The Best Gifts for Guitar Players: 20+ Options to Choose From! (2018)

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Oct 14
best gifts for guitar players

Guitar players have a lot of gears that they should invest. It is not sufficient anymore that you have a guitar only. The music industry is different from what it is used to be 10 or 20 years ago. If you don't have the right amenities, then you can't keep with the latest tunes and play styles.

If you have friends or family members who are avid fans of this instrument, it would be great if you endow them gifts from time to time. There is no need to be flashy about it. As long as you can give an item that they can utilize during their practice or live performances, you are already making a difference!

But if you are clueless about what to get, then this article is perfect for you. In here, I have listed some of the best gifts for guitar players out there. These following recommendations are taken across the entire price range. Therefore, you can always have a choice, depending on your spending capacity! Check these cool selections out!


Gifts for Guitar Players Under $10

1. Music Nomad MN205 The Nomad String, Body, and Hardware Cleaning Tool

This particular guitar amenity is a useful tool for any guitar players. With this, cleaning every part of your beloved tool will be swift and thorough!

Music Nomad MN205 The Nomad String, Body, and Hardware Cleaning Tool


Why you should give it: Well, as I mentioned above, a cleaning tool is an essential item for any guitar players. A clean instrument is susceptible to damages and irregularities.

Rarity: I guess that there are still a lot of guitar players out there who are still pretty clumsy with their instruments. There is a good chance that they have forgotten to invest in this item.

2. Dunlop 488P.88 Tortex Pitch Black

A pick is always the "third hand" of any guitar players. Had it not been for this tiny tool, exploring finger techniques would be difficult!

Why you should give it: A pick is a great instrument, especially for those players who want to explore the fundamentals of fingerpicking. Besides, playing with your bare fingers all the time is quite painful, right?

Rarity: I am pretty sure that guitar picks are not rare. But hey, guitar players are always losing this item! Therefore, you should consider it as a perfect gift item!

3. Planet Waves Pro Winder String Winder and Cutter

This tool is something that you want to give to a guitar player. The specific function of it is to regulate the pegs of the guitar. It also has wire cutters to cut any protruding strings in the headstock.

Why you should give it: Changing strings and working with your pegs can be difficult things. It is not like you can do them with convenience if you don't have an assistive tool like this.

Rarity: I really believe that a majority of guitar players out there don't have this item. You should do the honor of introducing this thing to them.

4. Planet Waves Pre-Treated Polish Cloth

When it comes to guitar care, a polish cloth is a must-have amenity. It is an item that enables you to clean your instrument before and after you use it.

Why you should give it: Guitars are susceptible from gunk and dirt build-up. Fortunately, you can always keep your instrument squeaky clean if you have this item. Guitar players really need this cleaning tool!

Rarity: I can say that polish cloths are a common item already, especially to meticulous guitar players. But it is not a bad idea to provide another piece of this, right?

5. GHS Strings A87 FAST FRET

This particular item is a deal sealer. It can provide you with a neck and string lubricant and string cleaner at the same time! Many guitarists will certainly pop their eyes once you surprise them with this!

Why you should give it: A bundle is always a cost-efficient choice. Of course, its functionality will be certainly welcomed by guitar players, especially that their main tool requires regular maintenance!

Rarity: Since it is a bundle, I can say that many guitarists don't have this. In fact, your buddy in the music room might want this on his/ her arsenals.

6. Ernie Ball How to Play Guitar Phase 1 Book

A no-nonsense guide to playing the guitar. This book from Ernie Ball will certainly teach you the ropes about the basics of strumming and chord playing.

Why you should give it: I don't recommend that you would give this to someone who can already manipulate the guitar like it is nothing. They might show a scowling face. Instead, wrap this and hand it to anyone you know that who wants to learn how to play the instrument.

Rarity: I have seen a lot of guitar tutorials out there. Therefore, this item is not strictly rare. But hey, there are some guitar hacks that you can learn from this book!

7. Ernie Ball How To Play Guitar Phase 2 Book

It is a follow-up course to the previous book Ernie Ball Guitar Book that I featured. I think that giving an incomplete series of this tutorial is a big NO!

Why you should give it: The reason is pretty simple. You want your recipient to learn all the fundamentals. You should leave no room for questions!

Rarity: The same reasoning I gave to gift item #6!

8. Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Of course, do not forget that a set of strings is an excellent gift idea, too. If you don't believe me, try giving this inexpensive yet high-quality strings from Martin. Any recipient of yours will be truly happy!

Why you should give it: Guitar players are always hard on their instruments. They practice and play anytime that is possible. As a result, their strings wear out quickly. They always welcome a replacement set!

Rarity: As gifts, guitar strings are not rare. However, they are still sought because of their significant role in the instrument. No strings, no guitar. That's it.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $10 to $30

1. Snark SN1 Guitar Tuner

If you can't think of anything else, a tuner will do. But just like the rest of the items here, a tuner is not a half-baked gift idea. Guitarists and hobbyists would see this item as heaven-sent!

Why you should give it: This particular tuner from Snark SN1 is ergonomic and truly responsive. It has a specific design that perfectly works with the bass and guitar frequencies. Therefore, any guitarist can benefit from it.

Rarity: Digital tuners are not always seen on the rig of guitar players. You can usually see them being used by professionals. But for hobbyists, they are not common.

2. String Swing CC01K-BW Hardwood Home and Studio Guitar Keeper

This is a must-have for every guitar players out there. This amenity keeps the guitar from being improperly displayed on the hanger. It is an ergonomic tool that holds the guitar in place!

Why you should give it: I would recommend this guitar keeper for those that have guitars whose headstock have uneven or single heels. Of course, you would not get ashamed of giving this item because it has a sleek appearance!

Rarity: I can certify that you can't just simply find this item anywhere! It is a one-of-a-kind gift that any guitarist would love to receive!

3. IK Multimedia AmpliTube iRig Guitar Interface Adaptor

Would an interface adaptor change the game for a guitarist? Of course, it can! Regardless of the season, this device can provide a wonderful connection between your guitar and mobile devices!

Why you should give it: An interface adaptor is a necessity for modern guitar players. It simplifies the operation and setup process, which is necessary for fast-paced and touring players!

Rarity: It is absolutely not common. A device that you can connect to your mobile gadgets is not something that you can see on a daily basis.

4. Intellitouch CT1B Capo Tuner

Nothing can simply beat the functionality that a capo can provide to a guitar. It can instantly change the tune of the instrument, which ensures the versatility of the player.

Why you should give it: The Intellitouch CT1B Capo Tuner is a digital device that combines the functions of a tuner and capo. With this, a guitar player can quickly navigate and modify his/ her instrument. No other instrument is needed. It is a great gift idea, indeed.

Rarity: Just like the interface tuner, the capo tuner is a device that you cannot find easily. If you can spot this on the market, better get it immediately!

5. Fender Logo Stretch Cap

A guitar player does not only need an item that can improve his/ her performance on the stage. Sometimes, these folks also need some items that could solidify their status as guitar masters. This cap from Fender would certainly make them stand out!

Why you should give it: Many are fans of Fender items. Their guitars are good. In fact, some of us see their products as premium items. If you can give any item that has the Fender emblem on it, guitar geeks would certainly accept them!

Rarity: For the meantime, novelty caps are a thing. But you can't see authentic Fender hats, right? Therefore, this item is a great deal already!

6. Planet Waves O-Port Sound Enhancement for Acoustic Guitar

If you know someone who loves to play the acoustic guitar, this accessory is a great gift idea. Just install this on the soundhole of the guitar, and you can get a fuller and richer sound already!

Why you should give it: An acoustic guitar cannot stand out in the mix if it doesn't have the right presence. With this simple accessory, a guitar player can boost the sounding of the instrument. Moreover, it can suppress feedback, too. Many guitar players will certainly appreciate this item!

Rarity: As far as my research is concerned, this particular amenity is not present in all music stores. Hence, it is a moderately rare item.

7. Music Nomad MN108 Premium Guitar Care

For guitar cleaning needs, the Music Nomad MN108 is an excellent selection. Specifically, it contains a cleaner, wax, and polish to ensure that you can do a thorough cleaning on your instrument. As I mentioned earlier, a clean instrument has better performance than a dirty one!

Why you should give it: Guitar players are quite meticulous about their instrument. They want their instrument to appear and sound flawless. But of course, they can't achieve it if they don't have this comprehensive cleaning kit! Be the generous one and offer this to them!

Rarity: It is a common cleaning item. However, you should still be magnanimous enough to give this to them.

8. Fender Logo T-Shirt

Just a follow-up item to the Fender cap I featured. Combining these two clothing would make any guitar player stand out in the crowd!

Why you should give it: It is a great clothing, especially if it is related to guitar fashion. Nothing can beat its simple but sleek appearance. Even a non-guitar player will love to wear this!

Rarity: Except for crappy imitations, finding this shirt on malls is quite difficult!

9. SpiderCapo Standard

Another gift-worthy capo that you should consider is the SpiderCapo. It has a straightforward design, but the ergonomics that it has can enable a smooth operation. It does not have a flimsy construction, too!

Why you should give it: As I highlighted earlier, a capo is a simple device that allows you to change the tone of your instrument, even without using a stompbox. It is a perfect gift idea for any guitar players out there!

Rarity: It is functional but not thoroughly uncommon.

10. Pick Punch - The Original Guitar Pick Punch

This one is a nifty gift idea. A pick punch allows you to create guitar picks instantly, regardless of the material that you are going to use! With this, your guitarist friends will never have to worry about picks again!

Why you should give it: Even if they are not clumsy, guitar players tend to lose their picks. To prevent such nuisance from happening again, why not just give them the option to make the guitar picks by themselves? I am sure that they will like that ingenuity!

Rarity: Absolutely rare! It is a premade pick punch, anyway.

11. Walker & Williams F-06 Dark Brown Crocodile Pattern Padded Guitar Strap

The Walker & Williams Guitar Strap is your top choice if you have friends that are constantly doing gigs. With this strap, you can guarantee that they can play efficiently and comfortably.

Why you should give it: Unlike other guitar straps, the construction of Walker & Williams Guitar Strap enables the guitar player to maximize their mobility. It is non-obtrusive and comfortable at the same time. Since it is made from authentic leather, its durability is unquestionable!

Rarity: Guitar straps are common. A sleek and classy guitar strap from Walker & Williams is not!

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $30-$50

1. FireKingdom Glarry 9 Triple Folding Multiple Guitar Rack Storage

You should only get this rack storage to any guitar players with multiple rigs. The rack can arrange your bass and electric guitars efficiently and cleanly. If they have this, they will no longer need to hang their instruments on risky and damage-prone spots.

Why you should give it: An organizer enables a guitar player to store his/ her precious instruments properly. Specifically, the FireKingdom storage rack can hold up to 9 guitars. Therefore, space is not a problem here!

Rarity: A guitar storage with such capacity is not commonly seen in the market.

2. Pyle-Pro PPDLP02 DC PedalBoardPower Supply

Advanced electric guitarists own at least three effects pedals. Of course, powering these devices simultaneously is quite difficult, especially if you don't have a reliable power supply. This particular unit can provide stable and safe connection to all of their stompboxes!

Why you should give it: Playing with multiple pedals is not really an easy task. Arranging them is an ordeal and stifling process. Any gigging guitarists can attest that. But you can certainly make things easier for them if you can give this item to them. It can hold up to 10 pedals and is compatible with DC power source.

Rarity: It is not easy to find a power supply that can operate ten effects pedals simultaneously.

3. Guitar Pedal Power Supply

Another pedalboard power supply that you should consider as a gift item is this product from MEMTEQ. It has the same capabilities as the first pedalboard power supply that I featured. But I really think that this one possesses better ergonomics than the latter.

Why you should give it: Just as I said, a power supply enables you to operate your pedalboards safely and efficiently. Live performers and studio artist are in need of this item! If you know someone that is in within that skill caliber, try to surprise with this gadget!

Rarity: Same rarity as the first power supply that I have featured.

4. GoDpsMusic Acoustic Guitar Accessory Pack

This bundle will certainly complete the day of any acoustic guitar players out there! It comes with essential tools for a touring and performing guitarist. Such of these are the tuner, gig bag, and guitar stand.

Why you should give it: You should give this package because it is a cost-friendly gift idea. With all of these high-quality amenities priced as one, you are simply getting more than what you have paid for. For your recipients, this bundle would make their jaws drop. They would see you as a rich philanthropist!

Rarity: Acoustic bundles like this is something that you cannot find easily, unless during peak seasons and holidays.

5. Fender Electric Guitar Amplifier Footswitch

Many of us would always think pedals as the first gift option. If you have the same line of thought, better get an amplifier pedal. It is among the basic effects pedals that a guitar player should have, aside from a distortion pedal.

Why you should give it: An amplifier footswitch enables a guitarist to easily augment the volume of his rig. He can easily modify the presence of the instrument in the mix, which is pretty essentials for solos and rhythms.

Rarity: You can see a lot of amplifier pedals today! But this one that I featured is a Fender product. Its quality is something that you cannot easily thwart!

6. Guitar Pro 6

If you know someone who is currently exploring the art of editing and writing tablature, give this product to them. The Guitar Pro 6 is an intuitive software that can provide vast options of making guitar tablatures. It also includes a variety of effects, too!

Why you should give it: I cannot say that anyone can learn how to use this software quickly. But if your recipient is a tech expert, then coursing through the controls and functions of this program is a piece of cake! Once they have this tool, they can fully modify their sounds to their own liking!

Rarity: I have not seen a guitar tablature editing software that is as comprehensive as the Guitar Pro 6.

Gifts for Guitar Players Under $50-$100

1. Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah Guitar Effects Pedal

Giving the Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah to anyone is an act of spoiling. Wah pedals are always considered as extra sound flavorings. They allow your signal chain to produce a rich and reverberating effect. For solos and intros, this particular effect is necessary!

Why you should give it: I always consider the Dunlop GCB95 Cry Baby Wah as one of the best wah pedals that you can get on the market today. It has a durable construction and full analog circuitry. Guitar aficionados will certainly love such capabilities!

Rarity: Premium and high-quality wah pedals like the Dunlop Cry Baby are not easy to find.

2. Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones

It is quite surprising that a premium brand like Beats offers entry-level in-ear headphones. It is a great gift idea for guitar players, especially that they always have a keen hearing. This pair of headphones didn't sacrifice the sound for style. I can guarantee that!

Why you should give it: Guitar players are always on the lookout for good songs and melodies. They are easily inspired and influenced by these tracks. A pair of headphone will allow them to listen without any disturbances. But the Beats urBeats In-Ear Headphones has more than to offer to them!

Rarity: With its price and quality, I can definitely say that this item is not always up for grabs!

3. Gibson Gear ASCL-BRN The Classic Brown Leather with Suede Back Guitar Strap

One of the fanciest and dandiest guitar straps that I have ever is the Gibson Gear Classic Guitar Strap. Just by the name of the manufacturer itself, you can already attest that this guitar strap is made for professionals and serious players.

Why you should give it: I know that most guitar players out there don't have a high-quality strap installed on their guitars. That reason alone is compelling enough to have this one on your checklist.

Rarity: Can you find an authentic Gibson strap on your local music stores? I don't think so.

What Not To Buy for Guitar Players

Strictly speaking, any musical item that could improve or benefit the performance of a guitar player is a great gift already. As long as the product possesses the right quality, it is a good present already.

The things that you should avoid buying for them are those fakes and imitations. The market today is sprawling with these unwanted copycats of guitar items. You should always be careful whenever you are visiting the electronics sections because there are a lot of cheap counterparts there.

Yes. You can save money from getting these items. But will it satisfy your recipient? Well, you and I know the answer already. Just spend a little here. It is not like you are spending for them on a daily basis anyway.

Wrapping Up!

The perfect gifts for guitar players are not always the most expensive ones. Instead, they are those things that could help them smoothen their learning and playing progress. Simple things count, too. Always remember that a gift-laden hand is always received with appreciation and gratitude. Even a basic guitar cleaner can make guitarists grin already!


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