5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons

By Monica | Guitar Care

Sep 27
5 Reasons Why You Need Guitar Lessons

As mentioned in one of the articles of Musiety, taking up lessons is an essential part of learning the art of playing the guitar. Unless you were with an inherent gift of yielding this instrument, you would certainly need help.'

Guitar lessons are useful if you have taken an interest in this instrument. Sure. You can learn how to play the stuff through various tutorials on Youtube. But that's there too is. The things that these videos can teach you are pretty limited. On the other hand, engaging in a guitar lesson would provide all the knowledge that you need to get rolling.

Here are some of the compelling reasons why a guitar lesson is a must:


You Learn from the Pros

Unlike other services, guitar lessons cannot be faked or scammed. Those who dare to open up a guitar class are confident enough with their skills and expertise over the said instrument. You can guarantee that their hands have already mastered all the techniques and playing styles that exist in the industry today.

Of course, not all guitar teachers are famous. You should not expect such happenstance from occurring. Legends like Jimi Hendrix would never sit in front of you. No. That's not how things work. However, there is one thing that you can guarantee here. The teachers that you can get from guitar classes are highly trained. They have dedicated their lives to mastering the instrument. Their technical skills are always on the level of the pros.

Your Progress Would be Steady

Guitar lessons follow a particular curriculum. They would never teach random things without following a uniform course. When you are enrolled in a guitar class, you can expect that the starting lessons would be filled with the basics. In the starting months, your guitar teachers will teach you all the fundamentals of the instrument. As long as you will never master the fundamentals, your teachers will never allow you to progress.

There's a lot of grinding that you have to do whenever you are in a guitar course. You will suffer delays and frustrations, but these things are just completely normal. After all, nobody is expecting that you can master the instrument swiftly. The learning curve will always be steep. But in a guitar class, you can ensure that your progress will always be steady.

Because you are following a course outline, you will learn the skills that are necessary to accomplish the next lessons. You will never have to turn around or go back just because you missed something. Guitar lessons ensure that their apprentices can move forward.

You Become a Better Player

Developing bad playing habits is one of the drawbacks of learning the instrument by yourself. Because you are too eager about emulating the ways of your icons, there's a huge tendency that you will skip all the basics. And that's not good at all.

A person has to be dedicated before he can start hovering over the instrument. The necessary speed, dexterity, and precision should always be present to ensure that you can play the instrument correctly. You can never teach these core skills to yourself, whether you like it or not. After all, you don't have any idea about them in the first place.

Don't ever think that the "feel good" sensation is a sign that what you are doing is correct. I have yet to encounter a professional guitar player who had it easy in the early years of their careers. Just like what I have said earlier, learning how to play the guitar is not easy. If it is easy, then there's a good chance that you are doing something wrong.

Once you go to a guitar class, these mistakes and bad playing habits will gravitate. You will realize that what you have been doing the whole time is actually wrong. You may have a hard time adjusting unless you will make up for it.

You Develop a Practice Habit

Practice is necessary for any given field. For you to develop your craft, you have to spend time learning it. Yes. It is true that all those resources and guides can help you out in the process. However, what they can contribute is just but a fraction of your full potential. If you really want to get things straight, get your guitar and start practicing.

I know. I know that a lot of you just have a hard time to practice. There is a fleet of reasons being thrown why they can't practice at all. Some say that they lack the time. Some say that it is too difficult to find the starting point. These missives can go on and on.

However, if you are serious in learning the instrument, these excuses should never be accepted. Enrolling in a guitar class will help you develop a healthy practice habit. After all, your instructors will require you to do this. You have regular classes. You have daily sessions that you have to attend. All these rigorous regimens will inscribe your bones all the essential prerequisites for you to get motivated to practice.

The frequency of your lessons or classes will embed a routine for your body. You will be hardwired for it. Once that happens, practicing would never be a foreign concept to you.

Your Musical Knowledge Expands

Guitar lessons are not all about guitars. That's a misconception that I am very eager to break for quite some time already. People enrol in these courses because they want to learn how to play the instrument. However, before you can fully master the guitar, there are other essential tools that you have to get accustomed.

For instance, music theory is commonly taught in these classes. It is an essential subject that teaches a person how to compose a piece based on a structure or guideline. Learning how to read rhythms and musical notes are also pivotal in the overall progression of a guitar player.

After a guitar course, becoming a holistic guitar player would never a difficult thing. You will be able to yield the instruments in different ways possible.

For those who want to learn how to play the guitar, I do recommend that you enrol in these courses. Just like I said earlier, you can try learning the instrument through various tutorials and resources that are sprawling on the internet today. But without the presence of professional instructors, you might not unravel all things that a guitar can offer .


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