Top 20 Guitar Blogs Worthy To Follow

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May 10
Top 20 Guitar Blogs

When learning guitar, it is not sufficient that you just hang around in Youtube for some tutorials. Moreover, even if you have a music teacher, it still doesn't guarantee that you can learn anything that you want. As much as possible, you must get all the necessary resources for your learning. And for that, we will present you the best guitar blogs on the internet today!

Of course, it should not come as a surprise that the internet is your ally when it comes to musical dilly dallying. If you hit up to search engines like Google, you will certainly find hundreds of sites that are related to it. Specifically, guitar blogs are the most apparent, considering that this is a popular instrument.

Among the vast repository for guitar, there are a few blogs out there that really stands out. The reason for this is due to their comprehensiveness and availability of useful features. Therefore, the next time you want to learn something about your guitar, you should go to these following sites first. Here are they!


Guitar World


Guitar World

Even if you are not into guitars, you might still be familiar with Guitar World. After all, this is the internet's leading site when it comes to guitar lessons and reviews. Moreover, they include up-to-date news from the music industry as well. Are you following a certain guitar icon? Guitar World has certainly a thing or two about them. Overall, this site is a complete treasure trove for anything that is related to this instrument

Guitar Habits

guitar habits

Guitar Habits is an excellent site for guitar tutorials. Moreover, the lessons don't just come on a single basis. Instead, the site integrates a series of tutorials to cover different guitar techniques, which includes the iconic fingerpicking patterns. But the best feature that this site has is its "friendliness" towards beginners? Are you clueless about the guitar? Then you should head to this site!

True Fire

true fire

The site True Fire is an enormous library of guitar tutorials and lessons. In fact, this site boasts more than 500 guitar courses, which are all free. Aside from it, they have additional 25,000 guitar lessons and another 11,000 tabs and notations that could include your favorite tracks. With all these numbers, you can guarantee that this blog can be your guide towards mastering this instrument!

Guitar Adventures

guitar adventures

The Guitar Adventures goes beyond the instrument. Specifically, it features how the guitar can become a part of your lifestyle. Or if not, the site will tell you how the guitar can become your lifestyle itself. Guitar Adventures is managed by a group, which includes Sydney-based mix engineer and producer Dan Shaw.

Adam Rafferty

Adam Rafferty

This blog is owned by a New York-based guitarist Adam Rafferty. If you want to learn the art of fingerstyle and other related techniques, you better check this site. It has excellent and free tabs for "Simplicity" and "Vitamin E Blues." But before you can fully access the contents of the blog, you must join its mailing list first. But trust us, there are no spams here.

The Guitar Lesson


the guitar lesson

The Guitar Lesson boasts high-quality video tutorials for multiple music theory techniques. We could say that it is an excellent site for beginners who want to learn more about the guitar. All the lessons are free and even includes categorization between electric and acoustic guitar. It is a pretty decent site that you must check out.

My Rare Guitars


my rare guitars

Are you looking for vintage guitars? Then you should head out to this guitar blog. Specifically, My Rare Guitars exhibit a fancy collection of reviews for exceptional vintage guitars from the brands Fender, Eastwood, Gibson, VOX, Silvertone, Airline, Teisco and more!

Guitar Hippies

Guitar Hippies

As its name suggests, this blog is for those guitar players who want to escape from the conventional guitar techniques. The blog features tutorials and other lessons that are not really seen on other mainstream guitar sites. Moreover, they also provide techniques for unique guitar customizations and mods.

Infinite Guitar

infinite guitar

Just like most of the sites here, the Infinite Guitar is an online tutorial site. Particularly, the lessons vary from beginners to advanced. Therefore, it is a place that can accept practitioners on any levels and walks of life. Interestingly, the tutorials are provided by music teachers from different parts of the globe.

I Heart Guitar Blog

i heart guitar blog

Guitar enthusiast Peter Hodgson made the "I Heart Guitar" blog. Obviously, the site showcases his love for guitars and anything that revolves around it. You can even find his interviews here to some of the most iconic guitarists today. There is also news from various guitar manufacturers in this blog, too! Definitely, it is a site that is worth checking.

Learning Guitar Now

Learning guitar now

Are you searching for insanely great tutorials and music tech updates? Then you should check this site! The "Learning Guitar Now" is primarily a guitar tutorial site. It has decent lessons about licks and other related techniques. Moreover, you can find interesting and "no-BS" videos about the structure and proper to the instrument.

The Guitar Journal

The guitar journal

The Guitar Journal is a good site for exploring the best guitar apps today. It also offers its visitors various updates for the latest innovation in acoustic guitars. But overall, this site is for anyone who loves the guitar. It has multiple resources (aside from tutorials) that can enhance your affinity towards the stringed-instrument.

Eddie's Guitars


Eddies guitars

Technically speaking, the "Eddie's Guitars" is not a guitar blog. However, it is an excellent resource center if you are looking for reviews for top-quality acoustic guitars on the market today. The site also offers direct purchase some of the goods listed here. In fact, the blog even featured the rare PRS Private Stocks. But be warned: most of the guitars here are expensive!

Classical Guitar

Classical guitar

Some of us are into the realm of classical guitars. Unfortunately, most of the guitar blogs today have a little coverage about this sophisticated field. Fortunately, there is the "Classical Guitar" site for you. All things that are related to this instrument are present here. They also feature some notable practitioners of this instrument. Moreover, they also offer free exercise to anyone who wants to learn parallel octaves, Giuliani, and more!

Guitar Answer Guy

Guitar Answer Guy

There are a lot of questions that could bother a guitar beginner. Of course, anyone could give answers, even though they are unsolicited and unfounded. But if you want to know more about guitar ownership and the proper approach for guitar care, then you should visit the "Guitar Answer Guy" blog. Aside from these technicalities, the site also offers a plethora of advice coming from master guitar players.

The Fender Blog

Guitar World

We are still not certain if Fender runs this blog. But there's one thing for sure: if you are a Fender fan, you should drop by to this site. It has several resources about Fender guitars, amps, and pedals. Furthermore, it comes with DIY tutorials for various sound components.

Guitar Lifestyle

Guitar Lifestyle

Owned by Josh Evitt, the Guitar Lifestyle is a site that houses various gear and guitar reviews. Interviews and news from your favorite artists and rock bands are also available in this blog. Although it is not a tutorial site, there are still a lot that you can learn from this site, especially on guitar maintenance and usage.

Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise

Guitar Noise is almost similar to Guitar World. It is a perfect site for anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar. However, most of the tutorials here are through podcasts. Therefore, you have to stay updated so that you can listen live and interact with its resident teacher, David Hodge.

Heartwood Guitar

Heart Wood Guitar

Some of us want to learn to some of the best guitar teachers on the land. Of course, it is a given, considering that a lot of practitioners think that they are already an aficionado on the field. One decent and legitimate site to learn the guitar is the Heartwood Guitar. All of the tutorials here came from Rob Hampton, a seasoned guitar teacher. On this site alone, you can learn a lot of things. In fact, you can even become a great player by just following the lessons here.

Matt Warnock Guitar


Matt Warnock Guitar

For jazz lovers out there, the blog of Matt Warnock is the perfect site for you. In fact, the site boasts that it helped more than 4 million people learn how to play jazz on their guitars. Well, it is a pitch that we would take. After all, the site is credible on its own right!


All of these guitar blogs are your ideal routes if you suddenly stumbled on your progress. They can provide you useful and new information on how to use your guitar properly. Moreover, these sites offer multiple tablatures for your favorite songs. Of course, some of them contains guitar and gear reviews, too. In short, these guitar blogs are worth following!

Did you learn from this article? Which of these sites is your favorite? Tell us your answers in the comment section below!


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I’m Rob, who runs “The Fender Blog”. It isn’t affiliated with Fender, which I guess I should make clear on my homepage.
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Thank you for mentioning my website and best of luck with yours. Keep rocking!
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