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6 Postural and Ergonomic Tips when Playing the Guitar
Jun 12

6 Postural and Ergonomic Tips when Playing the Guitar

By Monica | News

Health problems from bad posture come about when you spend long periods of time in the wrong posture. Certainly, if you intend practising guitar for 3 hours every day, you should break down this time into sections so you can take breaks and change positions.

A sloppy playing position is unsightly to those watching, it restricts your hand movements, causes stress, pain and spinal degeneration. There are no hard and fast rules on how to sit or stand when playing the guitar, just tips and guidelines.

Apply these 6 postural and ergonomic tips to prevent fatigue, prevent backache and neck pain and make your playing look cool, relaxed and effortless.

1. Correct Posture for Playing Guitar Seated

Avoid using the edge of your bed for playing guitar. Invest in a drafting chair or stool that raises your body and allows your legs to extend when playing. The stools improve your playing ability as you can access all the notes on the frets.

Your guitar-playing posture is an important factor towards a pain-free playing position. Using a footstool helps towards good posture, and you can elevate your leg to get the guitar into a position that allows you to play free of pain and strain. The best footstool can be adjusted to various heights for the ideal position.

Most drafting stools are lightweight, and can be used as a regular office chair for work.

2. Guitar Straps for Playing the Guitar while Standing

If your guitar doesn’t come with a strap, it’s a good idea to buy a strap as it’s an integral part of playing the guitar while standing. The correct strap will reduce guitar weight on your shoulder. The strap can be adjusted to suit your playing style. Angle your guitar to 45° as this position allows your hands to fall naturally onto the guitar.

Keep your feet in line with your shoulders as proper posture comes from keeping your feet spread naturally and in line with your shoulders help you avoid back pain and back injuries while playing.

3. Holding the Guitar Correctly

When playing your guitar seated, if you are right-handed, the curve of the guitar should rest on your right thigh. The guitar rests on the right leg as you’ll be using your right hand to strum. The guitar sits just below the chest with back straight and left arm at a right angle to ensure less strain on the wrist when strumming. Many guitarists are in the habit of hunching over their guitar, which inevitably affects their posture and back problems later in life.

The guitar is such a laid-back instrument that you may want to sit on the ground with your guitar. Then your legs will need to be positioned in such a way that the body of the guitar is at chest height and you have minimal hunching.

4. Guitar Ergonomics

Playing guitar puts stress and demands on the muscles and tendons of a guitarist, leading to repetitive strain injuries. Musculoskeletal injuries amongst guitarists are common. You can’t stop playing but you can become informed about prevention options. Today, guitarists have different accessories and tools such as straps, strap locks and other devices at their disposal which have been designed to enhance their performance. Musicians need to look for these accessories as well as a posture that will keep joints in the range of motion. They also need to warm up before practice and take plenty of breaks so as to stretch and relax. Check out your guitar and make sure it is set up optimally for you - lighter strings for instance or a strap that could make playing less stressful.

5 Setting Up your Guitar for Ease of Play

If practising guitar is more of a physical effort than pleasure, it may need a set up. A young amateur may well just require a footrest to get the right height to place the guitar, but as you become more skilled and put in longer hours of practice, back-ache and pain may start appearing because of unnatural body posture.

A good guitar tech knows precisely what to do to make play easier for you. For instance playability issues in terms of string spacing can be fixed. Some manufacturers install nuts with narrower string spacing, but if your fretting hand feels awkward, the spacing can be checked and widened, requiring a new nut. If a string for instance is too close to the edge of the fingerboard, re-spacing allows for better playability.

6. Invest in an Ergonomic Guitar

Up until recently, guitars haven’t been built for comfort. Now, many ergonomic guitars can be custom made, allowing players to have easy access to the higher frets and a guitar which fits them perfectly. There are brands which are now creating a more ergonomic and comfortable way to pick at guitar strings, allowing players to adopt a more natural and less straining posture.


Consistent correct guitar posture is important for your health, making the work of your hands and figures that much easier. Modern guitar makers are now starting to also design guitars which comfortably fit the shape of the player's body towards less muscle strain when playing.

Avoid poor posture, because discomfort caused by poor posture is often so subtle, you only realize it when you’ve injured yourself, you can no longer play and your guitar gently weeps.

ukulele sizes
Jun 11

Ukulele Sizes: From The Smallest To The Biggest

By Monica | News , Ukulele

You cannot just simply label all ukuleles as small. That's pretty inappropriate. You have to know that ukuleles can be categorized by their sizes. Of course, it is essential for you to know them because you have to choose which ukulele size is the right one for you.

Since their inception, ukuleles have been gradually striving in the market. At first, they are barely taken into account. But in just a few years, they were able to reach the mainstream. You can even find these instruments being played on popular music and genres. That's a beautiful thing, considering that this instrument has a regional origin and purpose. It seems that the Pacific and Caribbean spirits have won over the world.

Ukuleles, just like guitars, are not intimidating instruments. One of the reasons for this is because of its given size. Anyone will get allured playing it because it is small and will not become a burden to your body. Even a child can play it conveniently.

Despite its simple construction, ukulele can still deliver mesmerizing and fascinating sounds. It can become the lead instrument, and it can be used to make the mix more complex and wonderful.If you are interested in playing the ukulele, you should consider its size first. You have to deal with this matter first before you learn the basic techniques and practices. I created this guide so that those who want to understand this aspect will not go empty-handed. Let's get started!

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best ukulele brands
Jun 06

4 Best Ukulele Brands That You Can Trust

By Monica | News , Ukulele

Aside from guitar, ukuleles are among the most played stringed instrument today. Despite its small size, the bright and positive sound that a ukulele gives make it extremely addicting to play. It can create sharp and crisp high-frequency sounds, which are essential for lively music and genre.

However, it is pretty given that ukuleles are more sophisticated than guitars. There are different considerations that you have to take before you can choose the right ukulele for you. From the construction down to the type of tonewood that has been used, it is completely undeniable that this instrument does not come straightforward.

Among the factors that you need to take into account is the brand of a ukulele. If you are still an amateur, one of your obvious criteria in choosing is the maker of the unit. You cannot destabilize the fact that people are usually inclined to select branded items that ordinary one. After all, the sense of familiarity somehow establishes the reputation of a brand. To cut the story short, musicians are incredibly keen to the brand of their instruments. Ukuleles are no exemption.

In fact, even mateurs may look for something that can work with their pace and skills. Searching for good beginner ukuleles is a good idea, so that they can start honing their techniques efficiently.

So what are the top brands of ukulele today? Do you have any idea which of these makers can provide you with the appropriate ukulele that you need? You can know the answers to these questions by browsing to the next section.

4 Best Ukulele Brands That You Can Trust
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guitar games
May 30

Here You Are: Wonderful Guitar Games for Your Fabulous Break

By Monica | News

To tell the truth, I’m a crazy music fan. When I’m in a break, of course, my favorite activity is listening to some melodies and relax my mind as well as body. I love games, too. But there is a problem with playing games: it shuts down the music apps. So, the ultimate solution is finding myself some fabulous guitar games or music games.

Guitar Types

I prefer the guitar over other musical instruments, so in this post, I’ll only talk about guitar games. Truth is, music from it often triggers my imagination and creativity. Have you ever imagined about fulfilling the dream of being a famous rock star and earn a good bunch of dollars from the aspiration? Have you thought about living in the world of stage light and applause? Well, if you haven’t. This’s high time for you to lift your imagination to another level and color your life with some dreamy whims.

What’s a guitar and how to play it?

The guitar, in my opinion, is the easiest to play compared to other instruments. It is also the most versatile. You can play soft music as well as the rock with guitars. There are more than one types of the musical instrument, namely bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, etc. Each type is suitable for a kind of music. So, the perk of playing games instead of creating the real melodies is that you can save a lot of money buying so many instruments and still be able to play more than one music genres.

The principle of playing guitar is remembering the strings and frets. It is not so difficult, and you can master it easily. The most challenging part is knowing how to deal with your fingers. Guitarists often complain about the pain their fingers have to suffer at the first days of training. If you are just curious about guitars, you should try the games first before deciding whether the activity worth your time and effort.

05 Best Guitar Games Provided to You by

So, I have tried all the 10 best guitar games rated by the players of They are all fascinating, and of course, there are ones I love more than others. In this post, I will share my experience with 05 games so you can find out which is the most suitable for your short break.

1. Rock Hero Online


The flash game is everything you want from a simple entertainment. The music is fantastic, and there are many songs for you to unlock. I know there are some guitar games based on only one song. Seriously, since one of my purposes when choosing the games is enjoying the melodies, I can’t understand why somebody makes such products.

There are three stages of difficulty in the game, which are easy, normal, and hard. The harder stage you choose, the more strings there are for you to handle. When the music starts, there will be colored bubbles running on the strings toward you. You have to tap on these in time to complete the song and creating a beautiful melody. There is also a column of HP. When you miss one bubble, some of the columns will be shortened.

2. Punk-O-Matic 2


At first, I don’t like the loading time, but when the game starts, I know why they let us wait. The game is wonderful with a plot, beautiful images, and many things to do. It lets you start building a band, composing music, hanging out in town and playing or watching the concert. The neighborhood where your band locates is funny, though sometimes there are punks appearing to irritate you.

And if you want to have a fashionable band, it is possible, too. You can customize the look the members by changing features of their bodies of their clothes.

3. Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3

Super-Crazy Guitar-Maniac-Deluxe3

What I like the most about the game is the great number of song choices. As the game progresses, you can unlock many guitars whose appearance is fabulous enough to make guitarist drool when they think about it.

There are levels of difficulty for you to explore. After mastering one, you can test yourself with the next to see if you have the talent of a true guitarist. Since the game is the third version, it is carefully made to fulfill your needs.

4. Kick Out Bieber 2


Warning: The content below may trigger the fans of Justin Bieber, so if you are one of them, move on to the next game.

First, it is not even a guitar game. I don’t know why they put it on the list but thought the game gives you a good relaxing time, it’s not about music. The main character of the game just… kick Bieber’s ass with his guitar.

From the start, you will have the first hit. Depending on how strong the blow is, the singer will be hit far away from the stage. After that, you have to follow and make sure he bounces away from the concert. Or else, the game will be over and Bieber will continue to sing.

5. Guitar Geek


The game is a bit like Rock Hero Online, but more complicated with a better graphic design. There are four levels of difficulty for you to overcome, and if you keep playing well, you will earn the title of Guitar Geek.

In this game, you have to tap the right note when it appears on the fretboard. The timing is essential since it affects the quality of the music you are listening to. At first, things are so easy, because the notes often appear on only two or three strings. But after a minute, your skill will be required.


It’s all about my experience with guitar games from Of course, I have tried other games, too, but the five is the best of them all. Maybe in the future, I will want to review more about the type of game. But before that, let’s start with the information.