and also provides music lessons to kids such as cello lessons, piano lessons, guzheng lessons, and guitar lesson in Singapore. He has a passion for writing and loves to play a musical instrument.

Learning From Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners
Jul 26

Learning From Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners: Is It Really Possible?

By Monica | News

Learning how to play the guitar is a desire of many. Music is a captivating realm, after all. Being able to create and play one are skills that are worth celebrating.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways on how you can learn to play the instrument. You can watch video tutorials on YouTube, or you can have someone teach you. You can even enroll in music schools if you want.

But right now, there's a wave of people who are pursuing a career in guitar playing by joining online courses. It is the trend today because of the convenience that it brings. Even if you don't leave your seat, you can still explore the fundamentals of playing the guitar.

However, is this approach an effective means to become a guitar master? Read on to find out the answer!

Learning From Best Online Guitar Lessons For Beginners: Is It Really Possible?

There's a debate if whether online guitar lessons are indeed effective. For some of the traditionalists out there, you can't simply beat the face-to-face tutorials. According to them, you can learn faster and better if the lessons are conducted away from the virtual interface.

However, there's no discrediting the fact that some guitar players today have learned the art through online guitar classes. Even if you say that these people did not become professionals or world-renowned guitar players, you can't strip the fact that they managed to play the guitar via the internet. That's an innovation that already embraces the music industry today.

A beginner can learn all that has to be learned in guitar by joining online classes and tutorials. There's a bunch of websites out there that provide this kind of service. In fact, their numbers are proliferating. It could be a testament that more and more people are getting interested in acquiring excellent guitar-playing skills without leaving the premises of their homes.

Online guitar tutorials still have the same effects as the traditional methods of teaching. All the essential lessons are still being brought up. Nothing has been changed except for the fact that the lessons are being conducted in front of your computer.

Does it affect your learning ability? I think not. Keep in mind that most of these lessons are through video streamings. Therefore, you always have the right and capacity to repeat the lessons whenever you want to. All of the tutorials are pre-recorded already. You can take advantage of the replay button if there's something that you have missed out.

Is Online Guitar Lessons Better Than Enrolling in Guitar Schools?

Answering this question is quite tricky. After all, it is hard to balance the pros and cons of the online platform from the traditional one.

Just like I said, there's a small difference if you will take the lessons online. If you have enrolled in the best online guitar lessons, you will still get the same knowledge and skills. There's no drawback except for the fact that you can't ask your teachers question if you need to. Unless they are online, you can't converse with them. That's something that you have to keep in mind.

Other than that, there's no distinguishing difference that can be placed in between the online and traditional guitar lessons. Everything is pretty similar. The quality of lessons doesn't vary either. After all, the ones who teach you in these online guitar lessons are real professionals. They are not robots or scripted mechanics. You can still learn the raw techniques even if you are just viewing them on your computer monitor.

Perhaps, the only advantage of a non-virtual guitar school is the "feel." It would really be nice if you can play with your mentor, side-by-side. The latter will be able to correct you immediately if you have flaws. That's something that you can't get from online lessons. Furthermore, the interaction that you can get in a "real-world" school can make the learning fun and exciting.

But aside from these matters, I think that both platforms are equal. I treat them that way because they are capable of equipping people with proper guitar skills. They have their own give-and-take. You have to go which option you prefer. Either way, there's no harm.

So What's The Best Route Here?

If you ask me, I will combine online guitar lessons and person-to-person lessons. Doing this is an opportunity to maximize your learning. The more sources you have, the more things you can learn. After all, the art of playing the guitar is not only focused on a central theme. It has a lot of branches and fundamentals that you need to know.

For instance, keep in mind that the playing of rock are quite different from classical and jazz. You can't just learn all these genres in one go. You need to dedicate your time and effort so that you will be able to grasp them. The more lessons you take, the higher your chances are in learning how to play guitar more efficiently.

Of course, you can only do this if you have a lot of free time. But if your schedule is quite full or erratic, you need to get the method where it is most convenient for you. At this point, online lessons might be more helpful. They are practical and doesn't come with any logistical cost. You only need to sit in front of your computer, hold your guitar, and pay attention to what your teacher is showing.

Bottom Line

Learning how to play the guitar is a steep process. That's the very reason why you need as much help and mentoring as possible to aid you in your journey. Unless if you are musically gifted, this is your predicament. There's no shortcut at all.

The upside of this scenario is that the entire journey will be worth pursuing. As long as you have the passion for playing the guitar, you will not encounter any discouragements.

You can start your guitar lessons online if you find it convenient and satisfactory for you. It will never give you the idea that you are missing anything!

That's it for now. For questions and suggestions, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

best acoustic bass
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The Best Acoustic Bass Guitars Today – A Complete Rundown (2022 )

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The best acoustic bass guitars are great on their own right. Even though it doesn't have a big market like the standard bass guitars, an acoustic bass guitar is still popular. We can see a number of individuals who use this instrument in acoustic sessions and some live performances.

But then again, acoustic bass guitars are still a niche. They are not the instruments that people would fuck off search every day. However, once you get interested in it, the guitar would immediately hook you up. It is a highly playable instrument that offers a great balance on its sound quality and frequencies. Of course, it is way cheaper than electric bass guitars, too.

I have listed some of the finest acoustic bass guitars that exist on the market today. If you are interested in trying out these instruments, the selection that I made here will certainly offer your excellent options. Check them out now!

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Acoustic guitars are considered as the most basic amenity that every guitar players should have. This is the starting gear for every aspiring guitarist. Even professionals will not drop this instrument albeit the fact that they are good already.

There are a lot of options when it comes to acoustic guitars. Most of the time, the limit that you can set is quite dependent on your budget. If you have half a thousand bucks, then there are a plethora of choices that are waiting for you. If you are interested in checking out the best acoustic guitar under 500, this article can help you.

This price range is already a decent choice, even for intermediate and professional players. There are a lot of good-sounding acoustic guitars that you can find in this category. The best of them are listed in this guide. Let's start!

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