6 Most Important Electric Guitars Of All Time

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Jun 07
best electric guitars of all time

We all live in the idea that not all guitars are the same. There's no way that such a thing could happen. In fact, it is possible that this instrument has a plethora of classification, and that's not an exaggeration.

But didn't you know that some guitars are just a cut from the rest? It is not because they are ultra expensive or rare, but because of the degree of importance that they hold. You can say that if these guitars didn't exist, the guitar world as we know it wouldn't be the same.

Here are some of the most important electric guitars of all time.

1. Frying Pan (Ro-Pat-In Electro A-25)

This is the perfect opportunity to go down to the memory lane. For starters, I want you to introduce to the good old Frying Pan. The latter is the very first solid-body electric guitar that has been built and sold. And take note, it is fully functional.

The construction of this guitar is designed for those Hawaiian-type steel that is played on the lap horizontally. However, you can also wield it by playing it on your torso vertically.

The reason why it is named as "Frying Pan" is because of its peculiar body shape. The body is circular while the neck is long enough that it looks like that it is a frying pan. But still, it is undeniable that this guitar kickstarted the use of electric guitars.

2. Fender Telecaster

The Frying Pan was the first solid-body guitar that was built and sold. However, it was the Fender Telecaster that was first to be commercialized in the market. It is for that reason why the Fender Telecaster has been a staple in the guitar industry. Almost no guitar players are stranger to it.

The first design of Telecaster is pretty simple and vivid. It focused on the function rather than other ergonomics. Specifically, the guitar featured a single coil sound that is particularly bright and amazing. This sound, by the way, paved the way for various pop music to be popular.

Up to now, the Telecaster line of Fender has been in continuous production. In fact, in the list of the bestelectricguitars.reviews , the Fender Telecaster will always come out! After all, who wouldn't want an impressive guitar like this anyway?

3. Gibson ES-150

The Gibson ES-150 has been a contemporary of the first Fender Telecaster. They have been released in the market almost simultaneously, and both did have a successful run. You can say that these two brands have a historic match-up.

On its end, the Gibson ES-150 became a legend as it was endorsed by multiple luminaries in the guitar industry. Folks like Charlie Christian, Eddie Durham, and Floyd Smith have recommended the Gibson ES-150. These guys are notoriously famous guitarists, and whatever they say, a cult will follow.

Here's an interesting fact. The term ES actually stands for Electric Spanish. Meanwhile, the number 150 is the actual bundle price of the guitar, which is $150. In short, you can say that this guitar simply means an electric guitar sold for 150 bucks. Pretty sweet deal, right?

4. Gretsch 6128 Duo Jet

It is undeniable that the Fender and Gibson are the trailblazers when it comes to the creation of solid-body electric guitars. Therefore, it was not a surprising thing anymore that several manufacturers followed their path.

One of them is a company called Gretsch. Actually, a significant number of people were still not aware of the existence of this brand in the past. But after they released their Duo Jet, things made a sudden turn.

The Duo Jet is considered by many as the first-ever rock-and-roll axe. If you are a particular fan of this unit, you should thank Gretsch for that. The first Duo Jet has a simple design. A simple black layout already made it iconic. But after 1954, the company elevated the aesthetics of this guitar. They made it flashy and captivating to the eyes. Of course, the sound quality was never compromised at all!

5. Gibson Les Paul

Many of us are huge fans of Gibson Les Paul. Right now, this is a great and versatile electric guitar that can take on a variety of contemporary genres. But didn't you know that in the past,

the Gibson Les Paul almost suffered from an insurmountable demise? You see, the guitar was discontinued in 1961 due to some unsuccessful commercial stint on 1936. Gibson almost gave up on this unit when some famous guys started using it again. Specifically, the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Peter Green, and Keith Richards began to use the Les Paul in the later parts of the 60s. It was then that the Gibson started to revive the guitar in their drawing board. Over time, many people already embraced the Les Paul as their primary rig. Even for starters, the guitar has been welcoming. Many performers today started their journey with Les Paul, and that's no coincidence.

6. Fender Stratocaster

The Stratocaster is a descendant of the Telecaster. When the latter had an unbeaten run, Fender soon tailored the Stratocaster. But of course, we all know that the Stratocaster is more than just an upgrade.

This is the first guitar that has been equipped with spring-tension tremolo, which contributes to the power and reverberation of its sound. Compared to the Telecaster, it is pretty evident that the Stratocaster is a lot sexier and sleeker.

However, the fame of Stratocaster is purely attributed to the iconic individuals that have used it. Ritchie Valens and Buddy Holly are among the first legends who have used it. Later on, guitar gods like David Gilmour and Jimi Hendrix did rock with this guitar.

Bottom Line

There you go. By far, the units that have been mentioned here hold a degree of importance in the world of electric guitars. They are the ones that have helped in shaping the kind of music that we have today. They raised and trained a lot of legends and players already. Without them, our music wouldn't be as good as what we have now.

That's it for now! If you know any other electric guitars that are distinctively relevant, just tell me in the comment section below!


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