strat vs tele
Jan 06

Strat vs Tele: A Bedlam of Fender Guitars

By Monica | Guitar , Guitar Techniques , News

If we want to be specific at things, we could say that the Telecaster and Stratocaster are close kins. They are both electric guitars that have been manufactured by Fender. Their individual production period is not that distant, too. Telecaster was released on the market around 1951 while the Stratocaster was on 1954.

These two have been among the opuses that Fender can take pride. They carried the brand flawlessly throughout the decades. But of course, these two electric guitars have their respective nuances, too. This is the reason why we can see a lot of people asking which would win in the Strat vs Tele battle.

I can always consider the collision of these two units as intimate rivalries. You will never grow tired dealing with them because each of these Fender guitars has their own loyal fellowships. They seemingly run the gamut when it comes to reputations and endorsements.

If you are planning to get either of these Fender guitars, I am pretty sure that right now, you are torn already. But don't worry. I made this guide just for you. I hope that after reading this primer, you will be enlightened to which of these two gears you should get.

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audacity vs reaper
Jan 02

Audacity vs Reaper: A Battle of Two Reputable DAWs

By Monica | News

When it comes to digital audio workstations (DAWs), two names always come on the discussion: Audacity and Reaper. These two programs have been used by many recording artists and audio directors in creating different sound files for a variety of applications. They have been quite popular in the music community because of their user-friendly interfaces and functionality.

But inevitably, these programs are inevitably put into comparison. In fact, the debate between Audacity vs Reaper is a battle that has been subtly perpetuating for quite a time already. Although user preferences do matter here, some technical considerations always usurp their value. As a result, the specs of these two DAWs are being pitted against each other.

So who wins? Which of these DAWs should an enthusiast like you pick? Well, you can know the answers to these questions by checking out this mini guide that I made.

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The Secret Chord That Makes Pop Music Sound Happy
Dec 20

The Secret Chord That Makes Pop Music Sound Happy

By Peter Thomson | News

Music has been a significant part of every individual's life right from the beginning. The style, type, lyrics, and instruments may vary from time to time, but the need of it has always been constant. It acts as a therapy and is a thing that helps you overcome stress and tension. It is a feeling of love and affection. Nowadays music is getting to a new level. Music has been given much importance globally. The most famous instruments of music include thebass compressor pedal and the DJ controller. Everyone loves music but there are some who not only make it their passion but also take it along as their career. Due to this very reason, they need proper guidance and help.

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easy fingerpicking songs
Dec 15

40+ Easy Fingerpicking Songs Beginners Should Try!

By Monica | Guitar Techniques , News

Do you want to master fingerpicking? Then don't be ashamed of taking baby steps. There are a lot of easy fingerpicking songs out there that can guide you on your journey!

Also known as fingerstyle, fingerpicking is a complex playing technique that involves your favorite stringed instrument. Although it is a highly dynamic playstyle, fingerpicking is actually fun to study. Many iconic bands such as the Beatles, Queen, and Guns N Roses incorporated this style to most of their songs.

Usually, fingerpicking is integrated during the intro part of any song. A good fingerpicking pattern will allow a piece to be easily recognized. It could make a song catchy, memorable, and iconic. Sometimes, the style alone could make an artist immortal. The likes of Chet Atkins, Martin Carthy, and Tommy Emmanuel are some of the few legends who cemented their names through this playing style.

However, a couple of us are quite daunted to learn the exquisiteness of fingerpicking. If you watch young talents like Sungha Jung recreate different masterpieces with the use of fingerstyle, you can always feel intimidation. But hey, that guy is a musical prodigy. Moreover, this doesn't mean that you can't learn the art by yourself. All you need to get is a good start, and your journey would become relentless.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of fingerpicking songs that are meant to be practiced by beginners. All you need to do is to search a little, and you can stumble countless of pieces that any novices can learn. But if you are not confident of your research skills, let me do the dirty work for you. I have listed a few titles that you should try to practice to hone your affinity in fingerpicking. Check them out now!

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