4 Best Ukulele Brands That You Can Trust

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Jun 06
best ukulele brands

Aside from guitar, ukuleles are among the most played stringed instrument today. Despite its small size, the bright and positive sound that a ukulele gives make it extremely addicting to play. It can create sharp and crisp high-frequency sounds, which are essential for lively music and genre.

However, it is pretty given that ukuleles are more sophisticated than guitars. There are different considerations that you have to take before you can choose the right ukulele for you. From the construction down to the type of tonewood that has been used, it is completely undeniable that this instrument does not come straightforward.

Among the factors that you need to take into account is the brand of a ukulele. If you are still an amateur, one of your obvious criteria in choosing is the maker of the unit. You cannot destabilize the fact that people are usually inclined to select branded items that ordinary one. After all, the sense of familiarity somehow establishes the reputation of a brand. To cut the story short, musicians are incredibly keen to the brand of their instruments. Ukuleles are no exemption.

In fact, even mateurs may look for something that can work with their pace and skills. Searching for good beginner ukuleles is a good idea, so that they can start honing their techniques efficiently.

So what are the top brands of ukulele today? Do you have any idea which of these makers can provide you with the appropriate ukulele that you need? You can know the answers to these questions by browsing to the next section.

4 Best Ukulele Brands That You Can Trust


Best Ukulele Brands

1. Kala

I would never be able to complete this list without including Kala on it. Arguably, it is the most reputable and favorite ukulele brand that exists on the market today. Many claims that Kala is one of the top producers of high-quality ukuleles for many years already. The construction and setup of their instruments are ideally suited for beginners, too.

The brand does not only offer few models; they have a myriad of ukuleles with different specifications. From professional ones down to practice units, this brand does not lack them all.

The main office of Kala is in California. Over the years, they established themselves as one of the elites of the ukulele community. Their instruments have innovative engineering yet simple setup. You will not encounter difficulties in using them, despite your preferences and level of expertise.

For starters who don't know what brand to pick, they should browse the creations of Kala. They would never disappoint you at all.

2. Mahalo

For professionals and expert players, Mahalo is the brand that rings the most. It is not because the brand is highly sought due to their premium quality. Instead, masters of the instrument love Mahalo because it served them while they were still new to the field. After all, this brand has encapsulated multiple beginner-friendly ukuleles for many years already.

In fact, most of the units of Mahalo are designed for the entry-level market. They ensure that all interested ukulele players would have the opportunity to get a decent starting instrument minus the cost. It is one of the advantages of preferring this ukulele brand over the others.

I cannot say that Mahalo is only good for amateurs. You can still play a gamut of musical pieces through the use of their instruments. You just need to improve the level of your playing technique. But for now, you can rest on the fact that Mahalo can serve the needs of every greenhorn ukulele players.

3. Hola

Hola is considered as the newest kid on the block. Many are still not familiar with this brand, especially those that do not update themselves with the top brands of ukulele today. But that is entirely okay. There's nothing wrong if your beginnings are humble. I am pretty sure that this brand will have a long way to go in the industry.

The ones that can benefit the instruments of Hola the most are beginners. The design and construction of their ukuleles do not come cheap. The body and hardware are all sturdy and rugged. Moreover, the strings are very responsible. Their tensions are decent enough to accommodate various musical genres.

It would be wrong if you will just ignore this brand just because it is new. You will miss the opportunity to play their awesome instruments. And that's something that I don't want to happen.

4. Luna

Luna is a manufacturer of premium ukuleles. But this doesn't mean that they are exclusively creating ukuleles alone. They also have other creations such as guitars and basses. They are versatile when it comes to the design and innovation that they integrate to their instruments. As a result, their ukuleles are user-friendly and capable of making different tones.

However, the best-selling point of Luna ukuleles is the aesthetics. Specifically, their ukuleles have been engraved with unique patterns that match their sound characteristics. The instruments do not only appear reasonable in the ears; they are also a pleasurable sight to the eyes. The finish of the ukulele bodies is made uniquely, too. They would stand out in the mix, regardless of your intended application.

The Luna ukuleles are fascinating to use because of the quality of sound they create. They are soothing to the ears, and no missed notes can be heard. Moreover, the ukuleles have a durable build, considering the types of tonewood that were used to manufacture them.

Luna may not be the best that there is when it comes to ukuleles. However, I can guarantee that the sound and performance of their ukuleles are fitting for serious ukulele players.


Learning all the best ukulele brand is advantageous to your part. If you are an amateur, this particular knowledge will allow you to choose the right ukulele without confusing your head at all. By knowing all the top brands of ukulele, you can easily scout all potential candidates without wasting time and effort.

Those brands that are mentioned here should become your top priority whenever you are looking for a ukulele. The quality of their instruments is capable of dealing with amateurs and professionals alike. It would never be disappointing if you can play one to three units that are created by these ukulele manufacturers.

Did you learn from this article? If I have missed notable ukulele brands, just tell me in the comment section below. I would love to include them after I have analyzed them.


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