diy sound diffuser
Mar 14

Best Method To Create A DIY Sound Diffuser

By Monica | Gear , Guitar Care

One of the biggest mistakes that home studios (even professionals, too) are purchasing a premade absorption panel and acoustic diffuser that don't match their requirements. At some point, we cannot blame them. After all, it is really hard to get a pre-manufactured sound diffuser that can fit your needs. Better off, you might want to give DIY sound diffusers a shot.

Yes. It is true. You can actually make your very own sound diffuser. Specialized and uniquely made diffusers are all possible to create within in your own premises. They can make the sounding performance of your studio better compared in the past. Moreover, DIY diffusers can make your turf look awesome, too!

As long as you got the right tools and the right knowledge, you can create these handy tools by your own. We know that you are here because you are eager to learn the process of making DIY sound diffusers. Therefore, it is time to awaken your "weekend warrior" spirit and get down to business! We will teach you how to make this essential studio component!

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Mar 13

How To Refret a Guitar By Yourself at Home – A Simple and Easy Guide for The Average Guitarist

By Monica | Guitar Care

At first, refretting a guitar by yourself can be overwhelming and might seem impossible. But with the right tools, following the right steps, with a little patience and concentration, an average guitar player can do it in his/her own home. I made this easy to use, step by step tutorial for the average guitar player.

If you take your time and follow the instructions with focus in mind, you can too learn how to refret a guitar. You don’t necessarily need to invest a lot of money in tools or pay someone else to do it. Probably most of the tools and materials needed for this job are in your house anyway, so you will need to make little expenses to do this.

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