10 Of The Best Guitar Capos That You Shouldn’t Miss (2022 review)

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Mar 17
Best Guitar Capo

If you want to improve your versatility of the guitar, you must learn how to use the capo properly. Of course, if you are already familiar with, you know the best guitar capo can drastically change the sounding quality of your instrument. But on the flipside, you might also know the effects of having a bad capo. Specifically, the latter can cause tone and tuning problems to your guitar.

Because of this, it is just appropriate for you to know the best options you have when it comes to guitar accessory. We have listed some of the top-rated capo models in the market today and featured them in this article. In this way, you can have an idea which one would fit your guitar and your preference as well. So what are you waiting for? Read on!

Best Guitar Capo: Top 10 List


Before we fully reveal the features of each of these units, we have to discuss first the key considerations in choosing a guitar capo. Through this, you will be able to choose a high-quality capo depending on your preferences and needs.

Guitar Capo Buying Guide

Types of Guitar Capo

There are different varieties of guitar capo, despite the popular belief that it only comes in a standard model. In fact, some capos have exotic designs so that it can cater highly complex and sophisticated instruments. However, a good guitar capo will always be able to hold the strings firmly without disrupting the current tune.

Meanwhile, here are the different types of guitar capos


This kind of guitar capo uses a strap to wrap itself around the back portion of the guitar's neck. Typically, a strap-on uses an elastic fabric to get a firm hold on the strings. Because of this construction, the latter can provide a stable and balanced hold on the strings. Of course, it also prevents any cases of detuning and buzzes.

Most of the new strap-on capos are using a ratchet system. Specifically, the feature enables players to use the capo on various guitar sizes. On the other hand, you can expect that this capo with stretch and wear out over time.

Trigger Type

A trigger-type guitar capo is currently the most popular capo in the market today. Notably, it features a design that allows you to adjust it as quick as possible. This device uses a lever mechanism to clamp and release the guitar. Moreover, you can operate this capo even by just one hand. Since it has a mechanical construction, you can say that it last longer than a strap-on. However, its hold on the strings is not as balanced as its counterpart.

Shubb Capo

This type of capo is almost similar to the trigger-type capo. Their only difference is their manner of operation. Specifically, it uses a locking mechanism to hold the strings, instead of o the conventional "clamp-and-release" action. Because of this, a shubb capo can provide a stable grip on the strings. However, you need to use both of your hands to operate this type of capo.

10 of the Best Guitar Capos

We got all the essential details covered. Now is the perfect time to highlight the features of the top-rated guitar capos that you can see on the market today.

If there is one guitar capo that should be on the top of your list, it should be the Shubb Deluxe Series. This particular product has been a constant favorite of guitar players for almost four decades already. The mere fact that it lasted that long in the industry is a proof of its quality.

From the build down to its performance, the Shubb Deluxe Series is truly impressive. It has customized rubber part that acts just like your finger. As a result, it gives a natural control to your instrument. Moreover, the said feature maintain the tone of your guitar!


  • Easy to lock and remove (uses a lever mechanism)
  • You don't need to adjust its pressure from time to time
  • Works just like your fingers
  • Highly rigid but gentle on your guitars
  • It is not as bulky as other capos


  • Adjustment time is quite slow
  • Some users find it small

Another great guitar capo that you should get is the Neewer. If you want convenient and portable capo for your guitar, then you should choose this one. Moreover, you can transfer it easily. In fact, the adjustment is so quick that you can do it while you are playing songs! Although the build of Neewer Capo is not as good as other high-end brands, we can say that it can last pretty long already!


  • Quick adjustment feature
  • Portable and compact design
  • Affordable costIdeal for beginners
  • Could work perfectly as a temporary capo


  • It is not a capo made from stainless steel
  • Too small for guitars that have wide necks

Whether you are using an electric or acoustic guitar, the Top Stage Guitar Capo will certainly have a place in your heart. This particular model has a rigid construction that can withstand abuse. It is also lightweight and fits perfectly anywhere because of its compact design. Meanwhile, adjusting this capo is not that troublesome because of its quick-transfer mechanism. In fact, you can change its position by just using your one hand.


  • Firm clamping
  • Preserves the tune properly
  • Smooth on the neck and strings
  • You can change its position easily
  • Durable and rigid construction


  • Some of its parts are unpadded
  • Not a good choice for guitars that have thick neck (e.g. Les Paul guitars)

If you want a premium guitar capo, then you should pick this unit from the Nordic Essentials. Primarily, this capo has a versatile use. Aside from traditional guitars, you can also have this capo on flamencos, banjos, ukuleles, and mandolins. Furthermore, it has a solid design that can last for a lifetime!

Meanwhile, you can quickly clamp and release this capo without ruining the current tuning of your guitar. It is also lightweight and portable, which allows you to bring it to your live gigs and performances!


  • Comes in a package (with carrying pouches)
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Quick release and clamping
  • Its hold is firm but gentle enough for your guitar
  • Can work on other stringed instruments


  • It won't work on 12-string guitars contrary to popular belief
  • There are certain sharp edges on this guitar capo

Dunlop is a known music band. They are popular for their musical accessories, including effects pedals. Of course, it would be amiss if they don't have a guitar capo to offer to their fans. Specifically, the Dunlop 83CS is an impressive capo, considering that it has an ergonomic design. For example, its handle has paddings so that you can adjust it easily.

This guitar capo also has a fantastic spring mechanism that allows snug clamping. Furthermore, this product is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Therefore, you can always guarantee its rigidity.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Extremely durable
  • It can clamp the guitar neck tightly
  • Fret adjustment is easy
  • Ideal for 12-string guitars as well


  • Clamping is somehow too stiff
  • The finish of this capo (lacquer) can easily scrape off

When it comes to giving value to your money, the Kyser KG6B is always reliable. It has a good design with a premium feel. None of its parts feel cheap, so you can guarantee that it has a superb construction. It can clamp tightly without compromising the welfare your guitar's neck. The same with other brands here, this guitar capo can do quick changes without disrupting the tuning of your instrument.


  • Strong and durable build
  • You can quickly do fret changes with this
  • It won't disturb your tuning at all
  • Doesn't interferes with your playing
  • It won't harm the finishing of your guitar


  • It doesn't have adjustment for tension
  • You need to apply more force when adjusting on lower frets

This is another guitar capo from the Nordic Essentials. Just the same as its cousin, this one has superb quality and construction. It has a body made from premium zinc-alloy metal.

Therefore, you can assure that this capo is as durable as it can be. If you are skeptic about its performance, you just have to consider that this accessory has a lifetime warranty! In short, this capo is a good investment!


  • Compatible with various stringed instruments
  • Durable (made from zinc alloy combination)
  • Gentle on the guitar
  • Tight and secure clamping
  • Doesn't disrupt the tuning of your instrument


  • Fairly expensive
  • Can't clamp a 12-string guitar fully

If your guitar has a radiused fret, then you should choose this capo from the Planet Waves. It has a distinctive design that can cater fretboards that have semi-circular cuts.

Of course, you will love to have this capo. After all, you can operate it with just your one hand. Moreover, it is pretty durable as well. Specifically, it is made from aircraft-grade aluminum. Meanwhile, you can adjust its tension by increments for precise tone control.


  • Ideal for fretboards with radius shape
  • Strong and durable
  • Precise tension adjustment
  • Quick one-hand operation
  • Can work with 12-string guitars


  • It can "tune down" slightly the lower strings of a 12-string guitar
  • Its grip is not as firm as other capos here

When it comes to innovation, the G7th Guitar Capo certainly stands out. Particularly, this product comes with a patented clutch action that enables you to move it without re-tuning your instrument. You can quickly clamp this capo in place, thanks to the lever on its back. Of course, you can expect that this product is durable. After all, its body is made from zinc alloy. And if that not impresses you, then we know that the lifetime warranty would!


  • You can adjust this capo without re-tuning your guitar
  • One-hand operation
  • Strong and tight grip on the fretboard
  • Durable construction
  • Gentle on the body of your guitar


  • Slightly expensive
  • You can't adjust its tension

The last entry on this list is this guitar capo from the Planet Waves. Specifically, the Planet Waves NS Tri-Action Capo is a good choice for those who are searching for capos that have a tension adjustment feature. It can assure you a buzz-free performance because of the firmness of its grasp.

This product also has a unique Tri-Action Geometry feature. Through this, you can clamp the capo on the headstock if you are not using it. Therefore, it saves a lot of space for storage. Moreover, it is pretty intuitive, considering that many players are too clumsy when it comes to keeping their capos.


  • Durable (aircraft-grade aluminum)
  • It comes with a built-in pick holder
  • Comes with micro-adjustment feature for its tension
  • Buzz-free tuning
  • Easy to clamp and release


  • It has some plastic parts
  • It can somehow detune the lower E string (not exactly a deal breaker)

Final Verdict

These are some of the best guitar capos on the market today. Each of them will allow you to play your favorite stringed instrument conveniently and correctly. Unlike some of the conventional capos that suffer from detuning issues, the capos we listed here are pretty immune from such pesky problem.

Moreover, these capos are not as expensive as you think. Therefore, you can easily invest in two or more of these capos without worrying about your budget!

Among these capos, we can say that those units from the Nordic Essentials and G7th left a last impression to us. Aside from their quality build, these capos are also ergonomic. They do not harm the structure the guitar’s neck and don’t affect the overall tuning at all! If we were you, you should better check these products first before going to other models!

Did we miss any capos that are worthy of being mentioned? Tell us all of them in the comment section below! Also, don't forget to hit like and share on this article! Good luck on your hunt!


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