5 Important Tips Related To Guitar Classes

By Monica | Guitar Care

Jan 07
5 Important Tips Related To Guitar Classes

People have varied interests and hobbies. One of these includes playing instruments. The guitar is considered to be one of the most commonly chosen instruments which individuals like to learn to play. It is not an easy instrument; however, the gratification of learning to play a guitar beautifully is incomparable.

When it comes to learning how to play the guitar, it is always best to opt for a great guitar classes with an enthusiastic teacher to learn from. You can join the best guitar classes in Kolkata and learn how to play the instrument with grace and ease. Here are a few important lessons you must know related to guitar classes.


1. Opt for a one-on-one lesson

There are various kinds of guitar classes available. However, if you are just a beginner and want to really learn how to play this instrument well, it is important to opt for one-on-one classes with a skilled and experienced guitar teacher. This way, you can get their full, undivided attention when you are picking up the instrument for the first time. When opting for a guitar class and a teacher, make sure you choose a class which has a good reputation and a skilled instructor, instead of opting for an amateur teacher.

2. Keep practicing yourself

When it comes to learning how to play the guitar, you cannot simply rely on your weekly classes to become a pro. Practicing alone at home is also very important. You can look up online guitar tutorials and even play along with other teachers or students. It is important to be very observant; watch how others are playing, their style, and their way of holding the instrument. This can slowly help you develop your very own sense of style.

3. Play using your mind

Don’t ever restrict your love for playing the guitar. If you have some spare time but don’t have your guitar with you, play with your mind’s eye. Visualize the instrument, the chords, and the tunes and riffs you want to play. When it comes to music, you have to learn to play with your mind’s eye instead of simply following the notes. This can help you really understand the guitar even better.

4. Research on the classes and the teacher

Just like you would do before buying something for yourself, it is important to conduct research before opting for a guitar class and a guitar teacher. Research online and read the reviews of other students before you pick on a guitar class and the teacher. Learn about the experience and skill of the teacher as well as the school so that you know you are choosing the best for yourself.

5. Record yourself

There is no better way to hear the nuances of your own playing than to record yourself playing the guitar. Do this when you are practicing alone at home. You can set up a video camera, or simply an audio device which will record you playing the guitar. Once you have jammed to a song, play it back and watch or listen to yourself playing. Many subtle nuances will expose themselves with this practice, and you will be able to correct yourself and become a better student eventually.

Even if you are practicing with your friends or with a band, it can be a good idea to record yourself so you can watch it back and learn from your mistakes. The most important lesson to learn when learning to play the guitar is the lesson of patience. So, join the best guitar classes in Kolkata and learn how to play like a guitar god!

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