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best electric guitar under 500
Dec 12

The Best Electric Guitar Under 500: Recommendations and Reviews

By Monica | Guitar , Product Reviews

The prices of guitars may change over time. Sometimes, the shift could happen instantly and dramatically. Therefore, those guitars that have been included here might not be excluded tomorrow or the next year due to the sudden spike in their cost. Nonetheless, this is just a disclaimer that I want to emphasize, in case some of you might complain.

But why do electric guitars do have a volatile pricing? Well, the answer is simple: it is all about competition. When top contenders like Fender, Gibson, and Epiphone would battle each other, you can expect that the prices of their products would be haggled down to the maximum. This is the reason why we can see high-quality and professional guitars on the lower end of the price spectrum.

But what is the best electric guitar under 500? And why it has to be $500 anyways? If you are a serious guitar player, you would eventually realize that settling on entry-grade units won't bring out the best in your capabilities. Meanwhile, guitars that are within this price range are considered ergonomic and functional already. You can take them anywhere you want, whether it is a simple practice in the studio or a live performance on the stage.

Regardless of your preferences, you can always expect something unique in this price category. You can spot brand new electric guitars here with compelling aesthetics and sound production. You can always assure that their pickups have been revamped, too.

I have listed some of the best guitars that fall under this price range. I have tested their general playability to make sure that they can make the cut. Among the myriad of electric guitars on this category, the following can be considered as the cream of the crop!

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best headphones for guitar amp
Nov 11

Best Headphones for Guitar Amp: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

By Monica | Product Reviews

Having a guitar is both a blessing and a curse, especially if you have neighbors or families that are keeping you in check. Do not resist when they complain about your smashing those chords, though, as they might call the police to shut you down.

So how can you play your beloved instrument wild and free without disturbing others? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You just have to invest in a headphone for your amp. With this accessory, you can confidently practice without making other folks around you agitated.

Having the best headphones for guitar amp is somehow necessary. They may become vital if you don't have a private studio in which you can play. Of course, they are mandatory if you are living in an urban setting or residential area, in which one strum can be heard from several yards away.

If you are looking for the best options for guitar headphones, you might want to check out the recommendations that I have listed in this article. All of the items that I featured here have good rapport both in the market and in the guitar community. Therefore, assessing them out wouldn't hurt your time and money at all.

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Best Guitar Picks
Nov 01

The Best Guitar Pick: 8 Options to Choose From!

By Monica | Gear , Product Reviews

Guitar picks are not really the things that are hogging the spotlight on the music industry. In fact, people always consider them as the least priority when it comes to their investments. These small-looking pieces are not the ones that you can notice first. But the irony here is that they have a significant impact on the tone of the guitar.

Always remember that the best guitar pick can provide alterations to the sounding of your instrument. You can always compare them to the bow of a violin. By strumming the pick to the strings of the guitar, its tonal frequency and dynamics would eventually change. A wrong pick might generate unwanted sounding over your guitar.

The choosing process is actually difficult and confusing at first. But since we have a lot of online shops that features high-quality picks, selecting the right pick are gradually becoming a convenient thing. And since their availability already exceeded our expectations, our options are almost limitless already.

If you want to get the finest recommendations for a guitar pick, then you should check out the list that I made below. Each of them has all the necessary attributes that can improve the tonal attack of your beloved instrument. Check them out!

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Best Travel Guitar
Oct 27

Top 7 Options For The Best Travel Guitar: Full Buyer’s Guide

By Monica | Product Reviews

Our interest in music is not limited to our studios or stages. Even if we are on the road, the rhythms and melodies always linger with us. It is a great thing, honestly. Being able to embrace the art of soothing your ears and soul wherever you are is something that not all people can do.

For hardcore guitarists, investing on the best travel guitar is a must. Well, you can stick with your conventional acoustic instrument. However, you should prepare your body for some cumbersome load that you should carry. It is not a discouragement. But if you want to travel light and conveniently, 3/4 acoustic guitars are certainly the best choice.

Mini guitars, unlike the popular belief, does not suck at all. But of course, this statement does not apply to all travel guitars out there. After all, guitars are not created the same and equal. Always remember that. That kind of understandable stratification is the reason why I always recommend to my readers to only get the best options. By doing that, you will not be throwing away any considerable investments.

So basically, our collective goal here is to find a travel guitar that won't disappoint us in any way possible. Lucky for you, I did some prior research already. I have visited many music stores and online communities as well to get some good recommendations for this type of guitar. The list below features the units that have constantly been lauded by professionals and hobbyists alike.

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best delay pedal
Oct 06

The Best Delay Pedal That You Should Invest In Right Now!

By Monica | Product Reviews

It is bad to delay your improvement and progress in playing the guitar. But it will be a good turn if you invest in the best delay pedal. With this stompbox, the quality of your performance would certainly elevate.

I can personally testify that a delay pedal should be among the first effects pedals that you should get on your pedalboard. In fact, it should come next to a tuner pedal. Of course, some of you will argue that a distortion pedal is quite a necessity, too. But I will leave you on to that. Either way, these pedals should be acquired the moment you familiarized the basics of electric guitars.

But why a delay pedal is important? Well, I can provide a short but crispy answer for that. Specifically, the mechanism of a delay pedal is not complicated as what you think. Instead, its function is just to "replay" all the notes and chords that you created. Many song intros are generated with the help of this pedal.

Of course, it has other unique functionalities, too. You can use a delay pedal to add supplementary notes to your solos. It is like having two lead guitars playing at the same time. You don't need to dig too deep, as this method is used in any musical genres (especially on recording applications). Moreover, delay pedals can boost the course of your rhythms as well.

Any experienced guitarist will tell you that there is no such thing as absolute best in the world of music. Even in small devices like a delay pedal, this concept still applies. However, I know some units of delay pedals that simply stands out from the crowd.

Want to know them? You should read on!

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